The-Importance-of-Goal-Setting-Systems-Training-CenterTaking the time to set goals in the areas of your fitness and health, your career, your relationships, and perhaps most importantly, your life is important. The process of goal setting can help you set priorities, define what matters most to you, and put you on a path to success.

Goals are a powerful tool that can provide focus, accountability, and a sense of purpose.

Goals Provide Focus.

Taking the time to set a goal helps you to narrow down what you want to work toward achieving. Rather than going after anything that sounds good at the time, goals help you focus on the things that you really want to get accomplished. Rather than being distracted by anything that seems worth chasing, goals force you to focus on only a few objectives at a time. You make a plan for how you can achieve those, and once you have achieved success, then you can move on to something new and challenging.

Goals Provide Accountability.

Goals provide accountability because you have something tangible to hold yourself responsible for accomplishing. To up the ante on your personal accountability, you can write your goals in a journal, or go the more public route and post your goals on social media or tell a few close friends about what you’re working toward.

Goals Provide Purpose.

As you go through the goal setting process, it’s worth taking the time to consider the “why” behind your goal. What is it about this goal that will make your life better? Without setting an intention for a goal, over time your efforts toward achieving a goal may start to feel meaningless, and you will likely lose motivation.

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