How-to-Make-Your-Martial-Arts-Training-Consistent-Systems-Training-CenterSometimes one of the biggest challenges people face in their martial arts training isn’t getting started. It’s figuring out how to maintain a consistent practice.

Once the newness wears off, how do you stick with your training long enough for it to become an established routine? Here are a few suggestions on how to make your martial arts training consistent:

Set clear goals and revisit them often.

One way to encourage consistent training is by setting goals. When you set personal martial arts goals, make sure you’re specific about what you want. For example, “get better at martial arts” is a pretty vague goal. Instead, define what you specifically want to improve in your martial arts practice. Once you have that clear goal, write it down and post it someplace that you’ll see often.

Balance your training with good recovery.

Another way to encourage consistency in your martial arts training is by balancing your effort with proper recovery. Giving your body time to rest in between training sessions means that you’ll show up for your workouts properly recovered instead of overtrained, tired, and sore. By prioritizing recovery, you’re more likely to maintain a consistent practice long-term.

Recruit accountability and support.

Establishing consistency can be tough to tackle on your own. Recruiting a training buddy or two can help. On days that you’re less motivated to train, you have a source of accountability to keep you on track.

Remember why your training is important.

When you’re pursuing a long-term goal or activity, it’s important to remind yourself why it’s important. What’s the meaning behind your training, or why does it matter so much that you create a consistent practice?

Keep your training fun.

Another critical element of any activity you intend to continue for a long time is to have fun doing it. Even when you’ve set challenging martial arts goals that require dedicated training, don’t lose sight of what makes your training fun. Maintaining a sense of enjoyment while building a consistent practice increases the chances of continuing your training long into the future.

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