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  • Systems Training Center Women's Only Self Defense and Safety Workshop!

    Women's Only Self Defense and Safety Workshop!

    In honor of April's, Sexual Assualt month, Systems Training Center is hosting a Women Only Self Defense and Safety Seminar! Learn from one of America's leading self-defense experts, Jarrett Arthur. Featured on Ellen, Good Morning America, Shape Magazine, and more. You will learn: -Boundary setting techniques -Awareness techniques -Fun drills to learn muscle memory for effective striking PRICE: $30 - Members before 4/1/17 $40 - Non-members before 4/1/17 $50 for everyone after 4/1/17 Members who bring a friend will receive a $10 gift card to apply toward their dues or merchandise. Everyone who attends this workshop will get an additional THREE workshops with Jarrett ....

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  • New Olympic lifting classes for our CrossFit program!

    New Olympic lifting classes for our CrossFit program!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Struggling with your Snatches
    , cleans
    and/or jerks
    during your WODs
    ? Need focus on your timing, flexibility? Or perhaps breaking down the movement to be able to get to more weight? Or perhaps you want to do Olympic weight lifting for fitness
    purposes? Maybe you want to put on some muscle mass? Or lose some fat (yes, lifting weights and especially lifting heavy is a GREAT way to lose body fat
    !) or just get leaner? Whatever YOUR reason is, we now offer Olympic lifting classes on Wednesdays and Fridays at 5pm with coach LT Barahona! Not exactly sure what Olympic lifting
    is? Please click here . Here's a ....

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  • Kids summer camp is here!

    Kids summer camp is here!

    Hawthorne, CA
    South Bay's coolest kids' summer camp
    is back! Starting next week, there will be 3 weeks of fun, fitness
    and growth for these kids, who will be learning Krav Maga
    , kickboxing
    , boxing
    , MMA
    , BJJ
    , nutrition
    , anti-bullying
    , gymnastics
    , surfing
    and much, much more! We have a few spots left, so call 424-269-1337 to reserve your spot! To learn more about summer camp
    , please click here . ....

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  • RFA, KOTC and next up, U of MMA in Los Angeles

    RFA, KOTC and next up, U of MMA in Los Angeles!

    Hawthorne, CA
    It's been a busy couple of weeks of MMA
    again, seeing "Taco" Padilla fight a war in RFA
    , that he ultimately lost, after having rocked his tough opponent, who was also an Ultimate Fighter Veteran. CrossFit
    instructor and kickboxing
    coach Christos Giagos
    had a great fight, winning by KO in the first round in a highly anticipated match up against Karen Darabedyan . A great win but also very important for Christos, who made a statement in front of his old boss Dana White
    , who had nothing but great words afterwards. Here is his post fight interview: The following day, Thor Skancke stepped back into the KOTC ....

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  • The Goal book by Systems Training Center's team member Peter Jumrukovski

    The Goal book by Systems Training Center's team member Peter Jumroski

    Hawthorne, South Bay

    Peter Jumrukovski is a Karate
    black belt, who has competed at a very high level on the international Karate
    scene. Peter is an all around great guy and the following writing is his own words. We love sharing success stories, especially success stories that are motivating
    to other people! Congratulations Peter on an amazing job! My name is Peter Jumrosvski and I'm a regular guy that have used goal settings to accomplish great things such as winning a world medal in Karate
    , writing a book in 40 days and moving across the globe from Sweden all the way to Los Angeles
    . But let’s ....

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  • More MMA and BJJ with RFA, UFC and KOTC!

    More MMA and BJJ with RFA, UFC and KOTC!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Over the last few weeks, Systems Training Center
    has been staying very busy with a ton of fights. In our last 8 outings, we have gone 7-1. We’ve had some amazing wins, with D.C. Chapman being KO of the night; Dima Gerasimov having the fight of the night, until Terrion Ware stepped into the cage against Rob Gooch of Gooch Training Academy in Woodland Hills
    , which is a Southern California
    Fight of the Night candidate. A few days later, both Erick Gonzalez and Marcos Bonilla show-cased their skills for Combates Americas on national TV. Last Friday, we had Junior Herrera making his Muay Thai
    debut for ....

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  • Open BJJ roll and CrossFit WOD "Murph" at Systems tomorrow!

    Open BJJ roll and CrossFit WOD "Murph" at Systems tomorrow!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    In remembrance of all the fallen service men and women, Systems Training Center Hawthorne
    is doing the CrossFit
    Hero WOD " Murph " tomorrow at 9am! After the CrossFit
    , if you have enough energy, we have an open BJJ
    roll as well! All of our family members at Systems Training Center Encino and Systems Training Center Westwood are invited for both the CrossFit
    and BJJ
    as well, so see you all tomorrow! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day
    ! ....

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  • Krav Maga long gun seminar

    Krav Maga long gun seminar

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This Sunday, we are Systems Training Center
    is hosting a long gun
    seminar, focusing on how to defend against weapons such as machine guns and shotguns. The seminar will be hosted by 2 nd degree black belt Terry Bullman, who is also a professional boxer
    , professional kickboxer
    , as well as the founder of the TV show Human weapon . This 2 hour seminar will only cost $39 and will be held at Systems Training Center
    , located in South Bay
    , close to LAX airport . The address is 13040 Hawthorne Blvd
    , Hawthorne
    , CA90250. This seminar will focus not only on the details to make such a defense successful but also a body ....

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  • Systems Training Center gets a sibling!

    Systems Training Center gets a sibling!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    What happens with Systems Training Center Encino
    and Systems Training Center Hawthorne
    has a baby? Systems Training Center Westwood
    is born! Already open for business, Systems Training Center Westwood
    is now yet another training center available for our members! Located only 2 miles from UCLA , in the heart of Westwood
    , Systems Training Center Westwood
    is a great addition to our Encino
    and Hawthorne
    locations, since we now have South Bay
    , the Westside
    ( West LA
    , Santa Monica
    , Brentwood
    , etc) and the San Fernando Valley
    available for you to train at! Marcus Kowal, owner of Systems Training Center ....

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  • MMA and Kickboxing this weekend!

    MMA and Kickboxing this weekend!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This weekend hosts not just one but two fighting events. First off, professional MMA
    on Friday night, we have 4 of our fighters representing at the CXF event "Gold Rush" at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City
    ! Akkim Lee
    5’9 ft. 155lbs, originally from NYC, New York is making his pro debut! Akkim got into martial arts
    when he was a teenager to protect himself from others. Being a big Bruce Lee
    fan his drive and his been doing judo
    , kickboxing
    , BJJ
    and wrestling
    for some time and is now taking the step into the pros. Coach Dmitry "Dima" Gerasimov
    , who teaches kickboxing
    and CrossFit
    is the GM for Systems Training Center in Hawthorne, ....

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  • More BJJ in Hawthorne!

    More BJJ in Hawthorne!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Please welcome Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black
    belt Thiago Lemos
    to the Systems Training Center
    coaching staff. Coach Thiago's long list of accomplishments include South American champion, champion of the Miami International Open, 2x state champion, 4x top 3 at the Brazilian National, and 3rd place at the European Championship. Coach Thiago was born in the south of Brazil and grew up in Rio De Janeiro. He's been training BJJ
    since the ripe age of 10 and received his black belt at 22 from Master Junior Duarte, a disciple of Ricardo Vieira
    , one of the founders of the world famous Checkmat Jiu Jitsu
    . Thiago is now running ....

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  • Athleticism Seminar

    Athleticism Seminar Hawthorne, South Bay Are you looking to i mprove your athletic
    movement, agility
    , and neural responses? Well, you should be, whether you're doing BJJ
    , MMA
    , Kickboxing
    , boxing
    , Krav Maga
    or even CrossFit
    ! It doesn't matter if you are training for self defense
    , fitness
    or fighting
    purposes; this will benefit you immensely! Join us at Systems Training Center
    on April 10th at 1:30 pm with Blake Boruch, for an exceptional seminar on Athleticism
    ! Applicable to anyone looking to lose weight or learn more about fitness and body mechanics. If you have any injuries or want to learn how to prevent injuries? This seminar will cover that too! During ....

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  • 3 wins in 3 fights for Systems Training Center's MMA fighters

    Another week of MMA fights!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    We want to start off by congratulating Systems Training Center fighter / Fitness and boxing trainer Madison McElhaney on her great 3rd round TKO last Friday night! Last night, 2 more of our MMA fighters stepped into the cage at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City
    . First up, D.C. Chapman showed his newly improved BJJ skills, winning by a a first round triangle choke. Next up was South Bay prospect Erick Gonzalez, who faced a very tough opponent in what many felt was the fight of the night. Erick took control in the second round for and won by a 3rd round TKO. To watch the fight, click here . 3 wins in 3 fights, showing that ....

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  • Fitness and boxing instructor Madison McElhaney fights tonight!

    Fitness and boxing instructor Madison McElhaney fights tonight!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Talented fitness instructor
    and boxing
    trainer Madison McElhaney steps into the cage tonight for her second time. Yet, again, she's fighting fairly far away (San Diego), which will make it hard for friends and fans in the LA
    area to watch but there will be more opportunities in the future! Madison, a former gymnast
    , has worked very hard on improving both her boxing
    and kickboxing
    , as well as her wrestling
    and BJJ
    , to make her a more complete fighter
    . Madison, who is a personal trainer
    at the UFC gym in Torrance
    , as well as a group fitness
    class instructor, lives and breathes ....

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  • The Science of Nutrition seminar for fat loss, muscle building and healthy living!

    The Science of Nutrition seminar for fat loss, muscle building and healthy living!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Did you know that the number one New Year Resolution
    broken every year is losing weight
    ? Did you know that the third most common resolution broken is living and eating healthier
    ? Do you know how many times you've broken one of those resolutions in your life? How about making a change this year? Changes to habits usually don't happen over night but in stages and this is a GREAT step in the first direction! CrossFit coach and competitor LT Barahona is hosting this seminar, being a living example of what changing your diet
    and training
    can do for you! Cost? Only $20 for members ....

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  • Christos Giagos fights for another title!

    Kickboxing, BJJ and CrossFit coach Christos Giagos is fighting for another title!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Christos "The Spartan" Giagos
    holds not one, not two but three titles already! After Christos started off by winning the LA
    based Respect in the Cage
    promotion's belt. He then went on to win the Tatchi Palace title and the RFA title, before being signed with the UFC . Saturday night, Christos is stepping into the cage to capture a FOURTH belt, when he fights for the West Coast Fighing Championships title. We want to wish Christos good skills in his battle and looking forward to seeing that belt back in Hawthorne
    , where it belongs ....

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  • MMA Seminar with UFC legend Chris "The Crippler" Leben

    MMA Seminar with UFC legend Chris "The Crippler" Leben
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Chris Leben was a member of the TUF 1 ( The Ultimate Figther ) cast, who helped propel the UFC into what it is today. Leben is a UFC Hall of Famer
    , who has all his fights since TUF 1
    in the UFC
    . Leben
    is known for his heart and " Fight of the Night
    " performances. Chris will be teaching a MMA seminar at Systems Training Center next Saturday, the 9th of January at 2 pm and everyone is invited! To reserve your spot for the seminar, please click here
    . Chris also just published a book, that he will be signing after the seminar
    . For more information on his book, inside the UFC
    and outside, please click ....

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  • Modified schedule for Christmas and New Years

    Systems Training Center Modified Schedule for Christmas and New Years

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    For Christmas and New Years, we will have a modified schedule on the 24th and on the 31st. We will be closed on the 25th and the 1st. All other days will be regular schedule! Our modified schedule will be as follows: 9am - kids MMA
    and CrossFit
    10am - Thai Pads
    11am - Krav Maga
    Happy Holidays and Happy New Years from the Systems Family - let's make 2016 count!!! ....

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  • Christopher Taco shows great BJJ in his win for RFA!

    Christopher Taco shows great BJJ in his win for RFA!
    Hawthorne, South Bay Talented Systems Training Center fighter Chris "Taco" Padilla improved to 7-0 with a great submission win for RFA Fighting . Taco is a very talented MMA
    that you will catch rolling in our BJJ
    classes or punching people in our kickboxing
    classes. Looking forward to seeing what the future has for this talented young man! ....

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  • Break Point movie themed Kickboxing class today!

    Break Point movie themed Kickboxing class tomorrow!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Don't miss our free " Break Point
    " themed kickboxing
    class tomorrow at Systems Training Center
    at 6pm! Promise it will be fun, rewarding, kick ass and a great fitness
    as well! ....

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  • Congratulations to Kickboxing and CrossFit instructor and MMA fighter Dima Gerasimov!

    Congratulations to Kickboxing and CrossFit instructor and MMA fighter Dima Gerasimov!
    Hawthorne, South Bay

    We just wanted to give a huge congratulations to our amazing instructor Dima Gerasimov, who just got married in Thailand to his beautiful wife Amy! The groomsmen? All but one are MMA
    fighters, kickboxing
    and CrossFit
    instructors at Systems Training Center
    ! ....

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  • BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz puts on amazing fight at UFC Fight Night 77

    BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz puts on amazing fight at UFC Fight Night 77
    South Bay
    Systems Training Center
    kids BJJ
    and BJJ
    coach Pedro Munhoz
    returned to the UFC over the weekend in what many feel was the fight of the night! Pedro lost a split decision in a back and forth battle that could have gone either way and a lot of people felt Pedro had done just enough to win. To read more about the fight, please click here . Make sure you congratulate Pedro when you see him and come in and try a BJJ
    class with him if you haven't!

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  • CrossFit coach Leticia Barahona competing again next week for Turkey Bowl!

    CrossFit coach Leticia Barahona competing again next week for Turkey Bowl!
    Hawthorne, South Bay

    coach Leticia Barahona competed last weekend at A4 CrossFit and took 4th place. If you haven't done so already, you should congratulate her and fellow competitors, CrossFit
    coaches Dima, Christos and Marcus (who won the scaled division). Hawthorne CrossFit
    member Snook also competed and made it to the semi finals! This week, Leticia is competing again! Leticia is competing at CrossFit Direct Action in Azusa
    . The competition will go from 8am until about 3pm. If you can, go out and give her some Systems Training Center love! ....

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  • Congratulations to BJJ coach Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira

    Congratulations to BJJ coach Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    prospect Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira
    competed in the IBJJF
    No Gi World Championships
    this passed weekend and took 3rd place! Although Arnaldo said he was a little disappointed, we are all very impressed with his skill, dedication and passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    ! ....

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  • Great Night of MMA for our team

    Great night of MMA for our team!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Systems Training Center
    had two fighters representing at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City
    , LA
    and not only did both of them bring home the victory - they're BOTH nominated for fight of the night! First up, Systems Training Center Hawthorne's
    and kickboxing
    coach Dima Gerasimov fought a tough and very game fighter from California Mixed Martial
    and Fitness
    ( CMMA
    ) in Gardena
    . It was a great battle, that had the crowd on their feet. Coach Dima won a unanimous decision against an opponent that kept coming for the duration of the fight. Next up was Thor Skancke, who trains with coach Gabe Ruediger, BJJ
    Black Belt, WEC
    and ....

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  • Marcus Kowal teaching Kickboxing for Fitness with LiveStrong

    Marcus Kowal teaching Kickboxing for Fitness with LiveStrong

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    , Krav Maga
    and Kickboxing
    instructor Marcus Kowal
    knows the benefits of martial arts
    , not just from a self defense
    perspective but also for fitness
    and a great, all around workout
    and weight loss
    . Kickboxing
    for fitness
    is great way to target the core
    , HIIT
    ( High Intensive Interval Training
    ), plyometrics
    , strength,
    and obviously, weight loss
    ! To see the full LiveStrong
    article, click here . If you haven't done so already, make sure you come in to try a free class at our South Bay or Encino location! ....

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  • First Thursday with your fitness and fight buddies

    First Thursday with your fitness and fight buddies
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    You know the guy or the girl you always train with in the CrossFit
    class? Or always roll with in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    class? You know that individual who you always work with during kickboxing
    class or who you hold pads for during Krav Maga
    class? Well, we often get to meet some really cool people during classes or just at the gym in general but don't really know much else about them, since you are always too out of breath to speak or too busy punching something or someone? Well, fear not, here's your chance! We are doing a networking
    event for our members and friends and family of members. This is not just ....

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  • Roast of Marcus Kowal

    Roast of Marcus Kowal
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    You have most likely taken a class with him, whether it was a CrossFit
    class, Kickboxing
    class or Krav Maga
    class. Maybe you rolled with him in a BJJ class or sparred with him during the MMA
    training. Did he make you do push ups during class? Did you secretly hate him a little bit when he had you do burpees
    ? Whatever the reason, come watch him get roasted this Sunday in Culver City
    - for a good cause! Parts of the proceeds will go to Co-Op LA - a non-profit for underprivileged
    in the Los Angeles area! Make sure you RSVP here and get your tickets before they sell out at Systems Training Center
    in Hawthorne
    , South Bay
    or ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts Foundation movie night and BJJ Open Mat

    Kids Martial Arts Foundation movie night and BJJ Open Mat!

    Date: 09/02/2015
    Contact: Vince Cachero, President, 310-894-6477 , info@manakidsfoundation.org
    Kids Martial Arts Foundation Holds fun filled event
    HAWTHRONE, South Bay -
    The Mana Kids Foundation (MKF) is holding its first fundraising event, Nostalgia Night, on Saturday, Sept. 12 th from 5:00pm-9:30pm . The organization helps underprivileged children in Los Angeles develop the tools necessary for foundational success through martial arts. The Nostalgia Night fundraising event will be packed with fun for kids and adults:
    · Kids martial arts
    seminar led by ....

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  • More Krav Maga classes coming to Hawthorne and the South Bay

    More Krav Maga classes coming to Hawthorne and the South Bay!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Systems Training Center Hawthorne is adding more Krav Maga classes! We are adding a Thursday evening, 8pm Krav Maga
    class! Alfred Villaroman, an Air Force
    vet and Krav Maga
    blue belt, will start teaching Krav Maga
    at 8pm, commencing tomorrow! ....

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  • Fitness podcast with Krav Maga and Kickboxing instructor Marcus Kowal

    Fitness podcast with Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Person Trainer, CrossFit and MMA instructor Marcus Kowal

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Krav Maga
    , Kickboxing
    , CrossFit
    instructor and MMA
    Marcus Kowal did a fitness podcast not too long ago with Open Sky Fitness
    ! To find out a little more about our instructor, click here ! ....

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  • Beach day for Labor Day with Krav Maga and CrossFit and Kickboxing and so much more

    Beach day for Labor Day with Krav Maga and CrossFit and Kickboxing and so much more

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Beach day again! Labor Day
    is a day off BUT; only from work - not from working out! So come join us for another great beach day with Systems Training Center
    at Dockweiler beach. The beach has plenty of parking but remember that it is Labor Day , so you might not want to show up too late! Remember, classes at both Systems Training Center Hawthorne
    and Systems Training Center Encino
    will be closed but in lieu of those classes, we will be hosting the following classes at the beach:
    10 am CrossFit

    11 am Kickboxing
    ( Thai Pads
    12pm Krav Maga
    To RSVP to this event ....

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  • BJJ coach and MMA Fighter Maria Rios to fight for Bellator tonight

    BJJ coach and MMA Fighter Maria Rios to fight for Bellator tonight!
    Hawthorne, South Bay

    BJJ coach
    , kids BJJ coach
    , CrossFit
    enthusiast and MMA fighter
    Maria Rios
    steps into the cage for Bellator
    tonight! You can watch the fight live by clicking here or on Spike TV . Maria has been training very hard for this fight and has fine tuned both her boxing
    , kickboxing
    and BJJ
    . Her strength
    and conditioning
    is on point and we are excited to watch Maria put on a show tonight! ....

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  • Systems Training Center BJJ coach and UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz to compete against Jeff Curran this Friday

    Systems Training Center BJJ coach and UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz to compete against Jeff Curran this Friday
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Pedro Munhoz
    , who is both a BJJ
    2nd degree black belt; BJJ
    coach; kids BJJ
    coach; and current UFC
    fighter (with the fastest submission in the bantamweight division in the history of the UFC
    !) is competing for Metamoris
    this coming Friday against WEC
    , Strikeforce
    and UFC vet Jeff Curran
    . Ironically, Pedro Munhoz
    and Jeff
    have faced each other before; for the RFA title, a fight that Pedro won after 5 intense rounds! To watch the fight live, visit Metamoris.com ! ....

