Bounce-Back-from-Workout-Burnout-Systems-Training-CenterWe all have days when we’re not all that motivated to work out. This feeling usually passes, but if it doesn’t, you might be experiencing workout burnout.

  • Common signs of burnout include:
  • Persistent procrastination about working out.
  • None of your workouts seem fun anymore.
  • You’re tired, mentally tired, blah.
  • After a workout, you’re even more tired.
  • You’re more irritated and moody.

If you’re familiar with the signs of burnout, you probably have a good idea of what you can do to bounce back. But if these are new feelings, here are a few ways to bounce back from workout burnout or avoid it altogether:

1. Start small.

Starting a new workout routine can be both exciting and motivating. With that level of excitement, it’s easy to pile on the workouts because you’re working hard and feeling good. At some point, without proper rest, those workouts might catch up with you, and the symptoms of burnout start to appear. To avoid this, start small with your workouts. You can always build gradually in the future.

2. Add variety.

A lack of variety in your workouts can lead to a fitness plateau. When you stop seeing results, you lose excitement over what you’re doing in the gym. To prevent these feelings, make an effort to add variety to your workouts. You can add variety in the movements you perform, how you perform them, and even where you tend to work out.

3. Keep your workouts flexible.

It’s great to have a workout plan because it holds you accountable and helps you continue making progress toward your goals. However, the more rigid you are with your plan, the more likely burnout is to happen. Staying committed but flexible with your training can help you avoid burnout.

4. Take rest days.

Recovery is just as important in a workout routine as the workouts themselves. It’s easy to assume that all of your hard work will disappear if you take a day off. Taking time to recover gives your body a chance to rest, so you’re able to continue challenging yourself in the gym.

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