Hawthorne CrossFit Training Center

Systems Training Center celebrating 5 years!

By: Marcus Kowal

On the 1st of July, 2013, Systems Training Center in Hawthorne opened it's doors. Preparing to open, I had written a 5 year plan that showed how we would grow during those years. But as any business owner can tell you, life doesn't happen as we plan it. We've had some amazing highs and some of the worst lows a company could ever expect. We've lost 3 dear people during those 5 years, 2 of them to drunk driving, of which one was my own son. We've had unexpected costs that brought us to our knees. We've had more issues and problems than any strategy and plan could have ever prepared for but here we are, still standing strong. In fact, stronger than ever!

I wish we would have kept track on the thousands of pounds people have lost with us but at least we have a ton of before and after pictures from our members, that make us so proud and inspired to continue what we are doing. To see friendships form, people being empowered and inspired, to some of the more personal success stories that we hear, from children who have been bullied, to women that have been able to fight off a sexual attack - YOU all give us OUR drive and motivation to continue.

Since the first of July, 2013, we have opened 3 more locations: One in Encino (San Fernando Valley), one in Westwood, close to UCLA and one in Inglewood. The environment that we have created and that is so important to us, is something nothing short of magical and personally, I want to thank all of our staff, instructors and you, the members!

To celebrate you all, we are hosting a party at our Hawthorne location on July 29th with an in-house CrossFit competition (open to ALL members, whether you do CrossFit, HIIT Fit or just martial arts classes - don't be nervous, anyone can do it!), food and a bunch of fun for the kids!

Please RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/212747802893087/

Keep training hard!


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