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  • Systems Training Center repping in both BJJ and MMA

    Systems Training Center repping in both BJJ and MMA
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    There's been a few busy weeks with both MMA
    and BJJ
    again, with Systems Training Center
    repping in both! It was a bitter sweet win for the main event, where Thor Scancke, who trains with WEC
    champ/ UFC
    vet Gabe Ruediger
    at Systems Training Center
    inEncino ,
    defeated Systems Training Center
    South Bay's
    coach Jason Cordeiro
    . Cordeiro, who is a long time vet in the sport and always game, trained through a nagging neck injury and still got into the cage! However, they are both class acts and it was only business. As soon as the fight was over, they hugged it out. On the same card, we saw Marcos Bonilla
    , a Bellator
    vet ....

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  • Last few spots for the coolest Summer Camp in South Bay

    Last few spots for the coolest Summer Camp in South Bay!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Ready for South Bay's
    coolest Summer Camp
    ?? At an unbeatable price? If you are not a parent yourself, we are extending this to nephews, nieces, or any other children age 3 to 12 - regardless if they are current members at Systems Training Center
    or not! However, this is your last chance to get in on the Summer Camp
    , since we only have a few spots left - call the gym today or click here to RSVP! So let us be the ultimate babysitter this summer - at a great price AND your child will be:
    Building self-confidence

    Learning to focus
    Learning discipline
    and how to be a team player

    Learning ....

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  • Amazing day at Manhattan Beach with Systems Training Center

    Amazing Beach Day with Systems Training Center
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    We want to start off by saying THANK YOU to everyone who came out yesterday to an amazing beach day - we hope you are not too sunburnt! Yesterday was a huge success with some great CrossFit
    , Kickboxing
    and Krav Maga
    in the water! We know you have several options for the weekend, so we appreciate you spending it with us. Manhattan Beach
    is conveniently located to anyone who lives in South
    , so we will definitely have more training sessions down there. We will have more pictures and video to come as well! ....

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  • Summer Kickoff at the beach with Krav Maga and Kickboxing and CrossFit

    Summer Kickoff at the beach with Krav Maga, Kickboxing and CrossFit!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This Sunday, we doing our annual beach day kick off, which was a huge success last year! We are going to be starting at 8am (early bird gets the best spot at the beach they say) and host classes down there that day! Here is our schedule: 10am - CrossFit
    11am - Kickboxing
    12pm - Krav Maga
    Along with other beach activities, such as volley ball, soccer and surfin/boogie boarding! We are going to be at Manhattan Beach
    in South Bay
    . Parking at the beach is always difficult on the weekend, so make sure you are early! Alternatively, park a few miles away and get an uber ! To RSVP to our event, ....

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  • University of MMA and Spar Star and UFC

    Explode, University of MMA, Spar Star and UFC - What do they have in common?
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    They all had Systems Training Centers
    fighters representing at them. The STC MMA
    team is one of the busiest teams in Southern California
    , with fights almost every weekend. Any week you come in to see the fight team in training, there is always someone in training camp for an upcoming fight. Or someone on the sidelines, doing light work, because they just fought. Although Systems Training Center can be found in Hawthorne
    , South Bay
    and Encino
    in the valley, the team gets to travel quite a bit. A few weeks ago, Systems CrossFit
    , Kickboxing
    instructor and MMA fighter Dima Gerasimov
    , ....

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  • Music and MMA

    What does music and MMA have in common?
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Usually, most wouldn't associate music
    with MMA
    . Or any martial arts
    for that matter. Sure, we tend to listen to music when we train but that's about as far as the relationship goes. Sure, one could argue that we are all artists (martial vs musical) but that is about as far as the common nominators go. However, Systems Training
    Center Encino's Krav Maga
    , boot camp
    , CrossFit
    and kids BJJ
    coach John McCue's
    daughter is a very talented musician and that's why we wanted to put a link to her latest single, Giants ! For more information on Keta McCue
    , please visit her website www.ketamusic.com Although we wanted to take ....

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  • BJJ and MMA and a wrestling clinic

    Another week of BJJ and MMA - plus a wrestling seminar!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Few gyms are as busy as Systems Training Center
    , when it comes to BJJ
    and MMA
    . First off, BJJ
    coach Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira
    had yet another successful weekend, winning the Las Vegas IBJJF Open
    . That's 3 golds in 2 weeks, between Florida and Las Vegas! Next up, we had Terrion "Flash" Ware
    , who fought a tough 5 round decision against a very game Luke Sanders
    . Sanders won the fight but Terrion showed more heart during those 25 minutes than most men show in a life time. We are very proud of you Terrion! This weekend, we also have the pleasure to take part of a great wrestling
    clinic. Saturday, the 16th of ....

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  • Systems Training Center Terrion Ware Fights for RFA Championship Belt

    Terrion Ware Fights for RFA Championship Belt

    Terrion Ware Fights for RFA Championship Belt
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Terrion ‘Flash’ Ware takes on Luke Sanders this Friday, May 8 th for the RFA
    135lb championship belt. With a win this Friday, the Los Angeles
    native will be one giant leap closer to landing his dream job: a spot on the UFC
    roster. Terrion looks to follow in the footsteps of his teammate Christos Giagos
    and become the second fighter out of Systems Training Center
    to be both an RFA
    champion and UFC
    Who is the ‘Flash’?
    Terrion (13-3) is a professional MMA
    fighter out of Systems Training Center (STC) in Hawthorne, CA
    . He’s one of the most active fighters around with a whopping average of ....

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  • Mana Kids foundation hosting a special kids Martial Arts class tomorrow

    Mana Kids foundation hosting a special kids Martial Arts class tomorrow!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    The Mana Kids Foundation (MKF)
    is holding a special kids martial arts
    event at 6pm this Thursday at Systems Training Center
    . Using money raised through sales of the exclusive ' Khabib Knows
    ' Mana Sport t-shirt, the MKF will be making a donation the form of gifts and a special surprise guest appearance. The event is open to all, but as supplies are limited, currently enrolled students at STC
    will have priority when donated gifts are distributed. However, this is open to any and all kids in the LA and Hawthorne area, such as Torrance
    , Lawndale
    , Manhattan Beach
    and Redondo ....

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  • MMA and Salsa

    Latin Night at Systems with Salsa, Bachata and Cumbia!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This Friday, Systems Training Center
    in Hawthorne
    is hosting a Salsa
    night with Lauren Torres
    ! Lauren, who is a choreographer
    , Salsa dancer
    and Zumba
    instructor. Expect Salsa
    , Cumbia
    , Bachata
    , tacos and Horchata
    ! They say there are a lot of similarities between dancing
    and fighting
    , so here is your chance to find out. It is also a fun way to get to know your fellow training
    partners in a different setting, where you will try to do things together, rather than against each other! It is free for everyone, members and non members, so come have fun with the rest of the Systems Training Center
    family! ....

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  • Busy weeks of MMA

    Busy weeks of MMA for Systems Training Center fighters!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    It's been a busy couple of weeks with a lot of our fighters, fighting all over the place! Last week, Emil Hartnser
    did a great job, fighting for Trophy MMA in Sweden. Emil showed his superb wrestling
    and BJJ
    skills, submitting his opponent via rear naked choke in the first round. The same day, UFC
    star Clay "The Carpenter" Guida
    , who has been training at Systems Training Center
    for his fight against Robbie Peralta
    , won via unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night . This passed weekend, Eric Rios
    stepped back into the cage for BAMMA USA
    at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles
    . It was a great ....

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  • Christos Giagos dominates at UFC Fight Night 62

    Christos Giagos dominates at UFC Fight Night 62!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    South Bay's
    Christos Giagos
    made fighting look easy, with a flawless victory at UFC Fight Night 62
    in Brazil. After some exchanges standing up, where Systems
    Training Center's Christos Giagos
    out struck his opponent, Christos took the fight to the ground with a hard double leg take down. After that, it was all Christos Giagos, who showed a beautiful display of BJJ
    and ground and pound. Christos mounted his opponent twice, before taking the back and finishing the fight with a rear naked choke. To see the highlights of the fight, please click here . We also want to congratulate BJJ fighter Arnaldo Maidana De ....

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  • Christos Giagos fights for the UFC tonight

    Christos Giagos fights for the UFC tonight!

    Hawthorne, South Bay

    Systems Training Center fighter
    , CrossFit
    coach and Kickboxing
    coach, Christos Giagos
    , is fighting for the UFC today in Brazil. Christos, a Hawthorne
    , South Bay
    local, is stepping into the octagon
    to face the hometown favorite Jorge "Blade" de Oliveira
    . However, Christos is not new to fighting on his opponent's home turf. In his last fight, also for the UFC
    , Christos fought yet another Brazilian in Brazil. Christos also quieted the crowd when he won the RFA title earlier in 2014. Yesterday, Christos weighed in at a 155 pounds without any problems. "I'm feeling good. I'm here to put Hawthorne
    and ....

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  • Systems Training Center loses a family member to drunk driving

    Systems Training Center loses a family member to drunk driving

    Hawthorne, CA

    On Saturday, Systems Training Center
    got some very sad news; We had lost our friend and member Eric Phan. Eric was one of the guys who always brought a smile to your face. He was very liked by both fellow members and instructors, who all are both shocked and saddened by the news. We wanted to share what our instructors had to say about Eric with you. "Eric was an amazing guy to be around. He had such a contagious laugh, haha. If it was one thing that caught my attention about Eric, it was that he made sure he pushed himself a little harder every class. True spirit of a warrior. He was a great friend and ....

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  • Womens Krav Maga Self Defense Seminar and Hot High Heel Fitness

    Women's Krav Maga Self Defense Seminar with No More!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    On Saturday, March 14th, Systems Training Center Encino
    is hosting a Women's Krav Maga Self Defense Seminar
    with the non-profit No More
    , an organization that works specifically with victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault
    . For more information on #NoMore
    , please click here . We only have a limited amount of spots open, so make sure you RSVP here . This event is not just open to our members but to all women, so make sure you invite your sister, girlfriend, daughter or wife! The Krav Maga Self Defense Seminar
    will be taught by Jarrett Arthur
    , who received her Krav Maga
    black belt in 2009. Our own Krav Maga
    black ....

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  • South Bays Finest represent at U of MMA

    South Bay's Finest represent at U of MMA!
    Hawthorne, South Bay

    Yesterday, amateur MMA's
    finest, U of MMA, put on yet another great show and South Bay's
    finest came to represent at Club Nokia
    in downtown LA
    . First off, kids MMA
    coach Angel Diaz made his MMA
    debut and did so in great fashion. After a huge slam, he managed to display his great BJJ
    skills and finished it with a rear naked choke in the first. What a way to debut! To see a nice slam and the finish, click here . Anita Hoehenleiter
    also showed some great BJJ
    with a standing guillotine a la Jon Jones - another great finish! Next up was Daria Berrenato, who looked calmed and composed when she entered into what ....

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  • Systems Training Center at Revgear World Open BJJ Tournament

    Revgear World Open BJJ Tournament, February 28th

    Encino, The Valley
    One thing that Systems Training Center Encino
    is working hard on in 2015, is to partake more in BJJ
    competitions, in order to give kids and adults the chance to test their skills in BJJ
    . Please ask your instructor or call the gym, in order to get the 20% discount that we get for being part of Systems Training Center
    ! To register, click here . Also, a big congratulations to BJJ
    coach Arnaldo Maidana De Oliveira
    , who placed 3rd in the San Fransisco Open! ....

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  • Presidents day and Boxing and BJJ

    Regular Presidents Day, Boxing and more BJJ!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Yes, today is President's Day
    but what wouldn't make the President
    happier than fitness
    , self defense
    and a healthier
    population?! So yes, we are open regular schedule today. Many know - we hope - that President's Day
    is the celebration of George Washington's
    birthday (which is actually February 22nd). However, what else do you know about our presidents
    ? Here's a short quiz for you - let us know how many of them you got right and post your test score below! Click here for quiz. In other news, we are adding even more BJJ
    classes! As of this week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, we are having Gi BJJ
    classes at ....

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  • Valentines Day kids party

    Valentine's Day Kids Party (and Parent's Night Out)!
    Hawthorne, South BAy
    Valentines Day
    is around the corner and many struggle to make the day special for the loved ones. Well, fear not! Systems
    Training Center
    is making it easier for you in two ways:
    On Valentine's Day
    , we are opening the door for your loved ones. What better way (and more thoughtful way) to celebrate Valentine's
    but to learn some BJJ, Krav
    or CrossFit
    ? Share the gift of fitness
    or self defense
    with your loved ones; bring them in for a free class! Remember: the couple that trains together, stays together!
    Difficulties finding a baby sitter
    for Valentine's Day
    ? On Friday, bring your kids
    to Systems Training Center ....

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  • Systems MMA fighters put on high level performances

    Systems MMA fighters put on high level performances - "Fight of the Year" candidates!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Systems Training Center's MMA fighters
    put on "Fight of the Year" candidate fights for RFA 23
    on Friday night in Orange County
    . First up was kids
    coach and Bellator
    vet Ron Henderson
    , who fought a valiant fight, with a lot of back and forth action, both men displaying good kickboxing
    and BJJ
    . In the 3rd round, his opponent managed to sink in a deep rear naked choke that stopped the contest. Next up, Gracie Barra Encino's kids BJJ
    and MMA
    coach Maria Rios
    put on one a fight many felt was one of the best female fights seen in a long time. Maria's opponent showed ....

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  • Grand Re-Opening of Systems Training Center

    Grand Re-Opening of Systems Training Center!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    It's been a few weeks of hard work for staff, instructors, fighters and even some members, who came in and helped with the face lift! Systems Training Center has 3 large rooms to hold CrossFit
    , MMA
    , BJJ
    , Krav Maga
    , Boxing
    , Fitness Kickboxing
    , Bag classes
    and boxing
    classes in! Over the next few months, we will be adding a ton of classes, so make sure you stay up to date! The biggest additions will include:
    Bag classes

    More Krav Maga classes

    More BJJ classes

    More intro to CrossFit classes

    More MMA classes
    Because of all the hard work that has been put into the gym, in order to make it even better for ....

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  • Bellator Debut along with Amateur MMA and both Chess Boxing and Chess Jiu Jitsu and BJJ

    Bellator Debut along with Amateur MMA, BJJ and both Chess Boxing and Chess Jiu Jitsu!
    Hawthorne, CA
    Kids BJJ
    and BJJ
    instructor Albert Morales
    made his pro MMA
    debut for Bellator
    on Friday night at the Pechanga Casino
    . Not only did he win but he did so in what many feel was the fight of the night! Albeit Albert being a blue belt BJJ
    world champion, it was a stand up battle until the end, where Albert sunk in a Rear Naked Choke
    . Albert looked great and we look forward to following his pro MMA
    career! To see the end of the fight, click this vine link (note, graphic pictures). To see the whole fight, see below. On Saturday night, Systems Training Center
    hosted not only a ....

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  • Kids BJJ and BJJ instructor Albert Morales making his MMA debut for Bellator

    Kids BJJ and BJJ instructor Albert Morales making his MMA debut for Bellator!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Tomorrow night, Systems Training Center's
    and BJJ
    instructor Albert Morales
    is making his pro MMA
    debut - for non other than Bellator
    ! Bellator's MMA
    promotion is showing the event live on Spike TV
    , so if you can't make the drive out to Pechanga Resort and Casino , make sure to tune in! Albert had a very successful 2014, going undefeated as an amateur in MMA
    , winning the BJJ
    World Championships as a blue belt and winning the Revgear BJJ
    World League. For more information on the event, please click here . ....

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  • Chess Boxing and Chess Jiu Jitsu at Systems Training Center

    Chess Boxing and Chess Jiu Jitsu at Systems Training Center!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This Saturday, the 17th of January at 7pm, Systems Training Center
    is hosting a historic event: A night of Chess Boxing
    and - a sport that has never previously been "played"; Chess Jiu Jitsu
    ! So what exactly is Chess Boxing
    ? Chess boxing
    is a sport
    , where you have to use both your physical skills and brains. One plays one round of speed chess
    and then a round of boxing
    and ways to win are either check mate or KO/on points. So what is Chess Jiu Jitsu
    then? Chess Jiu Jitsu
    is a hybrid sport
    of chess
    and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    . The sport will be played the same way as Chess Boxing
    ; 1 round of ....

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  • Busy MMA week for Systems Fight Team

    Busy MMA week for Systems Fight Team
    Hawthorne, CA
    On Friday the 9th, 5 of Systems Training Center's
    stepped into the cage at the Commerce Casino in LA
    , for Bad Beat MMA
    . The first 2 fights were both Systems Training Center Fighters
    and the walk outs to the cage took longer than the fights: 1st fight ended in only 15 seconds, with Erick Gonzalez knocking his opponent out. This was Erick's pro MMA
    debut after a perfect amateur
    record at 155 lbs. The 2nd fight was slightly longer....16 seconds, before Systems Training Center Kickboxing
    instructor Isaac Velasco knocked his opponent out and landed a beautiful flying knee in the process. To see it, please click here . ....

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  • 2015 with Systems Training Center and Gracie Barra Encino

    2015 with Systems Training Center!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Systems Training Center owner Marcus Kowal
    wrote this on his website www.marcuskowal.com. and we wanted to add it to our website as well. By: Marcus Kowal It's been a very exciting year with a lot of work, training, sweat, a little bit of blood and maybe a couple of tears. Some tears of sadness - the most devastating loss of our team mate and brother Dee Boites on April 30th, who will always be part of our gym and family. A lot of tears of happiness, with a some great moments in 2014. Like Systems Training Center BJJ
    coach Pedro Munhoz
    first defending his RFA
    title and then having a great run in the UFC
    - we are all very ....

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  • Systems TC fighters nominated for RFA MMA Awards 2014

    Systems TC fighters nominated for RFA MMA Awards 2014! Photo rights: www.rfafighting.com - Mike Lee
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    It is with great pride we announce that several of our fighters are nominated for the RFA MMA Awards 2014
    . To help our MMA
    fighters win the award, please "like" and share the following links below:
    Fight of the Year
    Dima Gerasimov vs Chinzo Machida Vitor Oristanio vs. Mark Tupas
    Alum of the Year
    Pedro Munhoz Submission of the Year
    Pedro Munhoz Dima Gerasimov Knockout of the Year
    Christos Giagos Go vote now for our amazing fighters
    ! ....

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  • Holiday Schedule at Systems Training Center

    Holiday Schedule at Systems Training Center

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    After a modified schedule today with CrossFit
    , Kickboxing
    and Krav Maga
    , we are going to be closed for 2 days; Christmas Day
    and Boxing Day
    (the 26th of December). Unfortunately, the term " Boxing Day
    " doesn't come from fighting but rather the day servants and tradespeople were given a " Christmas Box
    " by their employers. Thus, no boxing
    or any other classes on the 26th. We are back to regular schedule again on Saturday the 27th of December (time to work off those Holiday
    !). Then, the same modified schedule on Wednesday the 31st with CrossFit
    , Kickboxing
    ( Thai Pads
    ) and Krav Maga
    . After that, we are ....

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  • Busy weekend of MMA and Kickboxing and new Kids Martial Arts classes

    Busy weekend of MMA, Kickboxing, Christmas party and a new Kids Martial Arts class!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This weekend, we had some of our fighters represent at 3 different shows - on the same night! Akari Wang
    fought again and dominated her opponent in her 2nd kickboxing
    match, where one could see a lot of improvement in her kickboxing
    . Here's a link to her first round . Anita Martin
    made her MMA debut on a different show and won a unanimous decision! Jesper Palsson
    , CEO of Acne Productions , made his kickboxing
    debut and lost a highly entertaining fight that was back and forth, non-stop action for Defiant Promotions! Last but not least, Angel Diaz
    , who also teaches ....

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  • Systems Training Center Christmas Party

    Holiday Party for Systems Training Cente Members, Staff, Instructors, and Family!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    We are hosting a Holiday Party this Friday for all our members, family, instructors and staff! We train together, sweat together (sometimes on each other, in BJJ
    ), punch each other (during kickboxing
    ) - now let's go celebrate the Holidays together! To add a little flair to it, let's find the ugliest sweater you can find and make it a party! To RSVP to our event, please follow the link below: Holiday Party ....

