Thai Pads

The striking class using punches, kicks, knees, and elbows with emphasis on cardio/conditioning working with a partner on the Thai pads.  The instructor will warm the class up, call out various combinations and striking drills while the athletes work as partners or groups to hold pads for each other, trading off at the end of the set time limit. Light focus on technique, heavy focus on getting a great sweat!


  • Athletic clothing (no denim, no buttons, no jewelry, no zippers)
  • Boxing gloves (mandatory)
  • Handwraps (recommended)

Good For:

  • Anyone looking to get a good workout and wants something outside of regular fitness
  • Someone that wants to punch/kick without getting hit back
  • Broad application for this class so anyone that is also interested in our boxing/kickboxing programs

Bad For:

  • Anyone that does not want to throw a punch or a kick
  • Anyone with no interest in partner work