Hold-Yourself-Accountable-for-Your-Workouts-Systems-Training-CenterA few weeks ago, we shared a few ideas on how you can hold yourself accountable for your workouts at home.

  • Adjust your fitness goals.
  • Plan your workout into your schedule.
  • Keep a workout journal and track your progress.

No matter where you’re working out, these are great ways to boost your accountability. And today, we’re back to share a few more suggestions on how to hold yourself accountable.

If you’re working out at the gym, outdoors, or at home, here are a few more ideas on how to stick with your routine.

1. Understand why your workouts are important to you.

You can boost your accountability through goal-setting. At the same time, it’s helpful to understand the purpose behind your goals. Ask yourself why your workouts are important to you. Once you define why working out is important to you, and how it fits into your lifestyle, it boosts your accountability and motivation.

2. Remove as many barriers as you can.

Holding yourself accountable to work out is possible, but it does take some effort. You can help yourself out by removing as many barriers as possible between you and your next workout. It might be something simple like laying out your clothes the night before, so you just have to throw them all and get to your workout. Do what you can to increase your odds of showing up when you need to.

3. Recruit an accountability buddy.

Another way to increase accountability is to recruit a buddy to work out with. Your accountability buddy might be a friend or family member. You might have similar fitness goals, but you don’t have to be working toward the same things to hold each other accountable. When you have a dip in motivation, you can rely on your buddy for some support and encouragement, and vice versa.

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