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  • New 6am Bootcamp Burn n Sculpt Fitness class and a successful weekend of MMA

    New 6am Burn & Sculpt Fitness class and a successful weekend of MMA!
    Hawthorne, SouthBay

    First of all, we are very excited about our new 6am Bootcamp
    class, called Burn and Sculpt
    , taught by amazing Fitness
    , Zumba
    , Yoga
    , Dance Choreographer
    and all around badass Lauren Torres
    ! This class will be held every Tuesday morning at 6am, starting tomorrow! We also want to congratulate Javel "Showdown" McKenzie
    , who won his MMA
    debut and Erick Gonzalez
    , who yet again finished another tough opponent! ....

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  • 2 of our MMA fighters on the RFA card in Orange Country this Friday

    2 of our fighters on the RFA MMA card in Orange Country this Friday!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    2 of our MMA fighters
    are fighting this Friday's prestigious RFA
    card. Systems Training Center's MMA coach John Robles
    is back in the cage! Mark Tupas
    , who is another one of our up and coming MMA
    fighters is also on the card. Both these guys are not only very tough but also very exciting to see in the cage. It's not everyday you get a chance to see this level of a MMA
    promotion come to Los
    , so make sure you get your tickets today! Tickets are available at the Systems Training Center
    , 13040 Hawthorne Blvd
    , Hawthorne CA90250

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  • Thanksgiving then Black Friday and MMA

    Thanksgiving, Black Friday and MMA!
    Hawthorne, South Bay

    Although Thanksgiving is about family, giving thanks and resting, it's been a busy couple of days at Systems Training Center
    ! First off, we wanted to thank our beautiful members, who managed to help us collect 450 lbs of food and clothes - amazing! Although Black Friday
    is today, we'd rather not have members trampling each other in here, so we've extended the the sale on EVERYTHING in the pro shop until the end of Monday (yes, we threw Cyber Monday
    into the mix) - 25% off! Lastly, don't miss Erick Gonzalez
    and Javel "Showdown" McKenzie
    - who is making his MMA
    debut tomorrow - throw down at the Hollywood Park ....

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  • BJJ instructor Albert Morales wins BJJ World Championships and signs with Bellator

    BJJ instructor Albert Morales wins BJJ World Championships and signs with Bellator!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    instructor and Systems MMA fighter Albert Morales competed last weekend in the BJJ
    World Championships
    and won gold! Albert had a few really tough matches but still won the gold!
    As if that wasn't enough, Albert also got signed with the prestigious MMA
    organization Bellator
    . Albert will be making his MMA
    pro debut on January 11th, 2015, which you can watch live on Spike TV
    ! Congratulations Albert, we look forward to watching your MMA
    and BJJ
    career! ....

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  • Big BJJ News for Hawthorne

    Big BJJ News for Hawthorne and all of South Bay!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Big news for the BJJ
    world in both Hawthorne
    and the surrounding area of South Bay
    : As of tomorrow, BJJ
    Black Belt Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira
    , will be teaching both Gi BJJ
    and No Gi
    BJJ at Systems Training Center
    ! As of tomorrow, Monday the 24th of November, Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira
    will be teaching No Gi BJJ
    at 8am on Mondays and Wednesdays and 11am Gi BJJ
    on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am! Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveria
    is a 3 times CBJJE
    World Champion
    ; 2 times 2nd place at the World No Gi IBJJF
    ; 3 times Brazilian BJJ National Champion
    ; 2 times Pan Ams BJJ Champion
    ; 2 times South American BJJ ....

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  • Wellness Wednesdays - Nutrition

    Wellness Wednesday - Nutrition

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Lauren Torres is a NASM Fitness instructor, who teaches Zumba, Hot High Heel Fitness and a huge CrossFit enthusiast. Lauren is also going to teach our new 6am Tuesday class - Systems Burn and Sculpt! Coconut Oil
    Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat (yes I said HEALTHY FAT).Most vegetable oils contain LCTs (longer chain triglycerides) which the body stores as fat. Coconut oil contains MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which the body uses to burn for energy.MCTs promote THERMOGENESIS which can help increase your metabolism. -Eating fat can actually leave you feeling fuller longer and eating fat first thing in ....

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  • Wrestling coach Ron Henderson makes historic Bellator debut

    Ron Henderson makes historic debut for Bellator: Tito Ortiz vs Stefan Bonner
    Hawthorne, CA
    Tonight, on SpikeTV , Systems Training Center's wrestling
    coach Ron Henderson, makes his Bellator debut. A big deal in itself, of course but also historic; it is the first 125-lbs fight in the Bellator
    history! Spike TV
    has been part of a lot of historic moments for Mixed Martial Arts
    . The biggest moment was the first " The Ultimate Fighter " show , that helped launch the UFC
    into what it is today. Ron Henderson
    is not only a wrestling
    coach at Systems Training Center, he's also a brown belt BJJ World Champion
    . Below is an interview with Ron Henderson
    , discussing his fight and view ....

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  • BJJ Seminar with Waldo Zapata at Gracie Barra Encino

    BJJ Seminar with Waldo Zapata at Gracie Barra Encino!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This Sunday, November 9th, Gracie Barra Encino
    is inviting you to exclusive training with world renowned 2nd degree Black Belt and MMA
    trainer Waldo Zapata
    ! Sunday's seminar is a 3 hour gi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar
    with Waldo Zapata
    , focusing on details in certain aspects and also teaching you BJJ
    moves you haven't seen before. Cost for the seminar
    ? $29 per person ONLY! To RSVP to the seminar, please click here . For more information, please call 818-788-6188 for more information or visit 17263 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA91316. Waldo Zapata
    Waldo received his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu ....

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  • Halloween modified schedule and Halloween Party for the Systems Training Center family this Friday

    Halloween modified schedule and Halloween Party for the Systems Training Center Family this Friday!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This Friday, we have a modified schedule for Halloween. We will close at 1pm, so that kids and parents can go trick or treating. However, don't forget about our Halloween Party
    at the W Hotel
    in Hollywood
    ! To RSVP to the event, click here . We also wanted to congratulate Christos Giagos
    , who made his UFC
    debut over the weekend! The Systems Training Center
    family met at the gym to see Christos step in to the octagon for UFC 179
    in Brazil
    . Also, we had some of our members participate in the Revgear Worlds Open BJJ
    and Grappling Tournmanet
    . Kids BJJ
    , ....

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  • Dima Gerasimov fights for Hollywood Fight Night Halloween Edition

    Dima fights for Hollywood Fight Night Halloween Edition this Thursday!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    and Kickboxing
    instructor Dima Gerasimov
    is fighting this Thursday for Hollywood Fight Nights
    . Dima is hungry to get back into the cage again, after a decision loss in his last fight against Lyoto Machida's
    brother Chinzo Machida
    , when RFA visited Los
    . Dima has worked hard to prepare for this fight and is hungry to get back in there, quoted saying "It's Halloween
    time, so it's my job to make sure he doesn't have to get a costume this year." Today is the last day to get tickets for the fight, so make sure you stop by Systems Training Center
    today at 13040 ....

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  • Systems Training Center Diet and Nutrition - Featured Superfood Salmon

    Diet and Nutrition - Featured Superfood Salmon

    Diet and Nutrition - Featured Superfood: Salmon
    By Dmitry Gerasimov

    is one of the most celebrated fish in the world due to it's taste, versatility, and nutritional benefits
    . As a potent source of omega-3 fatty acid
    , salmon
    can help reduce the risk of heart disease
    , prevent stiffness and joint pain
    , lower inflammation
    , protect against Alzheimer's
    disease and dementia
    , and even help treat depression
    . In addition to the long list of benefits from it's high omega-3 content
    , salmon
    is also an excellent source of protein
    and Vitamin D
    . Protein is necessary for muscle growth
    and recovery
    while Vitamin D
    is critical to those spending their ....

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  • Nightcrawler ticket giveaways AND Quest Nutrition event

    Nightcrawler movie ticket give-aways AND a Quest Nutrition MMA event over the next 2 days! Hawthorne, CA
    Busy weekend at Systems Training Center
    ! First off, we have a " Nightcrawler
    " (feat. Jake Gyllenhaal
    ) event tomorrow night, during Thai Pads ( Fitness
    class). Free posters and movie tickets will be given out. On Friday, 7pm, we are having a Quest Nutrition MMA Fitness workout
    - free for everyone! We will have Quest Nutrition
    goodie bags for all participants! Saturday, we have the Revgear BJJ Tournament
    - last day for sign ups is tomorrow night! Click here to sign up. Then, at 4pm, we are showing Christos Giagos' UFC
    debut at the gym - pot luck style! ....

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  • BJJ Seminar with Waldo Zapata

    BJJ Seminar with Wado Zapata!

    Hawthorne, CA

    is an MMA
    pioneer in Sweden. His understanding of the MMA
    game is well-known in Scandinavia and he is sometimes referred to as the Matt Hume
    of Sweden. Waldo has been training, coaching and producing fighters since the late 90's, Waldo has coached, trained or helped train current and former UFC fighters such as Magnus Cedenblad
    and Papy Abedi
    , Shooto
    Japan/ UFC
    veteran Per Eklund
    , Pancrase
    Japan veteran Matti Mäkele
    and other Swedish international MMA
    and/or Muay Thai/K-1
    such as Jörgen Kruth
    (2-time pro Muay Thai World champ
    , K-1
    Japan star, undefeated pro MMA
    ), Usama Aziz
    (2-time Olympic wrestler
    , ....

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  • Halloween Party for Systems Training Center

    Halloween Party for our members and staff at Systems Training Center!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    is quickly approaching and Systems Training Center
    is hosting a Halloween
    party for our members and staff! The party will be held at the W Hotel in Hollywood
    . It's free of charge for all members, family, friends and staff of Systems Training
    . Members and staff from Gracie Barra Encino will also be there, which will give all of our members a chance to get to know each other a little better in a "normal" social setting! No BJJ
    , Kickboxing
    or MMA
    is allowed. Push-up
    and burpee
    competitions, however, are encouraged. Make sure you wear your best costume, as there are some great prizes to be ....

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  • 8 MMA fights in 2 days and the UFC last week

    Systems Training Center team fights 8 times in 2 days and BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz in the UFC last week!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    This weekend was one of the busiest MMA
    weeks our team has seen - 8 fights in 2 days! Friday night was saw 4 of our pro MMA fighters
    step into the cage at the Commerce Casino
    in LA
    . Maria Rios, who also teaches kids BJJ
    and Kickboxing
    at our sister school Gracie
    in Encino , won a unanimous decision, after showing off both her boxing
    and BJJ
    skills. Many felt it was the fight of the night! Eric Steans
    , who is always game and very athletic, got stopped with a hard uppercut unfortunately. Before the stoppage, Eric had dropped his opponent but such ....

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  • Systems Training Center at the Revgear World Open BJJ and Grappling Tournament

    Systems Training Center representing at the Revgear World Open BJJ & Grappling Tournament!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    On October 25th, Revgear is hosting a BJJ
    and Grappling
    tournament, for both kids and adults! Systems Training Center
    is going to be partaking and we are all getting a generous discount from Revgear
    - 25%! There is going to be GI BJJ
    , no gi BJJ
    ( grappling
    ) and kids BJJ
    as well. Our team mates from Gracie Barra Encino will be there too! In order to sign up, click on this link and enter the code FAF during the check out. See you on the mat! ....

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  • 4 MMA fighters representing this Friday

    4 of our MMA fighters are stepping into the cage to represent Systems Training Center this Friday!

    Hawthorne, CA
    This Friday, Systems Training Center
    has 4 of our pro MMA
    stepping into the cage. First of, we have Maria Rios, who won her last MMA fight
    via a rear naked choke against a very experienced Kick-boxer
    . Maria has worked a lot of her boxing
    and kickboxing
    , to sharpen her all around game. Maria is a blue belt BJJ
    world champion
    and a very talented grappler
    , as well as a very competent striker. Maria has worked and dieted hard, to make her debut at 115 lbs. When you don't see her on the mat or behind the front desk, you can find her in the CrossFit
    room, ....

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  • Another weight loss success story

    Another weight loss success story from Systems Training Center!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Jose Enriquez is another one of Systems Training Center's success stories. Read how he managed to lose Jose Enriquez
    : " Turning 30, I came to the realization that if I didn't take care of myself, I would probably not live another 30 years. Even if I did, it probably would not be in good health. I was 245 pounds; my knees and hips were constantly aching and it was progressively getting worse. On top of all that, my grandmother had recently died due to complications related to diabetes
    . I didn't want to end up that way, so I began researching ways to improve my health and lose the weight. I did the typical ....

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  • Diet and Nutrition - Superfoods

    Diet and Nutrition - Superfoods!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    A huge part of training is diet
    and nutrition
    . Having a healthy
    is not only going to important for training but for your overall health
    as well! Why is eating healthy
    important for training
    , you might wonder? Because it is what's ultimately going to be used as ATP (energy). If you don't have a good diet
    , it's like having a Ferrari
    without any gas! A healthy diet
    should include " Superfoods
    ". Superfoods
    are very nutrient-potent foods
    that are considered to be exceptionally beneficial for health
    and well-being
    . Dima Gerasimov
    , one of Systems Training Center's pro MMA fighters
    , Kickboxing
    and CrossFit
    instructors ....

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  • Podcast with BJJ coach and UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz

    Podcast with BJJ coach and UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Marcus Kowal
    hosts a MMA
    Podcast every week. Last week, Systems Training Center's BJJ
    coach Pedro Munhoz
    and Swedish MMA
    fighter and TUF
    ( The Ultimate Fighter
    ) vet Emil Hartsner
    came on. Pedro Munhoz
    discusses his upcoming fight, this Saturday at UFC Fight Night: MacDonald vs Saffiedine
    and his future plans in the UFC
    . Emil and Marcus discuss the UFC Fight Night: Stockholm
    card, which is also on October 4th. We are going to show the Fox Sports 1
    prelims at Systems Training Center
    on Saturday, which starts at 4pm, some come support BJJ
    coach Pedro Munhoz
    ! As tradition goes, we are doing it potluck ....

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  • Parking at Chase Bank and an inspirational story

    Parking available at Chase Bank and an inspirational story
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Parking on Hawthorne Blvd
    in Hawthorne
    has been a nightmare lately, we all know that. Chase Bank
    across the street, on the westside of Hawthorne Blvd
    , has granted us permission to park there for the 1 month to 2 months it will take to complete the work outside. We are allowed to park there at 6pm but Jose Rubio, the Chase Branch Manager
    , doesn't mind if you show up 10 minutes early for your class - just be careful as you cross Hawthorne Blvd
    . The story could end there. However, Jose Rubio is more than just a Chase Branch Manager
    - he is an inspiration. Here is Jose's story: A lot of my friends ....

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  • More CrossFit classes in Hawthorne

    More CrossFit classes coming to Hawthorne!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    We are adding yet another CrossFit
    class, which is going to be on Friday nights at 7pm! Victor Davalos
    is going to be the instructor for the class, who has been in the CrossFit
    world for quite sometime. Victor played baseball
    fom little league all through high school. He has been a CrossFitter
    for 3 years now and coaching for a year. Victor is also competing in CrossFit
    and went to regionals and finished in the top 10! Make sure to come in and check out Victor's CrossFit
    class on Friday night at 7pm! Photo credit: John Bosma Photography ....

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  • New Wrestling class with newly signed Bellator fighter Ron Henderson

    New Wrestling at Systems Training Center with newly signed Bellator figther Ron Henderson!
    Photo cred: Mike Lee Hawthorne, CA
    We are adding yet another class at Systems Training Center
    - this time a wrestling
    class with Ron Henderson
    . Ron Henderson
    is a brown belt BJJ world champion
    , who is currently 3-0 as a pro MMA fighter
    . Ron also trains with the Systems Training Center MMA
    team and fights out of Blackhouse
    in Gardena
    , where he trains alongside UFC
    such as Pedro Munhoz
    , Lyoto Machida
    and Anderson Silva
    . Ron just signed with the prestigious MMA
    organization Bellator
    , which airs on Spike TV
    . The new wrestling
    class starts this Saturday, the 27th at ....

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  • New Post

    Dodgeball and pizza party for kids!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Usually, we have kickboxing, MMA
    and BJJ
    for kids but on Friday night, we are having a dodgeball
    competition for all kids
    (members and non-members)! Following the dodgeball
    competition, there will be a pizza party as well - all for a lot less than you would pay a babysitter
    ! Thus, it's just as much of a parents' night out
    as it is a kids night. To sign your child
    up for Friday night, follow the link below! Systems Dodgeball Competition ....

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  • Stand Up Comedy with our MMA and Kickboxing coaches

    Stand up Comedy with our MMA, Kickboxing, Krav Maga and CrossFit coaches!
    Hawthorne, CA
    This Friday, MMA
    coach Ian Harris is head lining the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club , with Kickboxing
    /Krav Maga/ CrossFit
    coach Marcus Kowal.
    We are offering free tickets for our members - just see the front desk! It's on a first come, first serve basis! For more info on the event, please visit here: Stand up comedy ....

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  • Systems Training Center Construction on Hawthorne Blvd

    Construction on Hawthorne Blvd

    Construction on Hawthorne Blvd
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    As many of you may have noticed, there has been a lot of construction work being done on Hawthorne Blvd
    . Because of the work being done, there has been difficulties finding parking. To complicate things further, they have now blocked the parking right in front of the gym for the week. According to the City of Hawthorne
    , we will be having as much parking as we previously did, once the work has been completed. However, we know it is an inconvenience to you until it is done and we wanted to apologize for it. We, as much as you, hope this work will be done quickly! Meanwhile, if you live close, we would highly recommend you to walk - or ....

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  • Albert Morales fights in the MMA State Tournament

    Albert Morales fights in MMA state tournament!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Gracie Barra
    Encino kids
    coach and Systems Training Center's
    fighter Albert Morales fought in the MMA
    state tournament on Saturday. Albert dominated the fight, with 3 takedowns, 1 knockdown...and somehow managed to get robbed out of a decision. Most people who were at the fight were very surprised, as Albert controlled the fight with both the boxing
    / kickboxing
    and the BJJ
    on the ground. However, Albert is in good spirits and back teaching again today. Next step for Albert is to turn pro! ....

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  • CrossFit instructor and kickboxing instructor Christos Giagos signs with the UFC

    CrossFit and Kickboxing instructor Christos Giagos signs with the UFC!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    A very happy Christos Giagos had his dream come true yesterday - he got signed with the UFC
    ! However, dreams don't come true without hard work and dedication. Christos has worked very hard to be in the position he is in today and the contract was very well deserved. Systems Training Center's Krav Maga
    2nd dan black belt, CrossFit
    instructor and MMA
    fighter Marcus Kowal, hosts Europe's biggest MMA
    site, MMANytt's, podcast. Last week and a few weeks ago, he brought in Christos Giagos
    , who had just unified the Tachi Palace
    and RFA
    title. To watch that interview, please watch below: This past week, ....

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  • New Fitness class for women

    New Fitness class for women only!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Lauren Torres might have a new class at Systems Training Center
    , Hawthorne
    but she's definitely not a new "face" at the gym. For you that take CrossFit
    , you have seen her in class, racking up those bars with more weight than most females. She's also MMA
    instructor John Robles' sister (so yes, stay away). Lauren also isn't new to fitness
    ; She's a Zumba
    and Zumbatomic
    choreographer and teaches yoga
    , ABSolution
    , cardio sculpt
    , chisel
    and hip hop
    . Her new class, 5pm on Wednesdays, is called Hot High Heels Fitness
    and is for females
    only. Check out some of the dancing here: Hot Heel Fitness Come try it out today ....

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  • Corporate event with Acne Production

    Acne Production hosts a corporate event at Systems Training Center!
    Hawthorne, CA

    Last Friday, Systems Training Center
    hosted a corporate event for the employees of the highly successful production company Acne
    . The employees of Acne
    were somewhat nervous when they entered Systems Training Center's
    Team Building
    day. Most of them had never done any type of Martial Arts
    , let alone Kickboxing
    . However, it didn't take long before they were all punching and kicking and had a great time whilst doing so! Acne CEO Jesper Palsson
    , who has been training kickboxing
    for a long time and is getting ready for a kickboxing match, was very pleased with the event and ....

