4-Ways-that-HIIT-Will-Get-You-Results-Systems-Training-CenterHigh-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a popular and efficient workout method that includes bursts of high-intensity work followed by short periods of rest or active recovery. HIIT fitness classes are an effective way to get the results you seek.

Here are four ways that HIIT will get you results:

1. HIIT is a full-body workout.

A HIIT fitness class is full of functional movements that create a full-body workout. By including movements that target your entire body, you wind up with an efficient way of working out that will get your results. You’ll build strength, improve endurance, and maintain or improve mobility.

2. HIIT challenges your body and your mind.

HIIT fitness training focuses on high-intensity. However, it is up to you to figure out the intensity that suits your current level of fitness. As long as the result is a workout that challenges your body (and your mind), then you will get results. And you might just be surprised at what you can do.

3. HIIT is all about variety.

One of the most common benefits you hear about HIIT fitness classes is the variety. You’ll very rarely ever do the same workout twice. There are just so many variables that our experienced training staff can manipulate so that you’re guaranteed a great workout every time you show up for class.

4. HIIT is fun.

Rather than just showing up to the gym and going through the motions, a HIIT fitness class will get you engaged in what you’re doing. It’s true that HIIT workouts are intense and challenging, but once you get started, it’s tough to go back to training any other way. Why? Because it’s fun! You’ll find yourself wondering what the next workout will be like, and some of the workouts will end feeling more like a game. When you’re having fun, you’re more likely to show up for classes and build a consistent workout habit. And that will get you results.

At Systems Training Center, we pride ourselves on creating a safe, positive, and empowering environment. We offer the highest level of coaching expertise by passionate and experienced instructors. If you’ve never done a HIIT class, we’d love you to come by and see what it’s like for yourself. Check out our locations, and then contact us to try out a free class!