Krav-Maga-for-Self-Defense-Systems-Training-CenterWhen it comes to defending yourself against a threat, it’d be hard to find a method more effective than Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a reality-based style of self-defense that teaches students skills and techniques based on real-life scenarios.

Not only does Krav Maga teach you how to defend yourself, but it also strengthens your body and contributes to a safe a healthy lifestyle.

Self-Defense Training

Krav Maga teaches you to be aware and anticipate an attack and know exactly how to escape any scenario. You’ll learn movements, like strikes and blows, that work in specific situations. In a typical Krav Maga class, students begin with a warm-up consisting of striking practice and mild cardio drills. Then the class moves on to a lesson that focuses on a specific technique or hold. Most classes include some partner work where students can practice what they’ve learned together.

Physical Training

By strengthening your body and improving your physical fitness, you’re more prepared to defend yourself from an attacker. Whether you have the goal to improve your fitness or not, you’ll find that once you step foot on the mat, you’ll be training your body through strikes and techniques that will build your strength and power.

Lifestyle Training

The lessons of Krav Maga don’t stop when you leave the mat. Your martial arts practice carries over into your everyday life which is where Krav Maga is meant to be used. You’ll develop the skills to fight off attackers and protect yourself in many different situations, but you also build greater awareness of your surroundings. Knowing you have these skills instills a greater sense of self-confidence in students who practice Krav Maga, as well.

Experience the effect that Krav Maga can have on your fitness, lifestyle, and confidence for yourself. Systems Training Center offers Krav Maga classes, as well as other martial arts and fitness programs. We’re ready to teach you the skills you need to become a master of self-defense. To learn more about how to get started, contact us today.