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  • Beach Day for Labor Day with CrossFit Krav Maga and Kickboxing

    Systems Training Center is hosting yet another beach day for Labor Day with CrossFit, Krav Maga and Kickboxing!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Systems Training Center and Gracie Barra Encino are going to have another beach day for Labor Day!
    Our last beach day was such a success, we decided to do it again! We are going to host CrossFit
    , Krav Maga
    and Kickboxing
    - at the beach! The classes will be as following: 8am - CrossFit
    9am - Krav Maga
    10am - Kickboxing
    12pm - CrossFit
    We are going to be at El Porto
    beach in South Bay
    , by tower 42, by 42nd street. This event is open for friends and family too! It's a pot luck, so bring something to eat and drink! To RSVP, please go to the ....

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  • Great weekend of MMA for our fighters at Systems Training Center

    Systems Training Center had a great weekend of MMA fights!
    Hawthorne, South Bay
    : It started Friday night with Christos Giagos, Systems Training Center's
    and kickboxing
    coach. Christos, a South Bay
    local, was the main event for RFA
    is South Dakota. Not only was this another title shot for Christos Giagos
    but it was also historic in so many ways: - Never before has the RFA had a 155 lbs title fight. - Never before has anyone held BOTH the Tachi Palace and the RFA belt at the same time. - Never before has South Dakota had pro MMA
    fights, since it was not a sanctioned sport until recently. Christos
    fought a tough veteran in Dakota Cochrane
    , who is a UFC
    " The Ultimate ....

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  • Congratulations to our BJJ team

    Systems TC's BJJ team wins 2 silver medals and 1 gold!

    Systems Training Center's fighter
    and Gracie Barra Encino's
    Kids BJJ
    coach Albert Morales brought a team of BJJ
    fighters to the Subfighter No Gi Classic tournament last weekend and they brought some nice bling back - 2 silvers and 1 gold! - Mordecai Lacanilo took silver. - Kevin Vasquez took silver - Javel "Showdown" McKenzie took gold Last but not least, Cherry Lopez, didn't have any opponents in the female BJJ
    division, so she entered the male division. Not only did she compete in 5(!) matches against all guys - they were all a lot heavier than her - a true warrior! Congratulations to the whole BJJ
    team and ....

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  • Systems Training Center MMA fighter Christos Giagos fights for the RFA title this Friday

    Systems Training Center's CrossFit and Kickboxing instructor, as well as pro MMA fighter, looks to bring back some more bling to the gym!
    You've seen him teach CrossFit
    classes. You've seen him teach kickboxing
    classes. If you follow him on instagram
    (@cgiagos), you've seen his abs :). This fitness fanatic is in shape! However, not many has seen him go through his MMA
    training routines at Systems Training Center
    . Christos Giagos is a true prospect, who has grown into a very all rounded MMA
    fighter and this Friday, he gets to show it to the rest of the U.S! For you that tuned into see Christos fight for the Tachi Palace
    title, you got to see his punching power and raw athleticism. ....

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  • CrossFit Wod 8-19-14

    CrossFit WOD 8-19-14
    Team Work Tuesday! Skill: Snatches CrossFit
    WOD: 15 minute AMRAP In teams of 3, 1 person runs 200 meter, whilst the other 2 are doing push-ups. The 2nd person will run, once the 1st one is back and so on. There should be 2 scores: the total amount of rounds done and the total amount of push ups, so bring your calculators! Strength: 5-5-5-5-5 Back Squats. Compete with other teams - post your scores below! ....

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  • Erick Gonzalez in MMA title fight in Wilmington tonight

    Systems Training Center's Erick Gonzalez steps into the cage for the TFA title tonight in Wilmington!
    Erick Gonzalez is a tough individual. With a 4-0 record, he's a Southern California
    prospect. In his last fight, he was in a car accident the night before. He wrecked his car...and then went in and won a hard fought fight the following day! Tonight, Erick, a Torrance native, steps back into the cage to bring some more hardware home to Systems Training Center, as he takes on Matthew Martinez for the TFA
    title in Wilmingto
    ! TFA
    always put on great MMA
    shows and events, so make sure you don't miss it! For more information on TFA, visit TFA Fighting ....

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  • Busy weekend of MMA fights and Beach Day

    Weekend of MMA fights for Systems Training Center
    There were 2 MMA
    shows over the weekend and Systems Training Center
    had 3 of our fighters on the cards! First up, Maria Rios
    put on a great performance in her Pro MMA
    debut by winning by a rear naked choke. Maria, who posses great BJJ
    , fought a high level Muay Thai
    fighter but was able to impose her will and get the win by submission. Next up was James Acosta
    , who is always ready to go to war. James unfortunately got caught but he will be back in the cage soon! Our sister school Gracie Barra Encino 's Kickboxing
    and MMA
    coach Jared Papazian
    was the main event and won a unanimous decision. It was mainly a stand up fight, where ....

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  • Terrion Ware Headlines Tachi Palace tonight

    Terrion "Flash" Ware
    headlines Tachi Palace's
    card tonight! Systems Training Center's
    local Hawthorne
    talent Terrion "Flash" Ware
    is fighting once again and is closing in on a call from the UFC
    . Terrion
    , who is one of our MMA
    instructors and an avid CrossFitter
    , comes from a boxing/kickboxing
    background. Since he made the transition into MMA
    , Terrion
    has been on a mission: to get into the UFC
    . Tonight, Terrion is taking a step closer when he faces Joe Soto
    for the main event. To stream the fight live, please click here As if that wasn't enough, Eric Steans
    , who also trains with the Systems TC's MMA
    team, is fighting for King of the Cage
    tonight. Then tomorrow ....

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  • Systems TCs MMA coach Ian Harris special on ITunes

    Systems Training Center's MMA coach Ian Harris' special on ITunes!
    Ian Harris isn't only a brown belt in BJJ
    and Systems Training Center's
    coach, he is also a stand up comedian. If you haven't had a chance to see the Culver City
    local's stand up comedy at one of our Stand Up Comedy
    nights, make sure you watch this promo and then you will understand why you should download it from ITunes! Ian Harris Promo ....

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  • BJJ wins and MMA fights and Beach Day

    Daria wins the NAGA No Gi BJJ tournament, several MMA fights and Beach Day!
    Daria, who trains with the MMA team in Hawthorne, traveled all the way to New Jersey to take home the gold to South Bay. Also, on the schedule this week: - Terrion "Flash" Ware fights for the Tachi Palace belt on Thursday, the 7th of August!There's been a lot of buzz about Terrion lately. The word is that if Terrion wins yet some more hardware - aka adding the Tachi Palace title to his BAMMA title - he will be in the UFC! For more info on the fight, click here Tachi Palace 20 - Night of Champions - On the 8th of August, BJJ instructor and CrossFit enthusiast Maria Rios makes her pro debut! James Acosta, who ....

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  • Chess boxing and Systems Training Center in Sports Illustrated

    Chess boxing
    and Systems Training center in Sports Illustrated!
    Brains and Brawn, they call it. The combination of boxing
    and chess
    , known as chess boxing
    . It is a newly invented sport, which is combining the physical skills of boxing
    , just to quickly have to re-adjust to focus your mind, whilst adrenaline is pumping and the heart is beating. Systems Training Center's
    fighters and coaches have found a recent interest in the sport, as many of them play chess, to keep their mind sharp. Christos Giagos
    and Dima Gerasimov
    , both pro MMA
    fighters, CrossFit
    and kickboxing
    instructors, play chess. Christos Giagos
    has also competed in a chess boxing match. Krav Maga
    , Crossfit

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  • Beach day August 10th with Krav Maga - CrossFit - Kickboxing

    Beach day August 10th with Kickboxing, Krav Maga and CrossFit classes at the beach!
    On August 10th, we are hosting our first ever beach day for Systems Training Center! The event starts at 10 am and will go on all day. The classes for the day - kickboxing, Krav Maga and CrossFit - will be held AT THE BEACH! Did you ever try to kickbox and move your feet in the sand? Did you ever try to do self defense in water? Don't miss this day for fun some sand, sun, water and fitness! Please follow the link below to RSVP and invite any and all friends and family for a pot luck style day at the beach with the Systems Training Center family! Systems Training Center Beach Day ....

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  • Weekend of Krav Maga and BJJ

    Busy weekend with both Krav Maga
    and BJJ
    ! Last weekend, we hosted our very first Krav Maga
    knife seminar at Systems Training Center
    . The seminar was in fact the very first Krav
    knife seminar ever to be hosted in the city of Hawthorne
    , South Bay
    . This weekend, we held our 3rd Krav Maga
    belt test, with 6 tough Krav Maga
    practitioners, who all passed the gruesome test! On Saturday, some of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    fighters also went to compete in the " Dream
    " BJJ
    tournament. Congratulations to our BJJ
    coach Rob Fernandes, who took gold and pro MMA
    fighter and BJJ
    / wrestling
    specialist Doug Miller, who took silver! ....

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  • The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle

    This article was posted on our sister school Gracie Barra Encino's website yesterday and we wanted to share it with you too!

    What is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle?
    You might have heard it before - the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    lifestyle. However, what exactly does it mean? There's definitely more to it than what might come to mind: Surf, eat acai
    (whilst wearing a gi
    ), wear flip flops and train BJJ
    all day. The physical benefits of the BJJ
    lifestyle are both tangible and easy to see: You lose fat
    , you g et into shape
    , you become more flexible
    , you get stronger
    , your stamina
    improves, your core
    gets stronger. You might even get to see that six pack
    you've been wanting to see your whole life! ....

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  • Hercules comes to Hawthorne - free Kickboxing class at Systems Training Center

    Hercules comes to Hawthorne, South Bay - free Hercules themed Kickboxing class at Systems Training Center!
    Tomorrow, Thursday the 17th of July, Systems Training Center
    is hosting a free Hercules themed kickboxing
    class at 6pm! Everyone is invited and we are going to have plenty of freebees for everyone. This is what IMDB , has to say about the movie (featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
    ): " Having endured his legendary twelve labors, Hercules, the Greek demigod, has his life as a sword-for-hire tested when the King of Thrace and his daughter seek his aid in defeating a tyrannical warlord." We will be giving away tickets to the movie to the best performers! That is not the same thing as ....

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  • Knife Seminar at Systems Training Center

    Krav Maga Knife Seminar this Saturday!
    This Saturday, the 19th of July, Systems Training Center
    is hosting knife seminar from 3pm until 5pm. Marcus Kowal
    , head 2nd dan Krav Maga
    black belt and our Krav Maga
    head instructor, is teaching a Krav Maga
    knife seminar. Please follow the link below to RSVP to the seminar: Knife seminar We also want to congratulate our kids BJJ/kids MMA
    instructor Albert Morales
    , who won yet another fight yesterday. Albert, a Hawthorne
    , South Bay
    local, is a great fighter and all around nice guy! ....

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  • Anniversary BBQ at Systems Training Center on Saturday

    This Saturday July 12th, at 4pm, we are hosting our 1 year anniversary at Systems Training Center! So much has happened in a year, with the addition of CrossFit, Krav Maga, yoga, kids BJJ and adult's BJJ. In addition, the opening of our sisters school, Gracie Barra Encino . It's been a great year and we want to celebrate a great year with YOU! Here's a link to the invitation, please RSVP and feel free to invite friends and family: Systems Training Center BBQ It's a potluck style BBQ, so please bring food and drinks! Address: Systems Training Center 13040 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, CA90250 ....

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  • Anniversary BBQ at Systems Training Center on Saturday

    This Saturday, we are hosting our 1 year anniversary at Systems Training Center! So much has happened in a year, with the addition of CrossFit, Krav Maga, yoga, kids BJJ and adult's BJJ. In addition, the opening of our sisters school, Gracie Barra Encino . It's been a great year and we want to celebrate a great year with YOU! Here's a link to the invitation, please RSVP and feel free to invite friends and family: Systems Training Center BBQ It's a potluck style BBQ, so please bring food and drinks! Address: Systems Training Center 13040 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, CA90250 ....

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  • More CrossFit

    As of tomorrow, we will have one more CrossFit
    class at Hawthorne's
    , SouthBay
    and probably the world's (maybe the Universe) toughest CrossFit
    gym! Thursday morning, at 8 am Progressive Calisthenics
    class will be replaced with a CrossFit
    class. All Progressive Calisthenics
    will be cancelled until further notice unfortunately. To make sure you stay updated with all our CrossFit
    news, please make sure you add our Facebook
    page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/650022608368458/?fref=ts L et's go HardThorne CrossFit! ....

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  • Systems Training Center turns 1

    It's 12 o'clock at night. It's officially the 1st of July 2014. One year ago, today, I took over Systems Training Center. Although I was in Sweden at the time, the work had started some months before that. I was already in software training; phone conferences; making strategies; and hiring employees. Hard to do with a 9 hour time difference. 365 days has passed since then. 8760 hours. Most of which I have worked. It's been non-stop, 7 days a week. 3 months ago, our sister school Gracie Barra
    in Encino
    was added to the family. I've been underslept and overworked. Am I complaining? Absolutely not. I've been loving every single moment of the ride. On the first of July of last ....

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  • Glory Kickboxing and Thai boxing in Los Angeles

    Glory Kickboxing puts on an amazing event at the Forum in Los Angeles!
    On Saturday, Glory
    came back to Los Angeles
    , with some great fights! The Forum
    in Inglewood
    , which has served as the home for the Lakers
    and seen some of the top names in boxing
    compete, is an excellent arena to showcase boxing
    , kickboxing
    and MMA
    , since there's not a bad seat in the house. It's also very conveniently located only 6 miles away from Systems Training Center, in the city of Inglewood
    - the city next to Hawthorne
    . Systems Training Center's Marcus Kowal
    , who is also the host for MMA
    Nytt, did some interviews with some of the top names in Kickboxing
    and boxing
    . We also got an ....

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  • 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Jared Carlsten

    Team mate and 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Jared Carlsten was on the Eddie Bravo Radio a few days ago alongside BJJ specialist Jeff Glover. You can listen to the episode below: 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Eddie Bravo Radio Jared, a Manhattan Beach resident, is also teaching the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu BJJ here at Systems Training Center on Fridays at 6pm, so make sure to come in tomorrow night, to learn some really innovative BJJ! Also, don't forget we will be streaming Christos Giagos MMA title fight tonight at the gym! If you are not coming in, you can watch the fight on www.sherdog.com. Furthermore, don't forget to pick up your ticket for Saturday's Glory Kickboxing event! Today is ....

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  • New Tachi Palace MMA Lightweight Champion

    Tachi Palace
    has a new MMA
    lightweight champion!
    Tachi Palace
    crowned a new 155 pound champion yesterday. His name? Christos Giagos
    from Systems Training Center in Hawthorne
    . This South bay
    kid has been flying under the radar for many, except his team mates, who has seen his potential. Seen how he has worked on his strength
    and conditioning
    ; work his cardio; improving his boxing
    and his kickboxing
    ; working on his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    . Day in and day out, grinding hard. Anyone who has taken CrossFit
    with Christos knows how he pushes himself, every single session. Result? The striker/wrestler transitioned from having his opponent's back, to an armbar, just to finish the fight ....

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  • Glory returns for LA with UFC and Pride star CroCop

    Glory 17 is coming to LA this weekend with former UFC, K1 and Pride star CroCop as the main event!
    Glory is coming back to LA for yet another exciting night of fights - this time at the Forum! Main event will be former UFC heavy weight, Pride Grand Prix Champion and K1 Kickboxing superstar Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic, facing off against dangerous Jarrell Miller. This stacked card is also featuring an 8 man Featherweight tournament and an 8 man Middleweight tournament, including LA's own Joe Schilling. As if this wasn't enough, a heavyweight title fight between Daniel Ghita of Romania and Dutch Kickboxing champion Rico Verhoeven. Still not convinced? How about another title fight! ....

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  • Christos Giagos fighting for the Tatchi Palace title

    Christos Giagos is chasing yet another title! Systems Training Center's Kickboxing
    coach and CrossFit
    instructor Christos Giagos is fighting for yet another title tomorrow night, Thursday the 21st! At only 24, he already holds a 8-2 record and title with Respect in the Cage
    . Christos, a local of Hawthorne
    , growing up in South Bay
    , is fighting for the Tachi Palace
    title for the second time. Last time, Christos fought a good fight but unfortunately got caught in a guillotine by Poppies Martinez
    , who is now fighting for Bellator
    . Christos has since won 2 fights, both my TKO. His opponent, Sevak Magakian
    has also fought for Bellator
    . Magakian
    (13-5) has also been on UFC's
    " ....

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  • Systems Training Center on UFC Afterbuzz

    Systems Training Center on UFC Afterbuzz!
    Yesterday, June 15th, Systems Training Center's Marcus Kowal was on Maria Menounos UFC Afterbuzz with new UFC addition, Brian Ortega. Ortega, a Gracie Black belt out of Torrance, is set to make his UFC debut on July 26th in San Jose on the undercard for Lawler vs Brown, who many predict to be one of the best fights this year. Ortega, who is both the current RFA featherweight champion and Respect in the Cage champion, has a perfect record of 8-0. At only 23 years old, he is predicted a bright feature. Ortega is facing Mike De La Torre on July 26th. Daria Berenato, who also trains at Systems Training Center and U of MMA president Jay Tan were ....

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  • BJJ seminar with Waldo Zapata

    One of Sweden's best BJJ/MMA coaches hosting BJJ seminar in Hawthorne, South Bay!
    This Saturday, June 14th, Waldo Zapata will be doing a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar at Systems Training Center from 3pm until 6pm. It is a Gi seminar with focus on: Russian 2-on-1, Half Guard and Lapel Cross Guard. Cost: Only $29 (!!!) for 3 hours! BJJ Credentials: Waldo Zapata received his Black Belt from Leozinho Vieira in 2006. He won the IBJJF European Open in 2007. He has produced (or helped produce) many IBJJF medalists and World/European/PanAm C hampions in all belts, ages and genders. MMA Credentials: MMA pioneer in Sweden, coaching and producing fighters since the late 90's! Waldo has ....

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  • Dima Gerasimov and Chinzo Machida put on a performance in Culver City

    Kickboxing and CrossFit instructor Dima Gerasimov put on a performance for RFA, Culver City!
    Friday night, RFA
    returned to Los Angeles
    and the Memorial Veteran Center in Culver City
    for an action filled night of MMA
    fights. Culver City's
    Memorial Veteran Center is a great location for MMA
    fights, since it's close to Gardena
    , where Blackhouse
    is located and the surrounding cities of Hawthorne
    , such as Lennox
    , Lawndale
    , Torrance
    and El Segundo
    . A lot of local talent was present but the fight that the Systems Training Center
    family were most excited to see was our own Kickboxing
    and CrossFit
    instructor Dima Gerasimov
    take on UFC
    legend Lyoto Machida
    's brother, Chinzo ....

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  • BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz wins his 2nd UFC fight

    Picture Gleidson Venga, www.sherdog.com Pedro Munhoz won his second UFC
    fight in great fashion! On The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil II , Pedro - a 2 dan black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    - showed a great display of kickboxing
    , by winning via TKO. Pedro landed some hard right hands and a head kick, before finishing the fight with some ground and pound. Pedro will be back this coming week, to teach both the kids BJJ
    and adult BJJ classes
    - make sure you congratulate him when you see him! Friday night, we also saw people coming into the gym from all the Hawthorne
    surrounding areas, such as Manhattan Beach
    , Lennox
    , Lawndale
    and ....

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  • Dima Gerasimov on the main card for RFA

    Our Kickboxing
    coach and CrossFit
    instructor, Dima Gerasimov
    fights for RFA
    this Friday! Dima, who is also a Tae Kwon Do
    black belt, is facing UFC
    great Lyoto Machida's
    brother, Shinzo Machida
    , this Friday for RFA
    . Albeit both fighters are very complete MMA
    fighters, it will be somewhat of a match up between Tae Kwon Do
    and Karate
    . Shinzo (who trains a lot with his brother, the former UFC
    light heavyweight champion and the current UFC
    middle weight prospect Lyoto
    ) has been in LA for some time, training at Blackhouse MMA
    in Gardena
    and Kings MMA
    with master Rafael Cordeiro
    . There's a lot of cross-training between Blackhouse MMA
    and Systems Training Center ....

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  • BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz fighting for the UFC

    BJJ Coach Pedro Munhoz fights for the UFC today, on the FOX prelims for "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3"!
    Pedro, a current resident of Torrance
    , South Bay, steps into the Octagon
    in only a few hours in his second bout for the UFC
    . It is a dream come true to get to go back to his native Brazil
    , where he started his career with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    ( BJJ
    ), wrestling
    and judo
    . Pedro is a true prospect in the 135 pound division and albeit only fighting for his second time for the UFC, our kids BJJ
    and adults BJJ
    coach is a seasoned MMA
    veteran, having compiled a 10-1 record and training on a daily basis with top UFC
    , such as Lyoto Machida
    , Anderson Silva
    , etc. Pedro ....

