Martial-Arts-Kids-and-Bullies-Systems-Training-CenterMartial arts provides kids with a lot of benefits. It encourages an active lifestyle and gets kids up and moving around. At the same time, martial arts training teaches kids valuable life lessons that they can use now, as well as into adulthood.

One of those lessons is how to deal with a bully. Through martial arts, kids learn the physical, emotional, and mental skills to handle a confrontation with a bully.

Self-Defense Skills

A martial arts practice teaches you how to defend yourself against any threat. However, most martial arts schools do not encourage fighting or physically confronting a bully. Instead, they teach self-defense in a variety of ways, including non-physical techniques.


A more confident child will be more likely to stand up to a bully. Martial arts increases a student’s physical and mental strength. It’s through individual improvement that kids experience a sense of accomplishment and a boost in their self-confidence. The increase in confidence shows on the outside in a child who stands up tall, makes eye contact, and speaks clearly with confidence. A child that appears confident is likely to be seen as less of a target.


A martial arts instructor expects all student to treat each other and themselves with respect. A child who learns what showing respect looks like is more likely to recognize that bullying is the opposite of respectful behavior. Kids learn to show respect to others both on and off the mats.

Social Interaction

The structure of a martial arts class can help kids who tend to be more shy interact with other kids. Martial arts classes develop social skills and build friendships making kids less isolated, more social, and less of a target to bullies.

Help your child start the upcoming school year with confidence. Systems Training Center has multiple locations where we offer a variety of martial arts programs. To learn more about how to get your child (or yourself) started in martial arts, contact us today.