Make-Progress-Even-When-Dealing-With-an-Injury-Systems-Training-CenterAny time you push your limits physically, there is a chance that you end up dealing with an injury. Recovery is necessary when dealing with an injury, but that doesn’t mean progress has to stop until you’re back to 100%. You can still move forward while you recover. It just takes a little different mindset.

Here are three ways to make progress even when dealing with an injury:

1. Focus on your mindset.

There is a certain mindset required when actively training. Finding that next gear or gathering the will for one more round is much easier when there is feedback from the body. But finding the same mental space while recovering can feel like the equivalent of trying to lift 10 pounds more than you’re actually ready for. An elite mindset is part of elite training. But when your physical progress is compromised, your perspective is key to maintaining your edge. If you can’t train on the mats, find other ways to train. Keep moving forward by reading something new about nutrition. Seek an understanding of the training methods you don’t choose to use. One bit of insight from a completely different point of view can spark something you would never have thought of otherwise.

2. Flex your imagination.

Great athletes are known for using visualization techniques before a competition. External and internal circumstances are always changing, so using the imagination to “see” what needs to happen in any given situation is simply better preparation. Progress doesn’t just happen with a win or a new personal best. Progress is in each thought and vision you have of what it takes to be successful. When you can’t flex your muscles, flex your imagination.

3. Remember that setbacks are temporary.

Success and failure are both temporary situations. In fact, there is no such thing as permanence when it comes to fitness and performance. It’s easy to forget that an injury or setback is just another temporary situation that will eventually pass with time, effort or a combination of both. Remember that with time and a mindful approach to returning to your regular routine, you will find your way back to where you were. And maybe even take an unexpected leap forward.

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