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  • Stand up Comedy in a boxing ring

    This Friday, the 30th of May, we are hosting yet another Stand Up Comedy night from the center of the boxing ring!
    Usually, one associates boxing rings with either boxing, kickboxing or MMA - not Stand Up Comedy. However, this Friday, we are hosting our 3rd Comedy Night, right here in Hawthorne, South Bay. Our Comedy Nights usually draw crowds from all over South Bay - from Redondo Beach to Torrance. This time around, we get some special comedians for you, including the Laugh Factory's Demar Randy and Boxing Roasted and Improv's Chris Strait, along with many others! See you on Friday night! ....

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  • Memorial Day modified schedule

    Monday is Memorial Day and Lawndale, Lennox, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach.....basically, South Bay's finest CrossFit, Krav Maga, MMA and Kickboxing and Yoga gym will have a modified schedule! Memorial Day schedule will be: 8am - CrossFit 10am - Thai Pads 11am - Krav Maga Our sister school, Gracie Barra in Encino will also have a modified schedule! ....

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  • Systems Training Center Jared Carlsten teaching BJJ

    Jared Carlsten teaching BJJ

    10th Planet Jiu Jitsu black belt Jared Carlsten will be teaching our Friday 6pm No Gi class for the next 3 weeks! Jared Carlsten
    , who has also appeard on The Ultimate Fighter ( TUF
    ), is a highly skilled No Gi specialist, who will show you submissions you have never even seen before! Make sure you come in to take advantage of this high level BJJ phenom! See below for one of Jared's wins in the Gracie Nationals that he won this year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR961ABb7K4 ....

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  • Systems Training Center's loss of a brother

    Systems Training Center
    lost a great friend, fighter and a brother on April 30th, 2014. Systems Training Center's fighters
    and coaches are more than just team
    mates. We are a family, first and foremost. Yesterday, April 30th, 2014, we lost one of our brothers. Dee Boites
    had been a part of the Systems
    family since before it was Systems Training Center
    , when it was Systems 8 fight club
    . When Dee's
    brothers came in to tell us the horrible news during team practice, everyone just stopped in shock. Albeit some of our fighters
    have upcoming fights
    , no one was able to continue training for obvious reasons. A lot of tears were shed as it started to sink in. Just one day earlier, ....

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  • Kids pizza party!

    Kids pizza party at both Systems Training Center and Gracie Barra Encino! This Friday, May 2nd, we are hosting a kids pizza party
    ! The event starts at 6pm and goes until 9pm and costs only $25 for one child and $15 for any additional child brought and the best thing is they don't even have to be members! So bring your kids this Friday at 6pm for games, movies and of course, pizza! Then you can bring them back Saturday morning for our kids MMA class
    , to burn off the calories again. The best thing about our kids pizza party
    ? The fact that you have somewhere to drop your kids for 3 hours and go out and do something else - basically a babysitter
    ! Have a family or friends in the ....

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  • Fight Team

    Terrion "Flash" Ware height: 5'8 weight: 135 MMA INSTRUCTOR BACKGROUND: KARATE/BOXING EXPERIENCE: 20YRS KARATE, 8YRS BOXING, 4YRS MMA PRO RECORD: 11-2 Terrion started training at the age of 5. He started off with Kyokushin Karate and he received his black belt in it in 2004. Boxing was his next step in his fighting career. When he was 15 years old Terrion had 13 amateur fights. However, Terrion was not always a fighter, he spent most of his life playing traditional sports. His time was spent playing Baseball, Football, basketball, and Track. He received multiple accolades in all. Before Terrion started his career in MMA, he got the opportunity to play minor league baseball. He ....

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  • Progressive Calisthenics coach Chris Luera

    Our Progressive Calisthenics coach Chris Luera
    competes this weekend and Systems Training Center
    wants to wish him good luck! Progressive Calisthenics World Calisthenics Organization
    coach and competitor Chris Luera is competing in the Imuscleup
    Pull UP
    Jam in Lake City
    in Florida
    . According to Wikipedia
    , Calisthenics is: Calisthenics
    are a form of exercise consisting of a variety of exercises
    , often rhythmical, movements, generally without using equipment or apparatus. They are intended to increase body strength
    and flexibility
    with movements such as bending, jumping, swinging, twisting or kicking, using only one's body weight
    for resistance. They are usually conducted ....

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  • About Us

    Systems Training Center in Hawthorne, CA is excited to offer a full training center for all of your workout needs. Systems Training Center is Hawthorne's premier MMA Training Center, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self-Defense and CrossFIt gym in the South Bay. Drop the boring gym routine and join us if you want to get into the best shape of your life and have fun doing it too. We offer a wide range of classes covering: self-defense, fitness, weight loss, MMA training and fighting. If you are looking for self-defense classes in the South Bay, we offer specialized Krav Maga courses taught by our certified black belt, Marcus Kowal. Krav Maga is a martial ....

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  • Closed for Easter Sunday

    Easter Sunday, April 20th, Systems Training Center will be closed. Easter Sunday
    falls on April 20th this year and we will be closed on that day. In other words, we recommend you to get as many workout(s) in as possible this week, to make up for any and all foods you will most likely be eating over the weekend and the lack of workout(s) on Sunday! So make sure you do that extra rep during your CrossFit WOD
    ; work a little bit harder during your rounds in Kickboxing
    , boxing
    and Thai pads class
    ; push a little more during your Krav Maga
    drills; roll with one person more than you usually do in your BJJ
    and get a little deeper into that stretch in your yoga class
    ! For your ....

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  • Gracie Barra Encino - Systems Training Center's new sister school!

    Gracie Barra Encino - Systems Training Center has a new sibling! As of April first, we have a sister school in Encino - Gracie Barra
    on Ventura Blvd. Gracie Barra
    has a great BJJ program
    for both adults and kids. On top of the BJJ classes
    , Gracie Barra
    also offer MMA
    classes, taught by UFC
    vet Jared Papazian
    ; BJJ
    by UFC
    vet, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)
    alumni and WEC
    champion Gabe Ruediger
    , BJJ black belt 
    and black belt Matt Pollino, who has years of experience in both BJJ
    , Hapkido
    and Tae Kwon Do
    ! The Gracie Barra
    systems was developed by Carlos Gracie JR
    , who opened his first school in 1986 and had a fierce BJJ competition team
    that won several titles. ....

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  • Triple header at Hollywood Park Casino!

    This Saturday, there will be a triple header at Hollywood Park Casino, as Systems Training Center coaches step into the ring! There's always a good turn out when our fighters fight locally. Systems Training Center's
    family always comes out to support and represent. However, it's rare that a) we have 3 of our coaches on the same cared and b) that they're fighting as locally as Hollywood Park Casino
    ! Systems Training Center's CrossFit
    and Kickboxing
    coach Dima Gerasimov
    steps into the cage to take is pro MMA
    record to 4-0. Dima, also a Tae Kwon Do
    , has worked hard on his conditioning
    for this fight. Our other Kickboxing
    and CrossFit
    Christos Giagos
    is also back ....

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  • First kids' MMA belt test!

    Saturday the 29th of March marked another historic moment for Systems Training Center, as we hosted our first ever kids' MMA belt test! Systems Training Center have some really great kids - not just as people but the level of their martial arts. Last Saturday, we hosted our first kids' MMA belt test and the kids did phenomenal! In fact, the level of their skills did not only surprise some of the parents but also our own professional MMA fighters! This was the first kids' MMA belt test held at our gym but be sure to know it certainly wasn't our last. As of lately, we have had a tremendous growth in both our kids MMA program and our kids BJJ program. Make sure you congratulate our ....

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  • Mel Lacroix puts on performance, MMA coach Terrion Ware wins BAMMA title!

    Melanie Lacroix
    and Terrion Ware
    both put on amazing fights at BAMMA
    on Friday night, with Terrion
    winning the bantamweight title
    ! There was a big group from Systems Training Center
    , who had come out to Commerce Casino
    to watch both Melanie Lacroix
    and Terrion Ware
    fight for BAMMA
    . First up was Melanie Lacroix
    , who has had a long lay-off. Melanie
    had mentioned before the fight that she was nervous but as soon as the bell rang, any signs of nerves were gone. The fight was a barn-burner and won Fight of the Night
    ! After a long intermission and a 5.1 earthquake
    , it was finally time for our MMA coach
    and CrossFit
    enthusiast Terrion "Flash" Ware
    to step into the cage. It ....

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  • More yoga classes!

    We are adding more yoga classes to Systems Training Center's already busy schedule! You asked for it and we brought it - more Yoga classes! Starting tomorrow, March 28th, we will have Yoga
    on Fridays! So come in tomorrow night with your Yoga
    and end the week the right way - by de-stressing! The Yoga classes
    compliment everything else we do so well, since it helps lengthening the muscles; opening up hips and shoulders, which is important everything else we do, such as CrossFit, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Krav Maga
    not to mention general quality of life! Did you know that humans lose approximately 1% of their flexibility a year? But fear not, we can not only maintain it but ....

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  • BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz talks about RFA, UFC, Sergio Pettis and Renan Barao.

    BJJ coach at Systems Training Center, Pedro Munhoz, talks about his future in the UFC. Systems Training Center BJJ coach Pedro "The Young Punisher" Munhoz has a long list of accomplishments. From being a black belt in Judo and a 2nd dan black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), to being the 135 lbs RFA champ and now, in the UFC. Pedro put on a great performance against Raphael Assuncao in his UFC debut at UFC 170. In this interview, Systems TC BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz discusses possible future opponents, such as Sergio Pettis and one day, potentially Renan Barao. There's no secret what Pedro's goals are: to one day fight for the UFC bantamweight title! BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz also talks ....

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  • Anti-bullying seminar this weekend at Systems Training Center!

    Anti-bullying seminar at Systems Training Center this Saturday, March 22nd, from 3pm until 5pm! Bullying
    starts and ends with you. It may seem innocent and funny picking on the kid who doesn’t dress/look like everyone else or talks differently than you but in fact that “funny” comment can lead to a world of insecurities and hell for someone else. Here are a few scary facts for you to think about: - 1 in 7 students in grades K–12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying
    . - Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying
    each year. - 56% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying
    at school. - Over two-thirds of students believe that schools respond poorly to ....

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  • Rap Battle at Systems TC!

    A rap battle at in a boxing ring! This Saturday, March 15th, Systems Training Center
    is hosting a Rap Battle
    contest, which is put on by LA Battlegroundz
    . The event starts at 5pm and will go until approximately 9pm. The rap battle contests are very interesting to say the least, with some similarities to MMA
    and/or boxing
    : 2 contenders enters the ring to battle; there's a judge; the two contenders then "fight" each other, using words, instead of fists. The contenders need to be quick on their feet and their job is to get into their opponent's mind, so that they lose their "flow". The rapping is a mixture of wit, intelligence, rhyming, humor and some foul, foul language. If you have ....

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  • 300: Rise of an Empire visits Systems Training Center

    300: Rise of an Empire
    visits Systems Training Center! March 7, 300: Rise of an Empire
    releases in theaters around the world. At Systems Training, in Hawthorne, South Bay,we were honored to host a Thai pads ( fitness kickboxing
    ) class themed 300: Rise of an empire
    . Everyone got a Systems style Spartan
    training session in with kickboxing
    combinations inspired by the Spartan Warriors
    . In the class, people were motivated to work hard to avenge Leonidas
    and the 300 Spartans
    . 300
    was an amazing movie, and knowing that 300: Rise of Empire
    is releasing soon was the talk of the night. The new 300: Rise of an Empire
    movie stars Sullivan Stapleton
    , who plays our hero ....

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  • Rape Prevention Seminar March 8th!

    Rape Prevention Seminar next Saturday the 8th of March at Systems Training Center! Systems Training Center's Krav Maga 2nd dan black belt Marcus Kowal is hosting this 2 hour rape prevention
    seminar. The seminar is exclusively held for women of all ages, to learn and understand some of the most common statistics, myths and defenses against some of the most frequent types of attacks. The seminar is based on Krav Maga, the official self defense system the military in Israel and law enforcements in the U.S. Marcus Kowal, who is also a boxer, pro kickboxer and MMA fighter and CrossFit instructor, has several years of experience, teaching both civilians and law enforcements, both nationally ....

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  • 300 "Rise of an Empire" themed class with free givaways!

    300: "Rise of an Empire themed class at Systems Training Center on Tuesday, March 4th - open to everyone! We all saw the movie 300
    (in which Gerard Butler had trained CrossFit
    btw, to get into that shape!) Now, we see part 2 of the Spartans
    : 300: Rise of an Empire
    . Our 6 o'clock Thai Pads
    class ( Kickboxing/Thai Boxing
    combinations) will be a 300: Rise of an Empire
    themed class, so feel free to dress up! We will be having free giveaways and it is open to any and everyone - not just members! Do you think it is a coincidence that we have a Greek MMA
    fighter on the team, Christos Giagos,
    nicknamed " The Spartan
    "?? For more information on the movie, please visit ....

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  • Big Cat vs Marcus Kowal on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory season 6 tonight!

    Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Season 6 and MMA? Yes, tonight at 10.30 pm, PST! Rob Dyrdek's show on MTV Fantasy Factory season 6
    . On tonight's episode, Big Cat
    decided to do an MMA
    fight and stepped into the cage against Systems Training Center's
    CrossFit, Krav Maga
    and Kickboxing
    instructor Marcus
    . Not only does the show feature Marcus but we see MMA
    coach Ian Harris and MMA fighter
    Terrion "Flash" Ware
    in Big Cat's
    corner (yes, you read that right - in the oppositions corner!), alongside Rob Dyrdek
    . In Marcus' corner, we see MMA coach
    and fighter John Robles
    , our CrossFit/Kickboxing coach
    and MMA fighter Christos Giagos
    , UFC's TUF
    veteran Emil Hartsner
    and ....

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  • Jesse Lopez makes his boxing debut!

    12 year old Jesse Lopez makes his debut! Last Saturday, the same day as BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz made his UFC debut, Jesse Lopez made his boxing debut! Jesse might only be 12 years old but he's already training like a pro. Jesse takes Krav Maga, kickboxing and boxing at Systems Training Center and he's quite a little prodigy. Coach James has been spending a lot of time with Jesse, who did really well in his very first fight! Coach James runs a great boxing program for kids and adults and when you don't find him teaching the classes, you'll find him working with some of the fighters on the team! What many might not know, is that coach James is not only a boxing coach - he's also a sambo ....

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  • CrossFit Games Open registration - last call!

    The CrossFit Games are here! The CrossFit Games
    Open Registration ends tonight and it's time for YOU to sign up! Cost? Only $20 and it's a great way to 1. See where you stand, compared to other people competing in the CrossFit Games
    and 2; It's always fun to add a little competition into your life! Just follow the link below and sign up and represent Hawthorne
    and our gym in the CrossFit
    - Hardthorne CrossFit
    ! http://games.crossfit.com/article/register-open-now ....

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  • Pedro Munhoz goes to war at UFC 170: Ronda Rousey vs Sara McMann!

    Congratulations to Pedro Munhoz, who made his pro debut this Saturday on the undercard for UFC 170: Ronda Rousey vs Sara McMann! Pedro Munhoz
    has been on the verge to getting into the UFC for
    a long time. 2 weeks ago, he got the call from the UFC
    , to face Raphael Assuncao
    . Assuncao, who is ranked number 3 in the world by the UFC
    , is getting closer and closer to getting a title shot but Pedro
    didn't hesitate to accept the fight. On Saturday, Pedro
    stepped into the Octagon
    for the first time on UFC 170: Ronda Rousey vs Sara McMann
    . Pedro
    showed no nerves when he went to town on Assuncao's
    front leg with heavy leg kicks, forcing Assuncao
    to switch stance several times. Pedro

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  • Congratulations John Robles!

    Congratulations John Robles
    , who just celebrated 4 years as a pro MMA fighter
    ! To celebrate Systems Training Center's MMA coach John Robles
    ' 4 year anniversary as a pro MMA fighter, talented camera/producer/editor wiz Vince Cachero
    put together an highlight/interview with John Robles, talking about his MMA fight
    career; teaching MMA classes
    at our gym; and what MMA
    has given him. For you that know John Robles
    , you know that the Redondo Beach
    native is a hard working professional athlete
    . He comes from a family that love fitness
    and working out
    . You will often find his sisters in the CrossFit
    classes and sister Lauren is also a Zumba
    , body sculp
    , Yoga flow
    and fitness ....

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  • Presidents Day - regular schedule!

    Systems Training Center is having a regular day of classes for Presidents Day! You might be able to relax at home, which is great but let's face it - you will get bored after a few hours. Luckily, you can still come in and take classes as per usual! Presidents Day
    or not, we are open! So whether you were worried that your child wasn't going to miss out or his/her kids BJJ class
    or missing your own BJJ class
    , CrossFit class
    or Krav Maga class
    , fear no more - we are here! And a short history lesson, so that you know why you get to spend the day at home and why we celebrate Presidents Day
    (information from Wikipedia ): Washington's Birthday
    is a United States federal holiday ....

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  • UFC contract for BJJ Coach Pedro Munhoz!

    Pedro Muhoz'goal has always been the UFC
    and a few days ago, he got the call!Coach Pedro "The Young Punisher" Munhoz
    teaches both the kids BJJ classes
    and the adult BJJ classes
    here at Systems Training Center.

    Pedro Munhoz is going to face UFC's number 3 in the Bantamweight division Raphael Assuncao - with only 2 weeks notice! However, for anyone who knows Pedro, it doesn't matter; Pedro is always training hard. Since the fight is on the UFC prelims and airs on FOX Sports 1 Prelims, we are all going to watch the fight at the gym and all our members and friends are welcome! We are going to have a potluck style party, so please bring something to eat or drink! For you that are not ....

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  • Parents' Night Out for Valentine's Day!

    Valentine's Day - every man's favorite day and of course, we want you all to be able to celebrate it properly! That's why Systems Training Center is hosting a Parents' Night out for Valentine's Day. That means you can drop your kids off at the gym for a few hours and enjoy the night by yourselves! So how does it work? Bring your kid - or kids for that matter - from 7pm until 10pm on February 14th (yes, for all the men out there; that is Valentine's Day, don't forget!). So whether or not your kids are enrolled in our kids MMA classes
    , kids BJJ classes
    or do not train here at all, all kids are welcome! Happy Valentine's Day
    ! ....

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  • Systems Training Center at U of MMA

    Sunday, Systems Training Center
    had 3 of our fighters fight at U of MMA
    . It was a great night of fights as per usual, as U of MMA
    do a great job matching fights and bringing a crowd! First up was coach Danny who teaches the kids MMA classes
    . This was Danny's debut and he fought a really tough opponent. Danny showed resilience, great submission
    and great striking
    and wrestling
    ! Next up was Michael Jackson
    , who is one of the funniest members of our fight team. Michael "MJ" Jackson
    , who is a distant relative of the first African-American Heavy Weight Boxer Jack Johnson
    , showed exactly that: great boxing. However, MJ also showed an improved wrestling
    defense and even got ....

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  • NOT a 60 day weight loss but a body TRANSFORMATION!

    Our 60 day body transformation challenge
    is in full effect but we want to make something very clear; it is NOT just a weight loss
    challenge! What's the difference between a weight loss
    and a body transformation challenge
    , some may ask? Well, that's why we felt the need to write this. If we were only looking at weight loss
    , we wouldn't be very good at what we do. Of course, weight loss
    is a side effect for many that train with us. However, all around healthy living
    is what we promote! Thus, the term "skinny" is not something that we promote to strive for. So what is healthy living
    ? Healthy living
    means leading a healthy life
    , where one works out several times a week. Even if you ....

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  • The art of the weight cut

    The weight cut. Such a big part of fighting professionally. It's very draining, both physically and mentally and some fighters say that they dread the weight cut more than the fight in itself! It's been a week since our guys, who fought on the RFA 12
    card had to go through the gruesome weight cut
    , in order to make the weight that they were fighting at. If you have seen our guys over the past few weeks, as they start to drop down in weight, you see how quickly they drop 10, 15, sometimes 20 pounds. Some say it's unhealthy. We disagree: eating healthy and training hard tends to have that effect on the human body. However, the last 48 hours aren't healthy and don't try this at home. ....

