Staying-Fit-and-Healthy-Through-the-Holidays-Systems-Training-CenterThroughout the holiday season, it’s tempting to put off your plans to eat healthy and finally start that workout routine until the beginning of a new year. But why put it off?

The holidays can be a great time to get focused on your health and fitness goals. And getting started with a healthy routine now can make it so you’re not as tempted to skip workouts or indulge in too many holiday desserts.

Here are just a few tips for staying fit and healthy through the holidays:

1. The Best Time to Start is Now.

If you’re hesitant about starting a fitness routine this close to the end of the year, don’t be! The best time to start is now. By getting a jumpstart before January 1, you’ll be a step ahead when the clock strikes midnight on new year’s eve. Plus, if you can prioritize your fitness during what’s probably the most challenging weeks of the year, you’ll be unstoppable in January.

2. Choose Foods You Really Enjoy.

When you’re at a holiday gathering with a buffet of tempting dishes and treat, choose foods that you know you’ll really enjoy. Instead of depriving yourself or deciding that certain foods are off-limits, take smaller portions of your favorites, and practice moderation. Leave all the other food options off your plate.

3. Continue Through the New Year.

When you’ve prioritized your health and fitness through the holidays, you’ll be entering the new year with a recommitment to health rather than starting from scratch. Starting a new year with an established fitness and health regimen is so much better than beginning the year feeling sluggish and tired from several weeks of too much sugar and not enough physical activity.

If you’re looking to get started on improving your health and fitness now, check out the programs we’re currently offering at Systems Training Center. We provide quality instruction in a safe, positive, and empowering environment. Contact us to find out more information about our classes and memberships.