Habits-Healthy-People-Practice-Daily-Systems-Training-CenterA quality fitness regimen that challenges the body and mind is just one part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Without the support of other daily habits that enhance your workout, you will eventually plateau and start seeing fewer gains in performance. Proper rest for your brain and body is critical. But often, we end up overlooking other effective habits.

Here are three habits healthy people practice daily to make sure their training is effective and rewarding.

1. Eat Colorfully

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a sure way to fuel your body with the right balance of nutrients and keep your meals interesting. Up to seven servings a day is recommended, but that can be a hard target to hit. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of incorporating more color into your diet. Just a couple of servings a day of greens can improve your mood and ability to think clearly. Start with a manageable shift in eating and progress toward more servings as your body begins to adjust. You’ll find you begin to crave those vegetables the more you eat them.

2. Enjoy the Ordinary

Making a habit of being connected with each activity or action throughout your day is another way to increase health and longevity. Have you ever noticed that healthy people seem to be present in everything they do? They are less distracted and even make things like grocery shopping look engaging and fun. Pay as much attention to how you lift an everyday object as you would a kettlebell. Everything you do can be training to create a good habit.

3. Get Out There

Getting outside and breathing some fresh air is an easy sell but can be tough to make a habit. The hours of the day move quickly and can have you promising yourself you’ll get out there tomorrow. Healthy people make the time when they can’t take the time. Excuses for putting off a few minutes of regular outside time leads to reasons for putting off anything and everything else. And your sleep patterns don’t like it much either. Getting outside is an empowering habit because that time is for you. It serves as a reset for your mind and movement for your body. It’s not about your job or your responsibilities. It’s about a habit of recreation.

Systems Training Center is just one part of a list of healthy habits for success. Come and see why our clients stay with us and continue to challenge themselves. No matter your current state of fitness, we are just the habit you need to take the next step. Contact us to learn more!