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  • New Fitness classes!

    We are adding new Fitness classes to the gym! Alongside adding Yoga at 10 am on Saturdays, we are also adding a 8pm CrossFit class on Monday nights. This will all help benefiting you in the Body Transformation Challenge that starts this Saturday! Don't forget to get your measurements as soon as you can after the 1st of February and remember; the Body Transformation Challenge is FREE for all members! In addition to adding new Fitness classes, we are also adding a no gi grappling class on Fridays at 6pm. Although it is not a Fitness class per se, make no mistake: it is one of the best work outs you can get - and you're learning a skill at the same time! ....

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  • Yoga!

    We are going to start having Yoga at Systems Training Center! So you have heard of Yoga and you have friends who practice it but do you actually know what it is? According to Wikipedia, it
    is " the physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace. " Although there are very many different types of Yoga. Some of the most common styles are such as Ashtanga; Power; and Bikram (hot) Yoga Our flexibility class at Systems Training Center is going to be a mixture between Power Yoga and general flexibility/mobility classes, in order to increase range of motion; strengthen the core; and lengthen ....

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  • Gracie Nationals winner Jared Carlsten

    Congratulations to winning the Gracie Nationals Jared Carlsten
    ! As anyone interested in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
    knows that the Gracie
    family are the founders of " Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    " and modern day MMA
    . The growth of BJJ
    and the Gracie Jiu Jitsu
    has exploded over the passed decade - especially in Southern California
    . It is somewhat ironic that the original garage where the Gracies
    used to train in, is not far from the location of Systems Training Center. Over the passed few years, the FitExpo
    in Los Angeles
    has been hosting the Gracie
    . This weekend, Systems Training Center fighter Jared Carlsten
    - a 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu black ....

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  • 3 submission finishes in 3 fights at RFA 12!

    3 submission
    in 3 fights by our Systems Training
    coaches and fighters! It was an amazing night of fights at RFA 12
    and although we all had faith in our fighters, I don't think anyone predicted 3 submission wins - especially since 2 of our fighters are mainly strikers
    . First up was Dima Gerasimov
    , who looked great against a very game Jordan Isoria
    . Dima
    , our CrossFit
    and Kickboxing
    coach, showed off his Tae Kwon Do
    black belt skills with great kicks, before taking the fight to the ground and finishing the fight with a modified D'Arce/guillotine choke
    . Next up was our MMA
    coach Terrion "Flash" Ware
    , who replaced CrossFit
    , Krav Maga
    and Kickboxing
    coach Marcus Kowal
    , who ....

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  • CrossFit Games!

    The CrossFit Games
    . Maybe you have heard about them, maybe you have not but it's time to register! Last year, the CrossFit Games
    saw 138,000 participants and you can expect even more CrossFitters this year! Scared or intimidated? Don't be. The good thing about the CrossFit Games
    is that you will do the first round (the " Open Workout
    ") in your regular setting: in your own gym with the regular people you work out with. This is a great way to see where you stand, compared to other CrossFitters
    and see what requirements are needed to make it to the second round - the Regionals
    . So whether you are planning on being the next CrossFit Games
    Champion or just compare yourself to other ....

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  • 3 of Systems Training Center's Fighters on the RFA 12 card!

    is one of the biggest MMA
    organizations in the world. That we have 3 of our fighters on the RFA 12
    card on January 24th is even bigger! Dima Gerasimov
    , our CrossFit
    and Kickboxing
    instructor - fresh off an impressive win just over a month ago - is back at it again, although the first time for RFA
    . Marcus Kowal
    , our Krav Maga
    , Kickboxing
    and CrossFit
    instructor was also supposed to fight for RFA
    for the first time. Marcus, a StrikeForce
    veteran with an extensive boxing
    and kickboxing
    background was going to start off the RFA 12
    main card, televised on AXS
    . However, due to an unfortunate injury (fractured nose and orbital bone), Marcus had to withdraw. Instead, ....

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  • Martin Luther King Jr Day

    Martin Luther King Jr
    day is a holiday in America. Ask most American what they know about Martin Luther King Jr and they say the famous words " I have a dream
    ". They know Martin Luther King Jr
    was a humanitarian and a civil rights activist. However, have you ever taken a moment and heard one of the most famous speeches of all times? Martin Luther King
    was an amazing speaker and here's a link to his famous 15 minutes speech that one should have heard at least once in their life: http://youtu.be/HRIF4_WzU1w As for us, we are open regular schedule today, since we know that you will still want to work out, especially since you have the day off! Thus, whether your kids are in ....

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  • Mental Strength. A word from MMA coach Johnny Robles

    Mental Strength
    . After an assessment of my MMA
    class I started to think...the one thing that could really help our guys' game is conditioning. They did really well in the tournament I set up for them - don't get me wrong. However, I noticed they weren't conditioned to mentally push through those moments when your body screams "you are done here!" but your mind says "oh no; you're not even close to done!". You dig deep an FIGHT!!! When you've been at the bottom and have to claw your way back, you develop a belief that you can get through anything and you never stop fighting! That's mental strength
    . This is a mind set that we want to teach our members. Not just in a cage or ....

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  • Marcus Kowal to fight "Big Cat" for MTV's "Fantasy Factory 6"

    MTV's Fantasy Factory 6
    will see Systems Training Center's
    fighter and trainer Marcus Kowal
    fight pro skateboarder Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff
    in an MMA
    bout. Big Cat
    , known from Robert Dyrdek's "Fantasy Factory"
    , is usually not used to the cage but he will take on Systems Training Center's Krav Maga, Kickboxing, CrossFit
    coach Marcus Kowal
    in an exhibition bout for the Fantasy Factory 6
    show. "It's always fun to get a chance to display what we do to the mainstream population. MTV
    is obviously a large network and ' Fantasy Factory
    ' is a cool show. I'm actually excited to see what Scott 'Big Cat' Pfaff
    can bring, because he's still a very agile, athletic, professional athlete.", ....

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  • Our fighters nominated for MMA Fighter of the Year!

    MMA Fighter of the Year awards with several of our fighters nominated!
    It's been a great year of fights for Systems Training Center
    and we now have several nominations for MMA Fighter of the Year
    ! We already know that we have some of the best in the industry but it's now official, with several nominees in different categories for MMA Fighter of the Year
    ! Please follow the link below to the voting ballot for the Fights Awards
    : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ENqzYQLuCUjHwsPwPCtpFtsOG6MugfmtH47MO9Cn_HE/viewform On there, you will find: John Robles
    - Systems Training Center MMA coach
    - nominated as MMA Fighter of the Year.
    Terrion "Flash" Ware
    - Systems Training Center ....

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  • Congratulations to our contest winners!

    Congratulations to Systems Training Center's contest winners! As you know, we were having a contest to win an IPad Air, XBox 360, or a 3 month membership to Systems Training Center. Our winner of the Ipad Air is a new member of the Systems Training Center: Christian Islas signed up the day before New Year's (the competition ended at 12am, New Year's Eve). Christian then went home and referred his neighbor, who came in and signed up his daughter and himself and Christian was declared the IPad
    winner, simple as that! Since there were several people who had referred 1 person, we had to make a draw of the contestants. Here's the video of it! http://youtu.be/iyEeO7z-LVk ....

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  • Make your New Year Resolutions with Systems Training Center!

    Make your New Year resolutions with Systems Training Center! It's about that time. You ate too much during the holidays - maybe even drank a little too much (if you are 21 of course). You decided it's time to do something about it. You made your New Year resolutions. So you promised yourself that 2014 was going to be different. Yesterday was the first day of the year and maaaaaybe you went for a walk but you couldn't do much else, since everything was closed. So far, so good - you are still staying true to your New Year resolutions. However, today, everything is open and that New Year resolutions you felt so strongly about only 48 hours ago, are starting to fade. You are giving up on ....

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  • IPad Air & Xbox competition ends tomorrow night!

    Systems Training Center competition to win an IPad Air or an Xbox ends tomorrow! What do you have to win it? Whomever brings in the most people As it stands right now, all you have to do, is bring 2 (!!!) friends in to sign up and you will be the winner of an Ipad Air! As simple as that! If there is still a few people that are even at the competition by the end of the day tomorrow, we will have a draw to decide the winner of the Ipad Air, Xbox
    and 3 month membership to the gym! Not able to get your friends and family in here before the end of the year? That's ok, we still give you 20% off the first person you refer to sign up at the gym; 50% off the 2nd person and a FREE month of ....

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  • New Year Resolutions!

    New Year Resolutions
    . You make them every year. And you break them every year. How about this: this year, you make your new year resolutions
    2 days early (either today or tomorrow), because let's face it: Making promises to become a better person doesn't have to happen on the last day of the year - they can happen at any time. By doing over the next 2 days, however, will save you some money, since our prices are going up after the new years. So even if you want to save your New Year resolutions
    until the last day of the year, get started here with the Systems Training Center
    Family now and save some money! ....

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  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Belt Ceremony!

    Yesterday marked another historic moment at Systems Training Center
    - the first ever BJJ
    belt ceremony
    ! 2nd dan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Pedro Munhoz
    - The BJJ
    coach of Systems Training Center
    - held the ceremony, who saw 20 students show up! It was a very special day, seeing so many people, who have worked so hard, finally get rewarded. There's too many people to mention everyone individually but special congrats to Ian Harris
    , Systems Training Center MMA coach, who finally got his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    brown belt; our boxing
    coach James Teele
    , who already is a Judo
    and Sambo
    black belt, get his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    blue belt; our kids MMA
    coaches Danny Vazquez & ....

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  • Congratulations to Krav Maga lead instructor Marcus Kowal!

    Systems Training Center's
    Krav Maga
    lead instructor Marcus Kowal
    passed his 2nd day black belt last month and on Saturday night, Kelly Campbell
    from Krav Maga Worldwide
    was sweet enough to drive down to personally hand over the Krav Maga
    Certificate to Marcus Kowal
    . Marcus Kowal
    works hard, training and teaching men, women and children to be safer. Marcus Kowal
    is also licensed as a civilian to train law enforcements and works closely with Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD), Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
    and Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD)
    . Marcus Kowal
    is also a professional MMA
    fighter, who will be fighting for RFA
    in Los Angeles
    on January 24th - ....

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  • Congratulations to our fighter Doug Miller, who took Gold in the BJJ Worlds yesterday!

    Systems Training Center
    fighter Doug Miller
    took gold yesterday in the BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
    worlds! BJJ
    is a very competitive sport and to take gold only 3 weeks after fighting MMA
    professionally says a lot about Doug
    and his competitiveness! NABJJF
    organized the worlds at the Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach, California
    over the weekend and Doug
    won the gold medal after some very competitive matches. Make sure you congratulate Doug
    next time you see him in the gym! ....

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  • What does MMA, Krav Maga, CrossFit and BJJ have to do with the holidays?

    MMA, Krav Maga, CrossFit, boxing, Kickboxing
    and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
    aren't usually things you hear about for the holidays. So why are we writing about it? Because we are selling 1 month unlimited memberships for $100 (value $150) until the end of the year! What better Christmas
    present (or any other celebrated holiday) to give to someone but fitness, self defense, workout
    or even that 6-pack
    the always wanted? The gift that keeps on giving! See our front desk about getting one for your loved ones. ....

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  • Your chance to win an Ipad Air or Xbox extended!

    Want an Ipad Air
    or Xbox
    for the holidays? Well, you have your chance at Systems Training Center
    - by bringing in your friends and family to sign up at the gym! So weather they're interested in CrossFit
    , MMA
    , BJJ
    or Krav Maga
    , here's a chance to give them the gift that keeps on giving and get something for it as well! Since there's currently only 5 people, who have brought 1(!) person in, we are EXTENDING the chance to win not just a regular Ipad
    but the Ipad Air
    and Xbox
    until the end of the year. If there's still a tie, we will draw a name for the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place (3rd place will get a 3 month gift certificate to the gym. These are all great presents, whether to ....

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  • UFC top contender and FOX sports 1 commentator Kenny Florian helps Systems Training Center coach Marcus Kowal for his MMA training!

    Kenny Florian
    wasn't just a top contender in the UFC
    but is also a great commentator for FOX Sports 1
    . He also has a tremendous knowledge base for the sport of MMA
    and came in to Systems Training Center
    to help out Marcus Kowal
    , who is fighting on the RFA
    card in Los Angeles
    on January 24th. Make sure you come out to support, as the fight will be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles! If you can't make it, you can still see the fight on AXS TV. Tickets will be sold at Systems Training Center. ....

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  • A message from our CrossFit instructor Calliope Tsoukalas!

    Getting ready for the CrossFit Opens? Regardless, all you CrossFitters, check out this video of the hang power clean, coached by Mike Burgener. He is a man you should know when you learn the Olympic lifts in CrossFit. Notice the explosiveness and speed of the movement, particularly of the hip extension. This is what makes or breaks a lift. http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=bzQJB9XHd5c ....

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  • Systems Training Center coach & fighter Roger Brito unfortunate in a great performance at U of MMA

    Systems Training Center's Roger Brito
    fought well during his co-main event at the U of MMA
    show on Sunday. He had secured the 1st round and was winning the 2nd round, when the referee stepped in to stop the fight - prematurely in many observes' opinion. However, we want to congratulate Roger
    on a great performance and Roger
    is taking a step closer to turning professional in his MMA
    career. Make sure you congratulate Roger
    when you see him or better yet; come try his MMA
    class on Wednesday night at 9pm! In addition, it's Roger's birthday today - another reason to congratulate him! So from all of us at Systems Training Center
    - congratulations Roger
    and happy ....

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  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) coach Pedro Munhoz voted #1 MMA fighter outside of the UFC!

    Systems Training Center's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) coach and RFA champion Pedro Munhoz was voted the #1 male MMA fighter outside of the UFC, by former UFC Welterweight champion Pat Miletich! You can see a clip of it here: http://youtu.be/Giw8b7TMJh8?t=1m13s As if that wasn't enough of a great week for Pedro, him and his wife also had a beautiful daughter yesterday, so make sure you congratulate him (and is wife) when you see him! ....

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  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) belt promotions!

    We will have some new colors in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
    classes! On Saturday, December 21st, we are having our first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    belt ceremony and we will have 5 students being promoted. Purple Belt
    Vince Cachero Blue Belt
    Ethan Draft Danny Vazquez Roxy Pinotti Luis Trejo Congratulations to all of you and good luck to all our competitors, representing Systems Training Center
    in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Worlds in 2 weeks! ....

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  • Closed for Thanksgiving at Systems Training Center

    Systems Training Center
    will be closed and Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving
    . We will reopen again Saturday, regular schedule, so make sure you come in for some CrossFit
    , BJJ
    , Krav Maga
    or Kickboxing
    - you know you'll need it, after all the Thanksgiving
    food! If there's enough interest, we might do a post-Thanksgiving workout on Friday. If so, we will post it on our Twitter
    and Facebook
    page, so make sure to follow us/like our page, to find out the latest news! Fun fact: Did you know that other countries celebrate a similar holiday to Thanksgiving
    ? For example, the world renowned " Oktoberfest
    " in Germany
    is also a harvest celebration. ....

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  • CrossFit trainers, Kickboxing coaches...and MMA fighters! Congratulations to Doug, Dima and Christos!

    They are CrossFit trainers and Kickboxing coaches but first and foremost, they are MMA fighters and they showed it on Saturday night! First up was Doug Miller, who fought a great fight! It was probably the fight of the night that displayed the highest level of technical grappling and Doug had secured both the first and the second round when he got put in a bad position he wasn't able to fight out of. It happens - that's the name of the game. Next up was Systems Training Center's CrossFit coach and Kickboxing instructor Dima Gerasimov, who was seeking to avenge his only loss. After the first round, it didn't look like it was going to go Dima's way, losing the round and with the doctor in ....

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  • KIIS FM and Ryan Seacrest's "Manny on the streets" coming to Systems Training Center in Hawthorne!

    and Ryan Seacrest's
    " Manny on the streets
    " is coming to Hawthorne, South Bay
    on Thursday, the 21st of November! The Roach Coach
    will be here around 7:30am and have some giveaways, so make sure to come out! Manny will be having some Manny
    has trained Krav Maga
    before with Systems Training Center head Krav Maga
    instructor Marcus Kowal
    . According to Marcus
    , although of Filipino decent and sharing the same nickname, should not be confused with Manny Pacquiao
    when he puts his hands up! :) Manny on the Streetz
    is also a radio and TV personality; actor; song writer; record producer and all around great guy! Plus, if Ryan Seacrest
    says so, you know it must be true! ....

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  • Jason Statham's new movie "Home Front" themed class tonight with give aways!

    Jason Statham's
    new movie " Homefront
    " is soon in the movies and our 6pm Thai Pads
    ( Kickboxing
    ) class tonight will be a " Homefront
    " themed class with a bunch of giveaways! Make sure you don't miss it the class, who is open to anyone. The movie, written by Sylvester Stallone
    and also starring James Franco
    and Winona Ryder
    , shows a former DEA
    agent ( Jason Statham
    ), who moves to a small town for some peace and quiet. However - as with most movies starring Jason Statham
    - he soon gets into some problems with a local drug lord and the action begins. Did you know that Jason Statham
    is trained in both Wing Chun Kung Fu
    , Karate
    and Kickboxing
    ? So what better way to celebrate a ....

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  • Congratulations to Systems Training Center's Krav Maga instructor Marcus Kowal!

    Systems Training Center's Krav Maga
    Black Belt and head instructor Marcus Kowal
    did his 2nd dan black belt test yesterday, Sunday the 17th and successfully passed. Marcus started with Krav Maga
    over 10 years ago and has gone through all the Krav Maga
    phase trainings through Krav Maga
    and did a rigorous test to get his 2nd dan black belt. Systems Training Center
    is the only gym in Hawthorne
    offering both Krav Maga
    and CrossFit
    and is an affiliate of Krav Maga Worldwide
    . Congratulations Marcus! ....

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  • Regular training schedule for Veterans Day at Systems Training Center

    What better way to celebrate Veterans Day
    than to come in and take a class?! Regular schedule today, so get your Krav Maga, CrossFit, Kickboxing, boxing
    or BJJ
    class on at Systems Training Center
    ! A little bit of history: Do you know why we celebrate Veterans Day
    on November 11th? November 11th, 1918, marked the day for the armistice (a temporary cessation of warfare) between Germany and the allied forces and was the beginning of the end of the " Great War
    " ( World War 1
    ). Thus, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the armistice was signed. On November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed the commemoration of the first Armistice Day, which has since then been known as " ....

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  • More options of Fitness than just CrossFit; more options of MMA than just fight classes.

    is a great way of getting into shape but not the only one. MMA
    is fighting but not just that - it's also a great workout! So, why not combine the best of two worlds and make it a MMA Fitness
    class? Oh wait - we did! MMA Conditioning
    ! Learn how to train like a MMA
    - without getting hit in the face! Roger Brito, Systems Training Center fighter
    and coach is now teaching on Wednesday nights at 9pm for your convenience. Come try the class! ....

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  • Competition to win Ipad Air and XBox 360!

    Competition time at Systems Training Center
    ! Here's your chance to win a brand new Ipad
    Air that was just released a couple of days ago and 2nd place wins a Xbox 360
    ! 3rd price in our competition will be a 3 month all-inclusive membership to Systems Training Center
    , which includes Krav Maga
    , CrossFit
    , Kickboxing
    , Boxing
    , MMA
    and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)
    - so time to get on it! So how does it work? All you have to do is refer a person to sign up. Once they sign up, you will get credit for that person. It's is vital that they say your name WHEN they sign up (or before obviously), because you can't take credit for someone after they've already been signed up. The winner will ....

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  • Kids Halloween party at Systems Training Center Friday, November 1st!

    Although Halloween
    Night is actually today, Thursday the 31st, very few kids have a problem with getting to celebrate it 2 days in a row! Tomorrow night, we are hosting a Halloween Party
    for kids
    at Systems Training Center
    ! The kids will have pinatas; play games; watch a movie; and eat pizza - they train hard here, so they deserve it! Best part? It means it can be a parents' night out too! Drop your kids off at 7pm and come back to pick them up at 9.30. Since we can't take on more than 20 kids, make sure that you RSVP to our event, to make sure you don't miss out - first come, first serve! You can RSVP to our Facebook event here: ....

