Get-Outside-Your-Comfort-Zone-Systems-Training-CenterWhen you think about your martial arts training and your workouts, do you show up to each class and push yourself? Or have you gotten too comfortable?

Hitting physical and mental comfort zones or plateaus in your workouts is relatively common. And once you’re aware of a plateau, you might wonder how do you push past it? The answer is to get outside your comfort zone.

Here are just three tips to get outside your comfort zone:

1. Understand why pushing yourself is important.

Everyone has different goals for their training and workouts. You might want to lose weight, feel more energized. Or maybe you’re interested in competing or taking your martial arts training to a new level. But given these varying goals, have you ever sat down and thought about why? Why are these goals so important to you? Defining this “why” can be a huge motivator to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Once you have this specific purpose in your mind, it can inspire you to do more, train harder, and get uncomfortable.

2. Create smaller goals.

Another tactic to get outside of your comfort zone is to come up with smaller mini-goals. If it feels like the results you’re after will require too big of a step, break that large step into smaller objectives. With each mini-goal you accomplish, you’ll get closer to your overall goal while improving and increasing your confidence. Keep breaking things down and push beyond the mental blocks of taking on a huge goal all at once.

3. Ignore the voice.

It could be that one of the most significant factors keeping you within your comfort zone is that little voice inside your head. Instead of pushing yourself harder, this voice tells you to stop. To stay where you are because it’s comfortable. To get outside your comfort zone, you must figure out a way to either ignore this little voice or overrule it. When it tells you to stop, find out what happens if you keep going. Your body can usually handle more than what the voice tells you.

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