The Kids are taking over


     Is your reason for not coming in to take a class that there’s no one to watch your child? Well, you don’t have that excuse at Systems Training Center because if you have a child between the ages of 5-14 years old, they can take a class the same time as you!

    STC’s kid’s classes do not just focus on how to punch and kick but more importantly use the arts to install confidence, respect and discipline. While improving the children’s technique is important, we focus on teaching our kids these important life skills all while having fun. We reward our students for doing well in school as we see them as the nation’s future and will take what we teach them into adulthood.

  STC has kid’s MMA and BJJ classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with experienced Instructors Pedro Munhoz, Rob Fernandes, Luis Trejo and Danny Ordon. Bring them in for a free class and we promise your kids will never be the same!

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