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  • Coach and pro MMA fighter Terrion "Flash" Ware fights again - King of the Cage!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    native. Systems Training Center
    Coach. Father. CrossFitter.
    . Karate Black Belt
    . And MMA pro
    . Terrion "Flash" Ware
    does it all! Additionally, he doesn't just do it; he does it well. His 8-2 pro MMA
    record is a evidence of that. What more? It's been done in 14 months! Tomorrow night, October 31st of Halloween
    Night, he does it again - for MMA
    Heavyweight organization King of the Cage
    . When asking Terrion
    what he feels his winning edge is, he answers "my mental strength; my team at Systems Training Center
    that pushes me each and everyday; and my conditioning
    . CrossFit
    has really helped me get to another level of fitness!" The whole Systems ....

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  • Congratulations to Dima Gerasimov, Systems Training Center's new CrossFit instructor!

    Systems Training Center
    fighter Dima Gerasimov
    is not only a Tae Kwon Do black belt
    and pro MMA fighter
    - he's also a CrossFit
    instructor! Dima
    successfully went through the CrossFit
    certification and is now an official CrossFit
    instructor at Systems Training Center in Hawthorne
    , South Bay
    . Dima
    compliments his MMA
    training with CrossFit
    for conditioning, as he is getting ready for his November 23 pro MMA fight. Dima will soon have his own CrossFit
    class, so make sure you come and try it out! And be sure to congratulate him when you seen him! ....

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  • LA BattleGroundz rap battle at Systems Training Center!

    Rap battle
    in the boxing ring
    ? Yup, this Saturday, LA BattleGroundz
    come to Systems Training Center
    ! Have you ever been to a rap battle? We at Systems Training Center
    find it pretty....different - to say the least! Instead of using their hands and feet to take shots at each other, they use words. Conclusion? Apparently, boxing
    , kickboxing
    , MMA
    , Krav Maga
    , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
    isn't all you can do in a boxing ring
    ! This Saturday (if you can't make it to our Halloween party of course!), the 26th of October, at Systems Training Training Center
    , come see some of LA's
    best rappers battle it out! ....

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  • Halloween Party for our Systems Training Center Family!

    It's that time of year again - Halloween
    ! We're about to celebrate it - Systems Training Center
    style! Although our gym is in Hawthorne
    , South Bay
    , the party will be held in Los Feliz
    , at the Morrison,
    through our friends at M.E.T.A.L Law firm
    . All Systems Training Center
    members 21+ are welcome! Free entrance for everyone; free photo booth; red carpet; best costume contest and a bunch of more exciting surprises! Here's a chance to show off all that hard work you've done in the CrossFit, Thai Pads, Kickboxing, Boxing
    and Krav Maga
    classes! :) ....

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  • Stand Up Comedy and Krav Maga belt testing at Systems Training Center!

    It was a busy weekend at Systems Training Center
    with both Stand Up Comedy
    and Krav Maga belt testing
    ! First, we had our Stand Up Comedy Night
    , which was a huge success and we want to thank everyone that came out to support it! Next up, there was a milestone in the Systems Training Center's
    book: We hosted our first ever Krav Maga belt testing!
    Sunday saw our first 8 Krav Maga
    students successfully go through the 4 hour belt test, in order to get to level 2. We want to take this moment to congratulate all 8 participants, who passed the test! [caption id="attachment_1565" align="alignnone" width="300"] Krav Maga, Hawthorne, South Bay[/caption] ....

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  • UFN:29 Jake Shields vs Demian Maia

    Tomorrow night (or Tonight depend when post) the UFC is hosting  UFC Fight Night in Ginásio José Corrêa in Barueri, Brazil, headlined by Jake Shields and  Demian Maia. This is big  fight for the Brazilian as a win could mean a shot at a title shot. With the prelims filled with unknown brazilian prospects, the UFC made sure to have a main card filled with hungry fighters who are steadily climbing the ranks like T.J. Dillashaw and Erick Silva, as well as the welterweight debut of Rousimar Palhares. This will be a great appetizer for next Saturdays big fight as Cain Velasquez attempts to win the rubber match with Junior Dos Santos and keep that heavyweight belt on his waist. ....

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  • Danny Trejo's "Machete Kills" themed class At Systems Training Center!

    Danny Trejo's
    movie " Machete Kills
    " is coming out soon and they have chosen South Bay
    and Hawthorne's
    finest - yours truly - to host a " Machete Kills
    " themed class tomorrow, Tuesday! [caption id="attachment_1521" align="alignnone" width="300"] Danny Trejo's Machete Kills at Systems Training Center[/caption] So, if you're free at 6pm tomorrow, make sure you come in and join us, during our Thai Pads
    (working kickboxing
    combos) class, held by Marcus Kowal
    ! ....

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  • Stand Up Comedy in Hawthorne? Yes, at Systems Training Center this Friday!

    Really? Stand Up Comedy i
    n Hawthorne
    ? Now there is - at Systems Training Center
    ! Systems Training Center
    is hosting a Stand Up Comedy
    fundraiser this coming Friday (the 11th of October) at the gym at 8pm. So whether you're from the South Bay, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Culver City, Lawndale, Torrance, El Segundo
    or Marina Del Rey
    , you have no reason to not show up on a Friday night at 8pm! Feel free to bring friends and family - but keep the kids at home, we wouldn't want them hearing these jokes! Suggested donation is only $10! For any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 424-269-1337 or e-mail us on info@systemstrainingcenter.com

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  • Systems Training Center's MMA fighters representing Hawthorne and the South Bay!

    Systems Training Center's MMA fighters are representing Hawthorne and the South Bay again this week! [caption id="attachment_1512" align="alignnone" width="222"] MMA fighter, Hawthorne, South Bay[/caption] First off, Isaac Velasco made his pro debut at the OC Fight club and fought a tough fight, which he lost 29-28. Isaac, who's already been a champ in the amateurs will surely be back soon and showed a true champion's heart in his fight! [caption id="attachment_1513" align="alignnone" width="226"] MMA Figther, Hawthorne, South Bay[/caption] Tonight, Alexander "Batman" Rabanales is stepping into the cage for the cage for the 2nd time. In his first fight, he surprised not only ....

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  • Happy (Belated) Birthday Helio Gracie

    October 1st would have been the birthday of Helio Gracie, the man who had the biggest impact on martial arts outside of arguably only Bruce Lee. Unlike Bruce Lee’s world wide fame, Helio’s surname and son Royce are better known than he is himself to the average person but to martial artist’s around the world, he is the man who changed the world as we know it.    Helio and his brother Carlos started off the family trade by teaching Japanese Jiu Jitsu (Kano Jiu Jitsu) known more popularly as Judo, until he realized he was at a disadvantage weighing around 135 pounds so the two brothers created their own style, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, which eventually would take on the country’s name, Brazilian ....

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  • Marcus Kowal interviewing Robin Van Roosmalen

    Systems Training Center's Marcus Kowal
    interviewed Robin Van Roosmalen
    after his kickboxing
    win at Glory 10
    , against Shemsi Biqiri
    . Robin Van Roosmalen
    discusses relationship with other fighters and Dutch Football
    (Soccer) and their chances for the World Cup gold in Brazil. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjDT5x7IA8I ....

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  • More CrossFit classes at Hawthorne's Systems Training Center!

    Systems Training Center
    - Hawthorne's
    premier training facility - continues to add more CrossFit
    classes and our latest addition to our classes is Friday at 8am with pro MMA
    fighter Christos Giagos
    ! Starting this Friday, Christos
    will be teaching CrossFit
    every Friday morning, as well as his 7pm Kickboxing
    class on Tuesdays! ....

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  • Systems Training Center Hawthorne fighters to participate in Dream Jiu Jitsu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament tomorrow!

    Systems Training Center in Hawthorne CA to participate in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament in Ontario, CA. Good luck to the Systems Training Center
    monsters, participating in the Dream Jiu Jitsu
    tomorrow! Team Systems Training Center
    is excited to see all that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    training and CrossFit
    conditioning paying off in the tournament
    tomorrow. Way to represent Hawthorne
    and South Bay
    in the BJJ
    world! Also, don't forget the Glory World Series
    tomorrow night at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario
    ! ....

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  • Glory World Series KickBoxing - tickets at Systems Training Center!

    Glory World Series of Kickboxing
    is coming to Los Angeles
    and tickets can be bought at Systems Training Center
    ! This Saturday, September 28th, Glory Fight Series
    is coming to the Citizens Business Bank Arena.
    With some of the top names of the Kickboxing game, such as Robin Van Roosmalen, Shemsi Beqiri, Murthel Groenhart
    and Davit Kiria
    . In addition, local talents Joe Schilling
    and Systems Training Center's
    Marcus Kowal's
    friend and sparring partner Charles Bisset
    are on the card as well. If you are interested in attending, tickets are sold at Systems Training Center.
    How about taking your own Kickboxing
    or Thai Pad
    class, as you stop by to pick up your tickets?! For more ....

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  • CrossFit: Welcome to family made weightlifting (not like you use my names but this one could work with some Marcus tweaking)

       STC has gone from originally being a boxing gym to a full blown martial arts gym to truly representing its name as Systems Training Center by adding a weightlifting section, primarily used for the world wide phenom known as CrossFit.    CrossFit isn’t just for MMA fighters or football players, it’s designed for both athletes, parents and your average desk jockey. Everyday there is a specific timed W.O.D.(Work Out of the Day) for everyone to do. Even though there is a RX (prescribed) weight for each exercise, each individual adjusts it to his or her capability. Times are kept daily, pushing you to compete with not just your fellow CrossFitters--if you’re socially competitive that ....

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  • Congratulations to Christos Giagos - Systems Training Center's new CrossFit instructor!

    Christos Giagos
    recently went through the CrossFit
    program and is now a licensed CrossFit
    instructor at Systems Training Center
    ! We wanted to congratulate Christos
    to his achievement and you will soon see Christos
    teaching CrossFit
    as well as Kickboxing
    at Systems Training Center
    . If you haven't had the chance to meet Christos
    , he is a true Fitness
    specimen, being very strong, agile and athletic. As if that wasn't enough, Christos
    is also a very seasoned MMA
    , holding the Respect in the Cage
    155 belt and recently fighting for the Tachi Palace
    title. At only 23 years of age, Christos
    is a true prospect with a bright future and we are proud to have him ....

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  • Jones is Human

    Jones vs gustafsson   Last night, Jon Jones retained the light heavyweight belt against Alexander Gustafsson in Toronto, Canada via Decision. Yesterday I imagined I’d be writing that sentence but followed by “making him the Light Heavyweight, if not the G.O.A.T.”. That’s far what I’m thinking this morning as Jones was tested every second, of every round. Gustafsson showed that Jones is in fact human and can be damaged, cutting Jones right eye on route to easily winning the first round and immediately putting a look of concern on Jones’s face we have never seen before.   The next two rounds were very close, probably splitting them between each other but the momentum swung back in ....

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  • Systems Training Center representing at Dream Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) tournament

    Hawthorne's Systems Training Center
    is representing in Dream BJJ
    ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    ) Tournament on Saturday, September 28th! Dream Jiu Jitsu
    is holding a grappling
    and we want you to be there - either to participate or to support team Systems Training Center!
    If you are ready to compete, please sign-up and receive the discount to compete for only $30 dollars. The goal is to have 10 plus members compete but if we get 4 we will hold day before weigh-ins at Systems Training Center
    . If you have any questions talk to Coach Vince at the front desk. Let’s fill up our trophy case! http://www.dreamjiujitsu.com/#!0928-tournament/c3rg ....

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  • One For The Good Guys - wrestling stays in the Olympics!

    Systems Training Center
    in Hawthorne
    is happy to announce that wrestling
    will maintain in the Olympics
    ! After recently blogging about how wrestling
    (despite being one of the original rings of the worlds most famous logo) was being removed from the Olympic Games
    in 2020, the International Olympic Committee(I.O.C.)
    took a big step towards correcting their admitted wrong. After petitions were shared across the internet throughout the world-- vocalized by some of the most famous personalities in MMA
    from Dana White
    to Chael Sonnen
    -- FILA(International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles)
    was able to have Olympic Wrestling
    reinstated back into man's biggest sporting event.   ....

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  • Systems Training Center Women's Rape Prevention Seminar makes TV

    Systems Training Center
    all women's rape prevention
    seminar made TV, as Marcus Kowal
    taught a group of women, who made the trip to the Hawthorne
    to learn how to defend themselves. The seminar was a success and there has already been several requests for more women's self defense
    classes. The message that all the women left with? Go home safe, no matter what. You don't have to become a boxer
    , or a kickboxer
    , or a MMA
    fighter to get out of a sexual attack.
     Sometimes, running away from a situation is your best " self defense
    ". Shawnte Passmore
    , from Hawthorne's Channel 22 (HCTV22)
    , came out to cover the event and the feedback from the participants was very positive. " We ....

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  • System's Future Champs

    The Kids are taking over      Is your reason for not coming in to take a class that there's no one to watch your child? Well, you don't have that excuse at Systems Training Center because if you have a child between the ages of 5-14 years old, they can take a class the same time as you!     STC's kid's classes do not just focus on how to punch and kick but more importantly use the arts to install confidence, respect and discipline. While improving the childrens technique is important, we focus on teaching our kids these important life skills all while having fun. We reward our students for doing well in school as we see them as the nation's future and will take what we teach them ....

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  • Penn Drops Down 2 Weight Classes for Trilogy

    BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar III The UFC announced that the coaches for TUF 19 will be Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn', creating a trilogy inside the octagon.    In the first two meetings Edgar beat the Prodigy for the UFC's Lightweight belt but this time we might actually see a toned Penn because this meeting will be at 145 pounds. We haven't seen Penn since his lopsided defeat against Rory McDonald at 170 pounds which makes you believe if he loses again to Edgar, this could be more of a long goodbye then a welcoming party to the featherweight division.    What do you guys think, is this a way for the UFC to squeeze every last ounce of Penn's fan drawing power or is this a legit comeback ....

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  • Systems TC congratulates Terrion "Flash" Ware on yet another MMA win and welcomes Calliope Tsoukalas to our CrossFit Program!

    Systems Training Center MMA
    Coach and fighter Terrion "Flash" Ware
    did it again, as he won his 8th professional MMA
    bout on Saturday night, when he took on German Baltazar.
    Systems Training Center
    is happy and proud to see Terrion's
    hard work in all areas of the game ( Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ, Wrestling
    and conditioning
    ) is paying off! Today is also Calliope Tsoukalas
    ' first day of teaching CrossFit
    at Systems TC
    . If weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, agility
    or athleticism
    is on your "To Do" list, come check her classes! 5pm on Mondays (today) and 5pm on Thursdays! Congrats and welcome, Terrion
    and Calli
    ! ....

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  • You Can’t Run From The Flash!

    Our beloved coach and team mate Terrion “Flash” Ware improved his record to a solid 8-2 this past saturday with a split decision victory over German Baltzar at Pro Series 3 in Tarzana, Ca.   Earlier this year Baltzar out pointed our very own James Acosta, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of everyone from Systems Training Center. Given the opportunity, Flash did not hesitate to accept the challenge put forth by Baltzar to avenge his team mates loss and that’s exactly what he did.     In the first round Terrion got stunned by a viscous spinning elbow that forced his legs to tremble but Ware quickly recovered, going on to out work the dancing Baltzar for the rest of the bout to get ....

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  • Check out Hawthorne MMA Gym Systems Training Center on TV!

    Hawthorne MMA Gym Systems Training Center
    , South Bay's premier MMA and Krav Maga gym, made the news last week in on Channel 22
    ( HCTV 22
    ) " Business Beat
    ", when Shawnte Passmore
    , a Hawthorne
    local reporter, came out and did a piece on the gym. In the video with see a little bit of everything that Systems Training Center
    has to offer: Kickboxing, Boxing, Children's classes, Krav Maga, Progressive Calisthenics
    and even some CrossFit
    ! Shawnte
    even got a chance to jump into a class herself and now it's your turn! Call 424-269-1337 or e-mail info@systemstrainingcenter.com
    for a free trial
    ! Follow the link below to our video: ....

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  • MMA Hawthorne Systems Training Center Coach and Fighter Terrion "Flash" Ware fights again!

    MMA Hawthorne Gym Systems Training Center located in the heart of the South Bay, CA
    Systems Training Center
    coach and fighter Terrion "Flash" Ware
    goes at it again! Terrion
    is taking on German Baltazar
    in his 10th professional MMA
    bout (with a professional MMA record of 7-2). Fresh off a KO
    win in his last outing on May 31st against Bobby Sanchez
    , Terrion
    has been active and was back in the gym
    the same week he won his last fight. Terrion
    , a great boxer
    and kickboxer
    has worked hard and added both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
    and CrossFit
    to his already intense schedule. As per always, the Team Systems Training Center
    Family will be there to support him, making the trip ....

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  • Emil Hartsner of TUF Season 18 at Systems Training Center

    South Bay, CA
    Systems Training Center
    has seen some big names from the UFC
    coming in to teach and train, such as Chris "The Crippler" Leben, Clay "The Carpenter" Guida, Jay Hieron, Kenny Florian,
    etc. With the exception of Jay Hieron
    , what do they all have in common? They were all on The Ultimate Fighter
    . All fighters have to start somewhere and another TUF
    contender was Emil Hartsner
    of Sweden
    , who didn't make it into the house unfortunately. Emil Hartsner has been staying in Hawthorne and training at Systems Training Center
    for the past month and Marcus Kowal
    took the opportunity to do a quick couple of interviews with him. One before the TUF
    and one after. See ....

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  • More CrossFit at Systems TC as we welcome Calliope Tsoukalas!

    South Bay, CA
    is rapidly becoming a hot spot for MMA
    , Krav Maga
    and as of lately, CrossFit
    ! Systems TC
    is adding yet another CrossFit
    instructor of caliber in Calliope Tsoukalas
    . Calliope Tsoukalas
    is a fitness
    instructor and personal trainer
    , specializing in kickboxing
    and CrossFit
    . She has studied the " art of eight limbs " (aka Muay Thai
    or Thai Boxing
    ). She teaches kickboxing
    at Krav Maga Worldwide .   A former swimmer and track and field athlete, Calliope's
    love for competition led her to CrossFit
    . She is a certified Level 1 CrossFit
    trainer and has competed in the CrossFit Open
    , WOD Gear
    and WOD Wars
    . Calliope
    has also worked on fitness
    videos ....

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  • Women's Rape Prevention Seminar at Systems TC a success!

    South Bay, CA
    On Saturday, August 31st, Hawthorne
    had its first Women's
    Rape Prevention
    , taught by Krav Maga
    Black Belt Marcus Kowal
    . The seminar focused on common rape scenarios but the message that all the women left with was: "Fight back! Go home safe, no matter what." Saturday's Self Defense
    course was very hands on and whatever Marcus taught the participants did. No matter how age, size or background! Below are some more photos of the participants learning how to defend
    themselves; how to protect
    themselves; and most importantly - how to fight back
    ! ....

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  • MMA in the Olympics

    South Bay, CA By: Rob Fernandez MMA
    in the Olympics
    ? The I.O.C.
    -- I nternational Olympic Committee
    -- has been pretty rough on martial arts
    as of late, even removing wrestling from the 2020 and following games, even as one of the original rings of the Olympics
    . Amateur boxing i
    s also feeling the heat so they made major adjustments to the rules, such as: losing fighters' head gear and changing round structure to entice more professional fans to watch the games.    With all this happening, the UFC
    has confidence that MMA
    belongs in the Olympics
    and is pushing for the sport to be added. There would have to be a numerous changes in the rules and regulations for MMA
    to be ....

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  • UFC 164 and Rape Prevention Seminar at Systems TC

    South Bay, CA
    Any UFC
    fans here? That’s like asking if that was us being sarcastic. Well, if for some reason you didn’t know this is a special week within a special month for the UFC
    it is. Rarely do we receive the pleasure of two UFC
    events in one week but this just so happens to be one of those weeks.    After our Rape Prevention Seminar
    ( https://www.facebook.com/events/489503304467345/?ref=3 to sign up) today's UFC
    event is headlined with the long awaited rematch between Benson “Smooth” Henderson
    and Anthony “Showtime” Pettis
    is this Saturday. Be prepared for a fast paced match with both trying to finish fight with something to prove with the lightweight belt on the ....

