Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Grappling class focused on developing the technique and athleticism for the sport/martial art of BJJ.  The athlete will perform various drills to develop their positioning, submission skills, defense, and occasional takedowns.  Heavy emphasis on close quarter partner work, drilling, and rolling (sparring.)  Often referred to as the gentle art, there are no strikes thrown.  Gi BJJ incorporates the use of a gi and allows the grabbing of the gi for techniques while no-gi just requires an athletic top and bottom and does not allow grabbing of any articles of clothing


  • Athletic clothing (no denim, no buttons, no jewelry, no zippers)
  • A mouthguard (recommended)

Good For:

  • Entry level or advanced, anyone that is trying to learn the art of BJJ
  • MMA Fighters

Bad For:

  • Anyone that does not like to touch other people.  Close quarter contact is required with both males and females.
  • Anyone that prefers not being on the floor (we do clean mats regularly though)