Why-Krav-Maga-is-Good-for-Self-Defense-Systems-Training-CenterWhen it comes to knowing how to defend yourself against a potential attacker, there are no methods more effective than Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a form of self-defense developed in the 1940s that is still applicable to many of today’s attack scenarios. Learning the skills taught in Krav Maga will not only strengthen your body, but it also helps you to be well-prepared in an unwanted altercation.

Here are three reasons why Krav Maga is good for self-defense:

1. You Train Your Body.

Whether physical fitness is your goal or not, Krav Maga will train your body through grappling, strikes, and techniques. You’ll probably notice some soreness the next day, but that’s expected when you move your body in new ways. Over time, your physical health and fitness will improve.

2. You Learn How to Defend Yourself.

Through physical training, you’ll be more prepared to ward off any attacker that may present themselves. Krav Maga teaches you how to anticipate an attack and know exactly how to escape in any real-life scenario. You’ll learn throughout your classes some of the strikes and blows that work in specific scenarios. Light fitness movements, along with punches, kicks, groin kicks, choke defenses, are incorporated into class. You’ll also defend yourself from multiple attackers and different angles. Partner work is required, and on occasion, more than one partner at a time.

3. Krav Maga Becomes Part of Your Lifestyle.

The Krav Maga techniques you learn in your martial arts practice aren’t left on the mat. The skills you learn in class apply to your everyday life. Making Krav Maga part of your lifestyle includes the knowledge of how to ward off attackers and protect yourself in many different scenarios. Imagine yourself walking through life with the confidence instilled through the teachings of Krav Maga classes.

Are you interested in learning a martial art that will teach you how to defend yourself in real-life situations? Contact us at Systems Training Center. We offer Krav Maga along with a variety of martial arts and fitness programs for adults and kids.