Kids-Ninja-Training-Benefits-Systems-Training-CenterAs TV shows like American Ninja Warrior have grown in popularity, this style of obstacle course training has become more available to kids. Ninja classes are typically led by an instructor who teaches kids the skills necessary to complete an obstacle course while instructing on how to move safely.

In a world that is full of screen-time, ninja training can be a fun way to get kids interested in being more active. Ninja skills training helps kids develop a variety of physical skills that can be used in other sports, as well as improve their overall physical health.

Here are six benefits of ninja training for kids:

1. Strength

Running through an obstacle course and practicing each skill is a full-body workout. Kids will build both upper and lower body strength.

2. Functional Skills

Rather than overusing the same muscle groups, obstacle course training promotes a variety of movements that mimic everyday movements like pushing, pulling, jumping, etc.

3. Agility

With obstacle training, kids move in all different directions – left to right, back and forth, side to side.

4. Body Awareness

To make it past an obstacle, kids learn how to orient themselves in space while building body control.

5. Balance and Coordination

While many obstacles require kids to move quickly, other obstacles involve the ability to balance. Balancing on something like a beam can help kids develop both balance and coordination.

6. Flexibility

The variety of obstacles in ninja training allows kids to move through a full range of motion, improving flexibility, and even reducing the chance for injury.

Systems Training Center now offers a ninja program for kids – Ninja Skillz! Ninja Skillz is only available at our Westwood location (for now). If you’re interested in learning more about this fun new class for your kids, contact us today.