Systems Training Center is excited to announce a new kids program – Systems Ninja Skillz! Ninja Skillz was designed to help children learn how to create force and correct body mechanics. Classes also promote joint mobility through different types of physical activities, challenges, and fun obstacle courses.

If you are looking for a way your kids can learn essential movement skills, such as balance, coordination, agility, and overall athleticism, then Systems Ninja Skillz is the perfect program option. Kids can use these valuable physical skills in other sports while improving their overall physical health.

NEW-KIDS-CLASS-NINJA-SKILLZ-Systems-Training-CenterWhat does a Ninja Skillz class include?

Ninja Skillz is a fun way for kids to work out, learn to enjoy physical activity, and become Ninja warriors! Following a structured program curriculum, Ninja Skillz classes are a fusion of:

  • Parkour
  • Freerunning
  • OCR (Obstacle Course Races)
  • Gymnastics

Classes include obstacle courses as well as movements that will be tested and evaluated in order to move to the next level.

This program also has the power to teach kids a few lessons to use in their daily lives.

Children will learn how to set goals, as well as how to learn through trial and error. With encouragement and instruction, kids are encouraged to keep trying to conquer obstacles. We focus on helping kids increase their internal motivation, and by doing so, improve their self-confidence.

Ninja Skillz pairs well with our regular kids martial arts classes. And, we want to invite you to bring your child in to try a workout that they can’t get enough of!

Currently, Systems Ninja Skillz is only available at our Westwood location but expect to see it soon at our other locations in Hawthorne, Inglewood, and Encino, too. If you’re interested in learning more about this fun new class for your kids, contact us today.