Why-You-Should-Do-a-Fitness-Challenge-Systems-Training-CenterWhat do you do when you have specific health and fitness goals, but you’re not sure how to get started with tackling them?

A fitness challenge could be just the thing you’re looking for. Fitness challenges have the power to kickstart your fitness goals and get you on your way to building a healthier lifestyle.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve followed a consistent workout routine or you need help getting out of a fitness rut. A fitness challenge will break you out of your comfort zone and reward you with a sense of accomplishment.

If you’re still wondering if a fitness challenge would be a good fit for you, then here are three reasons why you should do one soon:

1. Specialized Workouts

Signing up for a fitness challenge gives you the chance to focus on your fitness goals with specialized workouts. Working within a timeframe that has a specific start and end date can amplify your focus and motivate you to push yourself to take your fitness to the next level. Plus, the fact that you’re getting specialized workouts from an experienced coach makes it easier to trust the process. The planning is taken care of; all you have to do is show up and put in the work.

2. Tailored Nutrition Planning

A lot of fitness challenges extend beyond workouts and cover nutrition as well. Again, working within a specific period of time helps you to focus on your body and how you’re feeling. Which makes this a great time to review your diet and make improvements that are in line with your personal goals. And if you run into any questions, you have a resource available to help you out.

3. Accountability and Support

Beyond quality workouts and nutritional planning, the best part of signing up for a fitness challenge is the accountability and support. Not only are you getting support from a knowledgeable coach, but you’re also surrounded by other people working toward similar goals. This environment provides a supercharged level of accountability. You’ll be more motivated to stay on track. And when you feel like letting up or even backing out, you’ll have a group of supportive people there to help you maintain your momentum.

Systems Training Center is running 6-week fitness challenges where participants have access to specialized workouts, tailored diets, and weekly accountability calls. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get started, contact us  today.