Good-Martial-Arts-Instructor-Systems-Training-CenterIf you’re new to martial arts, it can be tough to know what to look for in an instructor. So, here are a few suggestions of what to look for in a good martial arts instructor:

1. Credibility

What experience does the instructor have? You can learn a lot about an instructor by reading about their experience and background in their bios. But it can also be helpful to do a little bit more research. Even if an instructor claims to have extensive experience, what information do you have to back that up? Unfortunately, some instructors stretch the truth or make themselves look better than reality. It doesn’t hurt to verify an instructor’s background and credentials to double-check their credibility.

2. Knowledge

In addition to having a background in martial arts, a good martial arts instructor has extensive knowledge. However, many instructors may possess this knowledge but then struggle with how to pass it onto their students effectively. A good martial arts teacher doesn’t just have the knowledge. He or she also possesses the skills to teach and transfer what they know to students who are eager to learn and improve.

3. Passion for Teaching

Many martial arts instructors wind up in a teaching role because they compete (or used to compete) at a high level. However, just because someone has advanced martial arts skills doesn’t make them passionate about teaching others. Good martial arts instructors want their students to learn. Their passion shows in the energy and attention they bring to their classes. A disengaged, uninterested instructor not invested in your martial arts journey can stall your progress. Find an instructor who is as excited about your personal improvement just as much as you are.

4. Safety

A good martial arts instructor prioritizes student safety above anything else. They properly supervise each class while creating an environment where students can learn while avoiding injury. Good instructors also exemplify good habits by demonstrating safety in their own martial arts practice. They hold themselves to the same standards expected of their students.

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