Krav Maga

students in krav maga in Hawthorne - Systems Training Center

A street practical self-defense systems developed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).  Often taught to police and military throughout the world.  Combines techniques from all effective martial arts.  A martial art but not a sport, the focus here is how to defend yourself in real life situations.  Light fitness, punches, kicks, groin kicks, choke defenses, defending from multiple attackers and different angles are all incorporated.  Partner work is required and on occasion more than one partner at a time.  Classes follow a curriculum and incorporate a belting system with tests for higher ranks held a few times a year.


  • Athletic clothing (no denim, no buttons, no jewelry, no zippers)
  • Boxing gloves (mandatory)
  • Shin Pads (mandatory)
  • MMA Gloves (mandatory)
  • Mouthpiece (mandatory)
  • Hand Wraps (recommended)
  • Groin protection (recommended – heavily for men

Good For:

  • Someone specifically looking for self-defense
  • Someone looking to try a martial art that incorporates a bit of striking, grappling, and fitness

Bad For:

  • Someone that doesn’t want to do partner work
  • Someone that does not want contact
  • Someone looking to compete in martial arts/fighting