Endurance-Training-Through-Martial-Arts-Systems-Training-CenterIn times of stress or massive change (pandemics, elections, etc.), we can be overcome by thoughts of giving up or shutting down and trying to ignore the issues we see on the new. Martial arts teaches us to value endurance training, leading to persistence and patience in our daily lives.

Physical Endurance

Training for physical endurance is the most obvious and visible part of martial arts practice. Long life and overall wellness depend on your drive to test the body and put yourself out of your comfort zone. Most people can stand just about anything for a few moments, but the test is how long you can sustain yourself before giving in. A worthy opponent on the mat is the challenge that every student should seek. They will push you to endure for victory instead of allowing you to quickly win and walk away. Remember that easy is not effective.

Mental Endurance

Training the mind to endure is a practice unto itself. In moments of stress, our thoughts often begin with what cannot be done or how difficult the problem is. This quickly turns into fatigue and lack of motivation. When the mind starts to assess an issue, it seeks the path of least resistance or makes excuses. Martial arts teaches you to know how to listen and follow reason as well as how to know when to ignore those first thoughts of giving up and push through. There is no single approach to problem-solving or competing. But every moment is a chance to rethink, optimize, and course correct. The endurance needed to put forth that consistent effort takes time to cultivate, so keep in mind that endurance is a long-term training endeavor. As in all martial arts, there are no shortcuts, and taking the long way around requires endurance.

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