Tricks-to-Beat-a-Fitness-Rut-Systems-Training-CenterCreating a consistent workout routine isn’t always easy to do. And even once you have a solid routine in place, you might find yourself presented with a new challenge. Staying out of a rut!

Here are three tricks to help you beat a fitness rut:

1. Find ways to mix things up.

Your go-to workout routine might’ve been motivating and effective a few weeks or months ago. But over time, routines can become monotonous. Feeling bored about working out can squash your momentum and leave you not wanting to work out at all.

One way to get out of that unmotivated rut is by finding ways to add variety to your workouts. Mixing things up can be fun and motivating. You can add variety by trying a new class, a new fitness program, or a new instructor. Look for something that is brand new and try a workout that you’ve never done before.

2. Revisit and modify your fitness goals.

Remember that goals can be a great source of motivation. Rather than just showing up for a workout and going through the motions, goals can give you something to focus on and work toward.

When was the last time you checked-in on your progress toward your fitness goals? If you’re feeling stuck, now is a great time to revisit your goals and make any necessary modifications. Make sure that your goals are still relevant. If you’re no longer excited to work toward your previous fitness goals, that’s okay! Find something that you’re excited about – something that will motivate you to make future progress.

3. Find a new challenge for yourself.

It’s possible to fall into a fitness rut if you’re no longer challenging yourself. If this is the case for you, try to think of ways to add some higher intensity to your current workouts. Maybe you’ve gotten too comfortable and need to try a new approach? Or perhaps there’s a movement or skill that you’ve been wanting to master? Find a challenge that will push you to work harder, but that’s still realistic and within your reach.

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