Dont-Make-These-Goal-Setting-Mistakes-Systems-Training-CenterSetting and achieving goals is a huge part of a fitness journey. Without goals, there’s no motivation or drive to get better. Whether these goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, or become healthier, they’re what push us to become our best selves. When setting these goals, however, there are certain mistakes people often make that end in disappointment or uncertainty.

When you set goals for your workouts and martial arts training, make sure to avoid these common goal-setting mistakes:

Lack of Specificity

We often hear goals people have set for themselves that lack a specific and measurable quality. Goals like “lose weight” don’t necessarily have an end goal. On the other hand, goals like “lose 10 pounds” or “attend a workout class 3 times a week” are measurable, leading to better results and certainty that you’ve completed your intended goal.

Taking on Too Much at Once

Think about the goals you’ve set in the past. How many did you list? Also, how many did you complete? Often, aspirational goal-setters create multiple goals for themselves all at once, like “eat better, spend less money, and exercise more.” While it’s great to have these goals, one’s willpower can only stretch so thin, so take on one of these things at a time in order to become used to one, then continue on to the next.


When you set a goal, you want to make sure it’s difficult but, ultimately, achievable. For instance, when you set a financial goal for yourself, make sure that your income or supplemental income is actually suited to achieve that goal. Setting yourself up for failure will only make you lose hope in the end goal. If you need to, break your goal up into smaller, more achievable chunks!

When you set goals, take these ideas into account. Create goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable. Once you do that, you’re well on your way to reaching that goal and moving on to the next!

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