Definitely not! Most people that come through our doors are complete beginners. We will help you get started and our instructors are really experienced working with complete beginners. They will get you moving and our members are really helpful and supportive too, so you will always get that extra help and push!

Also definitely not! Hardly any of our members who come in have any prior training of any kind.

Don’t worry, you will learn to build the type of body you love! While genetics play a small role in how quickly you develop muscle, the biggest factor to building large muscles is lifting exceptionally heavy weights consistently. These changes also don’t happen over night. You won’t wake up after training for a few weeks or months with massive trapezius muscles!

We take on kids as young as 3 years old, because we know how much it will benefit them in the future and teach them from an early age how to goal set and create healthy habits! We have two core kids programs: Tiny Tigers (3-6 years old) and Kids Martial Arts (7-12 years old).

Definitely not. In fact, it will help to teach your child self-control and with great knowledge comes great responsibility. From a psychological stand-point, your child will also be less likely to lash out with violence, the more they build their confidence. Both of our Kid’s programs heavily focus on life skills as well to benefit children in all areas of life like conflict resolution skills, active listening, communication, and more.

No, most of our members train 2-3 times a week and see great results!

No, because every class is independent from prior classes. However, you will see all techniques several times, so that you will continue to sharpen your tools!

If you are trying a fitness class and or a kickboxing class, shorts, sweat pants and a regular t-shirt work great. If you’re going to a Gi BJJ session, you will need a Gi.

Our programs are highly customizable and the cost depends on a few variables. It really depends on the type of membership that would best be suitable for your goals! We always recommend for you to come try a session first to make sure we’re a good fit for you and your goals! You can reserve your free session below.

We value your safety and want to ensure you’re staying healthy while getting healthy. We are currently not allowing people to borrow gear like gloves or shin guards. All common areas are cleaned every hour. We have various hand sanitizing stations and disinfecting wipe stations throughout the facility. We are enforcing social distancing and mask-wearing. Our current sessions are outside and virtually. To comply with Governor Newsom’s orders we have stopped indoor operations for the time being. All equipment that is used in the outside sessions, is cleaned and disinfected before and after each use.

We sure do! Please visit our Personal Training Page to get more information on one-on-one coaching with our professionally certified instructors and professional martial arts fighters and competitors.

No! That’s one of the biggest misconceptions. You don’t have to get in shape before joining us. WE will get you in shape.

We sure do! We have an in-house certified nutritionist that will be able to help guide you to a path of healthy and sustainable eating!

With our virtual coaching sessions, you get the benefit of having a professional coach, coach you, give you feedback, and give you that push from the comfort of your own home. It’s not like YouTube because coach YouTube doesn’t care if you quit half way, or if you actually push yourself or if you have correct form.



Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!