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Wimp 2 Warrior is at Systems Training Center

Want the MMA fight camp experience, training and coaching in a safe, family environment with other pure beginners like you?

Then Wimp 2 Warrior is the program for you. W2W has exploded around the globe and is now in 32 locations, 28 cities and across 7 countries.

The W2W Challenge is known for the amazing physical and mental transformations on the lives of ordinary men and women as a result of a structured and world class 22-week training program.

What makes this program truly special is competitors have a chance to fight in the Octagon at the end of the program at a bucket list finale fight night experience.

Systems Training Center is proud to be hosting the series this year at our Hawthorne and Encino training centers.

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Watch the video below to hear more about what W2W is and who the 22-week program is designed for:

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