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  • Statistics on Sexual Assault on Women - the dark truth

    South Bay, CA
    Did you know that 1 in 4 women in the Los Angeles
    county has been sexually assaulted?
    Did you know that 40% of girls age 14-17 say that they have or have had a boyfriend that beat them? How about 1 in 3 women are victims of domestic violence
    ? Did you know that every 2.5 minutes, there is a sexual assault
    in the United States
    ? Yes, you read that right - not in another lawless country but the United States of America
    . Did you know that 25% of all rapes
    happen in the college environment? Out of those sexual assaults
    , 2/3 are by someone that the victim
    knows. Lastly, 54% of the assaults
    are never reported to the police and there is an unknown amount of sexual ....

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  • Systems TC invite all women of South Bay to a Women's Rape Prevention Seminar this Saturday!

    South Bay, CA
    This Saturday, August 31st, at 1pm, Systems Training Center
    is hosting a rape prevention
    seminar for all women in South Bay
    ! Obviously, women from surrounding areas, such as Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Venice
    , etc are more than welcome too. In fact, we wish we could invite women from all over the world because this is something that all women of all ages need ! The problem is that there is a lot of material out there on how to "minimize the risks" and "what to do if it was to happen". Our seminar - based on Krav Maga
    - isn't about that; our seminar is teaching you how to do anything and everything in your power not to be a victim - to fight back. ....

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  • Scared of CrossFit?

    South Bay, CA
    You've seen them. They wear high socks, head bands and scream a lot. They're in tremendous shape and only talk to other people that train like they do. The CrossFitters
    . The truth is - just like you don't have to have missing teeth and cauliflower ears just because you do MMA
    - you can take it as far as you want. If your goal is to have a sixpack
    ; lose 20 pounds; just become a little more athletic
    ; or win the CrossFit
    and get sponsored by Reebok
    - we are here to help you reach your goals. However, whatever your goals are and whether or not you have ever worked out before, it doesn't matter; you CAN come in and do this. You can get into the shape you always ....

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  • Systems Training Center takes 3 wins out of 3!

    South Bay, CA
    Yesterday, at the U of MMA
    event at Club Nokia
    , we had 3 warriors stepping in to the cage, representing Systems TC
    and represent they all did! First up was Vince Cachero
    , who dominated his opponent for 3 rounds, displaying great wrestling take downs and BJJ
    on the ground, ending the fight in mount. Vince won a unanimous decision. Second fighter in the cage for STC MMA
    was Dee Boites
    , who - in true brawler fashion - came out swinging. All 3 rounds, we saw Dee get taken down when he tried to strike. After the initial take down, we got to see great display of BJJ
    skills and it was with great pleasure we got to see Dee attack from the bottom, going for armbars and ....

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  • 4 fighters from Systems TC at U of MMA tomorrow - 2 of those are title fights!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Tomorrow, Systems Training Center
    has a total of 4(!) fighters on the U of MMA
    card! First off, (featured in top image), is Vince Cachero
    . Vince has improved a lot since his last fight and is dropping down to 135 ( Bantamweight
    ) for the first time and it's been a walk in the park for him! Vince is looking lean and mean and his BJJ
    as well as his boxing
    is tip top. Secondly - looking like he could be Vince's brother - is A.J. Lavarias
    , who's stepping into the cage for the 155 pound U of MMA
    belt. AJ, with a strong Krav Maga
    and CrossFit
    background, is always in shape for his fight. Thirdly, we have Dee Boites
    at 145 pounds, who is a tough brawler and who has ....

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  • CrossFit on the schedule!

    Hawthorne, CA
    You asked for it, we brought it! CrossFit
    is officially on the schedule, starting this Saturday, August 24th, at 11am! On Sunday, 12.30, we will host an introduction to CrossFit
    . Starting next week (Monday the 26th and onwards), we will have 7am CrossFit
    classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday morning will be an introduction to CrossFit
    , although most days will be very basic, since we are just starting out. We will also have CrossFit
    in the evenings: Tuesdays at 5 pm and Thursday at 8pm - time to get into the shape of your life! Scared or intimidated by CrossFit
    ? Don't be. We will make sure you will learn the basics and work your way up at a pace ....

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  • Systems TC owner and trainer Marcus Kowal speaks to the Hawthorne City Council about Krav Maga & CrossFit coming to Hawthorne!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Last week, Krav Maga
    and Kickboxing
    Black Belt Marcus Kowal
    spoke to the City Council
    of Hawthorne
    and informed them about Krav Maga
    and CrossFit
    coming to Hawthorne
    . Marcus Kowal
    , a Krav Maga Worldwide
    Lead instructor, invited all the citizens of Hawthorne
    and the South Bay
    to come in for a free class! Krav Maga
    , the official self defense for l aw enforcements
    in the U.S.
    , is a great way to learn how to realistically defend yourself and your loved ones. Yet, it's so much more: It is a great way to get into shape and have fun at the same time! Marcus
    also discussed our upcoming Women's Rape Prevention Seminar
    on August 31st from 1pm to 3pm and the fact that ....

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  • Systems TC Fighter and Coach "The Greek Spartan" to fight for the Tachi Palace Title this Thursday!

    Hawthorne, CA
    If you've been into the gym or anywhere around South Bay, you can't miss him. He's the guy without a shirt on. And rightfully so! Christos "The Greek Spartan" Giagos
    has a 6-pack that would have made even the Greek Spartans
    envious. The Hawthorne
    Native is in tremendous shape and loves anything fitness, working out and/or playing sports. Compiling a 6-1 professional record, Christos
    has already captured the " Respect in the Cage
    " 155 pound belt and his got his eyes set on the Tachi Palace
    belt. Although from a wrestling background, Christos
    is very serious in his pro MMA training and has traveled to Thailand to improve his Muay Thai
    ( Thai boxing
    ). He wants to add ....

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  • The Ultimate Fighter Contestant Emil Hartsner teaching at Systems Training Center this Thursday!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Most people have seen at least one season of The Ultimate Fighter
    ( TUF
    ). From the first magic season with Chuck Liddell
    and Randy Couture
    . The show used to be on Spike TV
    but has since been moved to FOX
    and the UFC
    has since become a household name. As the show has gone through 17 seasons, the level of competition has become tougher and tougher and today, we see true professional MMA
    fighters in the house, whereas the early seasons saw all type of individuals trying out for the show. In the early stages, we saw martial artists from all walks of life trying out, from T ae Kwon Do, Karate, boxers, wrestlers
    , " street fighters
    " to bodybuilders
    . Today, the UFC
    , the ....

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  • CrossFit equipment has arrived at Systems TC

    Hawthorne, CA
    And it is here! The Systems TC CrossFit
    equipment has arrived! This week, we will host an introductory class to CrossFit
    and 8am, Tuesday morning and as of next week, CrossFit
    will be a regular on our gym
    schedule! If you don't know what CrossFit
    is, you can obviously google
    it but let us tell you this: ever wanted to have a sixpack
    ? Or just looking for some weight loss
    ? Want to gain some more muscle mass
    ? Or just get some general fitness
    , athleticism
    and training
    . Whatever YOUR goal is, we will and can help you get there - whether it is 5 pounds or 50 pounds you want to lose; or some general fat loss
    ; or gain some muscle mass - as long as you show up, we will ....

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  • Systems Training Center coach Pedro Munhoz captures RFA title!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Systems Training Center BJJ
    coach Pedro Munhoz
    won the RFA
    title last night at the Stubhub Center
    (formerly known as the Home Depot Center
    ) and improved his record to 10-0! Congratulations to coach Pedro
    from all of us from the Systems Training Center
    Family (Hawthorne's primere MMA
    gym and we are sure he's not many fights away from the UFC
    ! If you didn't know already, Pedro doesn't only teach both gi
    and no gi
    here at STC
    but also the childrens' BJJ - gi
    and no gi
    ! Pedro also trains with our MMA
    team and is a true prospect in the bantamweight
    division! Whether your goal is to be a fighter, learn self defense or just get into shape, STC
    is the ....

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  • Systems Training Center Coach Pedro Munhoz to headline RFA Card Friday, August 16th

    Hawthorne, CA
    This Friday, August 16th, Systems Training Center BJJ
    coach Pedro Munhoz
    is headlining the very prestigious MMA
    organization RFA
    . The show is held at the Stubhub Center
    (Formerly known as the Home Depot Center
    ); the home of the LA Galaxy
    ! Pedro Munhoz
    , undefeated in 9 professional MMA bouts, is fighting for the 135 pound title against very experienced Jeff Curran
    . Curran
    , a UFC
    , Strikeforce
    and WEC
    vet, has fought some of the best in the weight division, including MMA
    and UFC
    star Urijah Faber
    . This is Pedrinho's chance to shine and he is ready to go! As if this wasn't enough of a reason to attend the event, our extended family from Blackhouse
    have some ....

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  • Systems TC kids do awesome in the NA BJJ tournament and John Robles represents on WSOF!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Saturday night, Systems TC
    coach John Robles
    fought among the big names of MMA
    on World Series of Fighting (WSOF)
    and although a decision loss against tough UFC
    vet Jared Papazian
    , he made the whole STC
    family proud! But that wasn't it for STC
    pride over the weekend: The Systems TC's
    kids participated in the North American Jiu Jitsu Tournament
    and did great! Out of our 6 little monsters, 2 took silver; 2 took bronze; and 2 took 4th place! Congratulations to: Damian Xavier Albert Luis Jonathan Anthony A big thank you to Coach Danny Vazquez, who supported and coached the kids all the way! Way to represent, Team Systems Training Center Kids BJJ
    and John ....

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  • CrossFit hits Hawthorne

    Hawthorne, CA
    It's finally here! The newest fitness craze! The difference? This gets you in the best shape you've ever been. Like, ever! Now why is that? Because it is not a craze; it's a proven fitness system that changes people's life styles. And lives. So what is this fitness "craze"? CrossFit
    . What is CrossFit
    , you may wonder? Well, let us tell you - or Wikipedia rather: CrossFit
    is a strength and conditioning program designed to help people gain a broad and general fitness. CrossFit programming concentrates on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity to achieve overall physical fitness, so people are prepared for any physical challenge. So who ....

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  • Chess boxing? What is it?

    Hawthorne, CA
    Ever heard of chessboxing
    ? We hadn’t heard of it either and nor had Marcus Kowal
    when he got a call about fighting in a Chess boxing
    match. Although having trained and competed in several different fighting systems, such as Karate
    , BJJ
    ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    ), Krav Maga
    , boxing
    , kickboxing
    , MMA
    , etc, chess boxing was something completely new. So how does it work? Don’t worry; Systems Training Center
    and Marcus were wondering the same thing, so we figured we’d write the rules for you:
    Each bout starts with chess
    and end with chess
    The chess rounds are usually 3 minutes long. You play speed chess, meaning that every time you make a move, the clock is ....

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  • Systems Training Coach Johnny Robles fights this weekend!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Systems Training
    Coach Johnny Robles
    is taking a step up his career ladder, as he signs for WSOF 4
    ( World Series of Fighting
    ). John, who has a 7-1 record, is stepping into the cage on Saturday (August 10th) at the Citizen Bank Arena
    in Ontario. Robles, a South Bay
    local, is facing friend and former training partner Jared Papazian
    , who is fresh out from the UFC
    and is looking to work his way back into the organization. Robles is planning on showing the UFC
    that is worthy of a shot himself. Among the other fights, we see some big names: Tyrone Spong (one of the top names in K1
    , making his 2nd appearance in MMA
    ); former UFC
    star Tyson Griffin
    ; K1
    legend Ray ....

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  • Women's Krav Maga self defense seminar at Systems Training Center, August 31st!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Systems Training Center
    is hosting a Women's Self Defense seminar on Saturday, August 31st for all females in Hawthorne (and for the surrounding areas of Lawndale
    , El
    , Inglewood
    , Manhattan Beach
    and Torrance
    of course)! Krav Maga
    Black Belt Marcus Kowal
    is to host the seminar, which will cover effective self defense; awareness; common self defense myths; rape prevention; self defense mindset; self defense rights;
    and much, much more! "I enjoy teaching and especially groups that really need to know how to defend themselves. This is a great hands-on, practical introduction to self defense that anyone can take, regardless of size, age and experience" , ....

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  • MMA, grappling and BJJ seminar at Systems Training Center this weekend!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Great seminar this weekend at Systems Training Center
    : Waldo Zapata
    of Sweden is hosting a 2-day MMA/Grappling/BJJ
    seminar! Waldo Zapata is one of Sweden's best MMA
    coaches and has worked with Swedish UFC
    fighters Per Eklund
    , Magnus Cedenblad
    , Papy Abedi
    , K1
    star Jorgen Kruth
    and many more international MMA
    professionals, such as Abbe Joof
    , Marcus Kowal
    and John Robles
    . Seminar: Saturday, 3rd of August: 12-2pm - Striking to takedown 2-4pm - Ground and Pound to Submission Sunday, 4th of August: 12-2pm - Gi 3-5pm - No-Gi At only $49 for BOTH days, this is really a GREAT deal! Only 1 day is $29 and it's $40 for both days for fighters. See you at ....

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  • Krav Maga comes to Hawthorne! Official Krav Maga WorldWide Affiliate

    Hawthorne, CA
    Krav Maga
    , the official self defense of U.S. Law Enforcements
    has arrived to Hawthorne
    and the South Bay
    ! Systems Training Center
    is an official affiliate of Krav Maga Worldwide
    and will follow that curriculum and belt test format. Krav Maga Worldwide
    Lead Instructor Marcus Kowal
    , with 12 years of Krav Maga
    experience and a total of 20 years of Martial Arts
    to his name, is teaching the classes at Systems Training Center
    . Marcus
    is also a Professional kickboxer, boxer
    and professional MMA
    fighter. In addition, Marcus
    has trained some of Hollywood's biggest stars, such as Brendan Fraser
    , Rachel McAdams
    , Hilary Swank
    , Sacha Baron Cohen
    , Erika Eleniak
    , ....

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  • Break Point Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis now at Systems Training Center!

    Hawthorne, CA
    As most know, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    is a big part of MMA
    . We see some of the top names in both the UFC
    and Bellator
    still train in Gi
    . However, the sport has grown tremendously over the past 10 years in itself and we have several BJJ
    competitiors at Systems Training Center
    ! With the newly implemented kids
    and adults BJJ
    classes, Systems Training Center
    now provide Gis for both kids and adults in our pro shop - at very competitive prices! Come in 10 minutes earlier for class, to get YOUR Gi
    fitted! Why not tomorrow? 9.30 am, BJJ
    with Pedro Munhoz
    ! ....

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  • Kids BJJ comes to Hawthorne! Taught by Systems Training Center coach Pedro Munhoz

    Hawthorne, California
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    hit the U.S. like a hurricane in 1993, when Royce Gracie
    won the UFC
    , albeit his smaller frame. Today, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    ( BJJ
    ) is one of the most common Martial Arts
    trained by MMA
    fighters, including the UFC
    and Bellator
    stars. Brazilian Pedro Munhoz
    , from Brazil, is now teaching kids BJJ
    classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at Systems Training Center
    in Hawthorne! Do you have a child age 5-10? If so, bring him/her/them in for a FREE
    class at 4pm, Monday or Wednesday! Already graduated High school? About to retire? Never worked out? Don't worry, Pedro Munhoz
    , Jason Cordero
    , Vince Cachero
    and Ian Harris
    also teach adult ....

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  • Systems TC coaches Jason Cordero & Terrion "Flash" Ware fight this Friday!

    Hawthorne, CA
    Systems Training Center's
    coach Jason Cordero
    will be fighting this Friday, July 26th at Finish Line Sports Grill in Pomona with doors opening at 630pm and the first fight scheduled for 730pm! The address is 2201 North White Avenue Pomona, CA 91768 and we hope to as many people from the STC
    Family can come out and support him! Jason, a Manhattan Beach local says he is excited to do what he loves doing the most: punching
    , kicking
    , wrestling
    and BJJ
    - for YOUR entertainment! Oh, you thought that was it? No, no, no - Systems Training Center's
    own " Flash
    " fights as well. Terrion Ware
    is on the card, alongside Jason, representing Team Systems Training Center
    ! Want ....

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  • Pedro Munhoz joins Team Systems Training Center!

    Say hello to our Team's newest member, Pedro Munhoz
    . Pedro is a 2nd Dan Brazilian
    Jiu Jitsu
    Black Belt; a Judo
    Black Belt; a high level wrestler; and a professional MMA
    fighter, with a 9-0 record! Pedro
    is going to be teaching Gi Jiu Jitsu
    , No Gi Jiu Jitsu
    and kids' BJJ
    classes, so make sure you say hello to him! Pedro
    will be teaching: Mondays - Kids BJJ
    4pm; No Gi BJJ
    7pm Wednesdays - Kids BJJ
    4pm; Gi BJJ
    7pm Saturdays - 9.30 Gi BJJ
    Also, be sure to check out Pedro
    , as he fights for the RFA
    title on August 16th at the Stubhub! Center
    (formerly knowns as the Home Depot Center
    ). Welcome into Systems Training Center - Hawthorne's finest Training Center! ....

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  • New classes at Systems Training Center!

    The best MMA
    gym and Training Center in Hawthorne
    is adding more classes! We have already added: Wednesday 8pm - Krav Maga
    with Marcus Kowal.
    Tuesday & Thursday: 8am MMA
    Conditioning Saturday - 11am Krav Maga
    with Marcus Kowal
    , 12pm Kickboxing
    with Dmitry Gerasimov
    . Sunday - 10.30 am Kickboxing
    with Marcus Kowal
    . 11.30 am ? Krav Maga
    ? with Carnation Contreras
    . As of next week (starting Monday, July 22nd): Monday, 4pm kids BJJ
    and 7pm No Gi ?BJJ?
    with 2nd dan Black Belt Pedro Munhoz
    Wednesday, 4pm kids BJJ
    and 7pm Gi BJJ
    with Pedro Munhoz
    ! See you at the gym and make sure to grab a new schedule! Systems Training Center - yours in Fitness, Self Defense and ....

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  • Exciting News for Fall 2013

    We have plenty of exciting news coming for you in the Fall of 2013 but we don't want to spoil all of it at once! However, we can tell you this much: Systems Training Center
    is adding a lot more classes and type of training systems!  First up, is the addition of Krav Maga
    to our schedule. Krav Maga
    (which means 'contact combat' in Hebrew) is a non-competitive tactical martial system developed in Israel that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from other martial arts
    , along with realistic fight training.  Krav Maga
    is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks. It is also the official self defense training of Law ....

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  • Excited to be at Systems!

    I'm very excited to be part of the Team at Systems Training Center and I look forward to training and sweating with all of you! I know a lot of the guys and girls, who train at Systems from before I had been there and trained but I'm both happy and proud to be able to call it "home" from now on. I have big goals for the gym and I truly love what I do and I live and breath Martial Arts
    and Fitness
    - I think you will realize that once you get to know me. Please make sure you come and introduce yourself when you get a chance, since I want to know all of our members that make up the team at Systems Training Center
    ! Sincerely, Marcus Kowal ....

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  • Chris Leben Seminar Video

    As a follow up to our last post, check out this awesome video that follows Chris in his recent travels. (Go to 3:37 if you want to see him coaching our guys) Thanks again to Chris Leben for dropping by! ....

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  • Chris Leben Seminar at Systems Training Center

    Earlier this month, UFC fighter and fan favorite Chris “The Crippler” Leben held an MMA Seminar at Systems Training Center. Since 2005, Chris has been competing in the UFC after participating in the very first season of the Ultimate Fighter. With eight years of experience in the big show, Chris has gained a wealth of fighting knowledge competing against the likes of Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Michael Bisping, and Brian Stann just to name a few.? Needless to say, he shared some of his secrets with the seminar participants and showed us some very useful (and sneaky) stand up tricks and some solid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling technique. While most fighters tend to keep their ....

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  • NABJJ NO Gi Tournament

    It was a successful weekend for Systems Training Center’s competition team at the NABJJ NO-GI Tournament, which took place Dec. 2nd at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Systems Training Center fighter and kids MMA coach, Rob Fernandes, led three of his students to gold medals. Only three members from the kids team participated in the competition, and ALL THREE took gold. We can’t wait to see their progress at the next tournament. Christos Giagos, professional fighter out of Systems Training Center and Elite Training Center, took gold in the intermediate division by dominating all of his opponents. Pro fighters Terrion Ware and Reshan Sabaratnam also battled hard in the intermediate division. ....

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