Make-Your-Workout-Something-You-Look-Forward-To-Systems-Training-CenterIt’s not realistic to be excited about every workout that you do. However, if you dread every single one of your workouts, then you might be on your way to giving up altogether.

We’d love for your workout to be something that you look forward to. For the most part. And given the right people, activity, and mindset, it’s possible.

Here are a few ways that you can make your workout something you look forward to:

1. Make It Social.

Some people prefer to work out by themselves. But on the days that it’s hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym, people can make a huge difference. Working out with a group of people with similar goals and interests is a huge source of motivation and accountability.

Rather than slogging away by yourself on a treadmill, trying not to stare at the time clock, make your workouts social. Either recruit some friends to start a workout class with you or join a studio and make some new friends.

2. Find Something You Enjoy.

Have you ever asked yourself what you like about your current workouts? If the answer is “not much,” then now might be a good time to mix things up and try a different activity. Again, you probably won’t like every single workout that you do. But in general, it should be an activity you enjoy. If you’ve always hated running, but you run 3 miles every day, is that really enjoyable?

There are so many fitness workout options available now. So if you have no idea what you might enjoy, then try out a few different types of classes. Give martial arts a try! You’ll recognize when you find the one that fits you and your goals the best.

3. Change “Have To” to “Get To.”

When your alarm goes off in the morning, instead of telling yourself, “I have to work out today.” try changing your words to, “I get to work out today.” When you think about it, you don’t actually have to work out. No one is forcing you to go. But we know that it’s good for us.

Activity is good for the health of our bodies and our minds. We feel better when we workout. We sleep better, too. So instead of treating working out as some kind of punishment, change your mindset. Approach it as something that you get to do – that you choose to do.

At Systems Training Center, we want to empower you to build a fit body and mind. Contact us to learn more about how to get started.