Components-of-a-Well-Rounded-Workout-Program-Systems-Training-CenterDo your personal fitness goals include building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle? If so, you might be wondering what type of workout program will help get you there.

A well-rounded workout program increases your fitness level and helps you prevent injury. For example, consider a running program. Running every day will help you improve your aerobic endurance. But you might end up neglecting other essential elements of fitness.

Here are four components of a well-rounded workout program:

1. Strength

Strength training comes in many different forms. You can build muscular strength with your own body weight, free weights (like dumbbells), weight training machines, or equipment like resistance bands and medicine balls. Improving your strength can make everyday activities easier. It also improves or maintains your bone density.

2. Flexibility

The addition of stretching to your workout program can also help make your everyday activities easier. Stretching can help you improve your muscles’ ability to lengthen. More muscle lengthening enables you to improve your body posture. The best time to work on flexibility is when your muscles are warmed-up.

3. Mobility

Mobility and flexibility may seem like interchangeable terms, but there is a difference between the two. Where flexibility refers to the muscle, mobility refers to the joint. And unlike static stretching, mobility work is meant to get your body moving. The goal of mobility is to reach a point where you’re moving through a joint’s full range of motion.

4. Cardio

Aerobic exercise elevates your heart rate and improves the health of your cardiovascular system. Cardio tends to form the foundation of most workout programs. And while it is important, make sure to include the other components, too.

Combining these four components into a single workout helps you stay efficient with your workouts. Rather than focusing a workout on a specific component, you can tackle each element within a single workout. Doing so adds variety to your workout and can help you prevent boredom and maintain motivation.

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