Yoga-Benefits-Your-Martial-Arts-Practice-Systems-Training-CenterMartial arts and yoga share a lot of similarities. Because of these similarities, yoga makes a great supplement to martial arts.

Here are a few ways that yoga benefits your martial arts practice:

1. Build a strong mind-body connection.

Both martial arts and yoga train your body and your mind. Whether you’re on a mat for martial arts or for yoga, you must focus on your movements and nothing else. Rather than thinking about distractions, like your growing to-do list, your attention is on what your body is doing in the present moment.

2. Increase core strength.

Martial arts training builds strength throughout your whole body, including your core. Many yoga poses also increase your core strength. The strength you gain through yoga can carry over and benefit your martial arts training.

3. Become more flexible.

Martial arts training doesn’t require you to be flexible to start. But many movements you practice require flexibility to be efficient and effective. You’ll increase flexibility as you become more experienced, and picking up a yoga class or two each week can also help. With time, yoga can increase your flexibility and benefit your martial arts skills.

4. Increase your balance.

In addition to increasing flexibility, yoga can also help you develop better balance. Standing yoga postures, like tree pose, challenge you to remain upright while balancing on one leg. Yoga promotes better balance throughout your body by strengthening any imbalances. You might be more comfortable using your right hand, arm, and foot. But your left side is weaker. Yoga helps you develop both sides.

5. Experience the benefits of intentional breathing.

In yoga, you synchronize all movements with your breath leading to a variety of mental benefits. By focusing on your breath, it sets off a physiological response in your brain that ultimately creates a calmer and clearer mind. At the same time, learning to move with focused, intentional breathing makes you a more focused and stronger martial arts student.

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