April 2021

4 Ways to Overcome Gym Intimidation


Joining a gym or martial arts academy or starting a new workout membership can make you feel intimidated. If you’re feeling nervous about starting a new program, first know that you’re not alone in feeling this way. Here are a few ways to help you overcome gym intimidation and get you on your way to [...]

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3 Mental Benefits of Getting Uncomfortable


It's no secret that regular physical activity is good for us. So why is it such a challenge to build a sustainable habit around physical activity? One reason could be related to being comfortable. It's hard to do things that make you uncomfortable. Especially when the reward isn't instantly available. But to achieve your martial [...]

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4 Reasons to Give Martial Arts a Try This Summer


Now that it’s spring, the weather’s beginning to change, and summer is just around the corner. If you’re starting to make plans for summer activities, have you considered martial arts? Martial arts is an excellent option with a variety of physical and mental benefits. If your child happens to be brand new to martial arts, [...]

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March 2021

Building Self-Confidence Through Martial Arts


Martial arts has a positive impact on a child's physical and mental health. And one of the mental skills that martial arts impacts is self-confidence. Building self-confidence through martial arts is the result of several factors, which include: Improvement in physical health and skills Recognition of small successes Goal-setting experience Practice overcoming setbacks Improvement in [...]

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The “Eat Real Food” Meal Plan


With so many diets to choose from, it's easy to get caught up in the promises and claims of each. While one diet may work for one individual, another person may not have the same experience. When it comes to how and what we eat, there is no such thing as one size fits all. [...]

The “Eat Real Food” Meal Plan2021-03-16T08:39:15+00:00

3 Ways to Make Your Workout Something You Look Forward To


It’s not realistic to be excited about every workout that you do. However, if you dread every single one of your workouts, then you might be on your way to giving up altogether. We’d love for your workout to be something that you look forward to. For the most part. And given the right people, [...]

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4 Tips to Stay Fit at Any Age


People of all ages can get and stay fit. If you are committed and form a consistent habit around physical activity, then you will see results. Here are a few tips to get and stay fit at any age: 1. Set Realistic Goals If you’re starting a new workout routine, make sure you take some [...]

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February 2021

4 Ways to Maximize Your Martial Arts Training


Time is precious, and making time for your martial arts training can sometimes seem like a challenge by itself. If you're making your martial arts training a priority, it also makes sense that you'd want to make the most out of that time. So here are four ways to maximize your martial arts training: 1. [...]

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4 Components of a Well-Rounded Workout Program


Do your personal fitness goals include building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle? If so, you might be wondering what type of workout program will help get you there. A well-rounded workout program increases your fitness level and helps you prevent injury. For example, consider a running program. Running every day will help you improve your aerobic [...]

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3 Ways to Get Stress Relief through Physical Activity


Setting aside time to exercise can lead to less stress and a clearer mind. Taking time throughout the week to work out and train can help you overcome some of the mental obstacles you might face. Physical activity elevates your body's endorphin production, helping you feel better and experience some relief from stress. Here are [...]

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