Benefits-of-Building-Strength-Systems-Training-CenterA well-rounded fitness program includes a few different elements: endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, and balance.

You build strength through weight-bearing movements using weights, bands, or even your own bodyweight. The American Heart Association recommends that adults do some strength training at least two days a week. Here are a few of the benefits of building strength and why it’s so important:

1. Increased Muscle Mass

More muscle mass translates to a faster metabolic rate at rest. As your resting metabolic rate increases, your body burns more calories throughout the day. Strength training will build or help you maintain muscle mass. This is important because as you get older, your muscle mass decreases as part of the aging process. You can’t totally stop this process, but you keep (and even sometimes increase) the muscle mass you have by strength training.

2. Stronger Bones

Another benefit of strength training is the positive impact weight-bearing movements have on bone density. Like muscle mass, bone density also begins to decrease later in life. Maintaining your bone density through activities like strength training will keep your bones strong and put you at less risk for fractures.

3. Improved Balance

Balance may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to strength training. However, strength training can help this physical skill. Performing various strength training exercises where you move through a joint’s full range of motion leads to more mobility. And when you’re able to move better, you improve your balance. And better balance means you’re less likely to fall or get injured.

4. Increased Self-Confidence

Strength training can also boost your self-confidence. When you begin a strength program, you establish a baseline. And over time, you begin to improve. You can feel this improvement physically and mentally. Knowing that you’re capable of doing more than you first started increases your confidence.

5. Quality of Life

Another benefit of strength training is that it makes your everyday activities easier. Not only are you doing something good for your health, but you’re also improving the quality of your life. Even little things like carrying groceries up the stairs, picking up your kids or grandkids, or heading out for a hike with a friend all become more manageable.

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