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  • Systems Training Center celebrating 5 years!

    By: Marcus Kowal On the 1st of July, 2013, Systems Training Center in Hawthorne opened it's doors. Preparing to open, I had written a 5 year plan that showed how we would grow during those years. But as any business owner can tell you, life doesn't happen as we plan it. We've had some amazing highs and some of the worst lows a company could ever expect. We've lost 3 dear people during those 5 years, 2 of them to drunk driving, of which one was my own son. We've had unexpected costs that brought us to our knees. We've had more issues and problems than any strategy and plan could have ever prepared for but here we are, still standing strong. In fact, stronger than ever! I wish ....

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  • Systems Training Center Westwood adds BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)!

    After a lot of requests, we are finally adding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) to our Westwood location! We are going to be offering both kids BJJ and adults BJJ. Systems Training Center has had huge successes on both the MMA and the BJJ circuit, so we are very excited to be able to offer classes at our Westwood location as well! For our adults BJJ classes, we will offer both gi and no gi . Please be sure to pick up a schedule with the added classes! Also, feel free to invite anyone in, who lives closer to our Westwood location for a free class! ....

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  • The Systems Family expands to Inglewood!

    The Systems Training Center team has been working hard to continue to grow and we are very proud to announce that we have added yet another location to the Systems banner: Systems Training Center Inglewood, formerly known as Team Victory! Team Victory is one of Los Angeles most prominent boxing and Thai boxing gyms and the amazing team of members and instructors are still there but now you have yet another gym to go train at! Or, if you know anyone who lives in the South Bay area, they now have another gym to train at! Systems Training Center Inglewood offers boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai for both kids and adults. ....

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  • Wimp 2 Warrior exclusively at Systems Training Center in Hawthorne

    Systems Training Center in Hawthorne is excited to announce Wimp 2 Warrior coming to Los Angeles and Systems Training Center being the host of the program, which will allow regular people to be trained under our amazing professional fighters! The program runs for 22 weeks and at the end of it, people will have the opportunity to actually do an MMA fight! You will have the opportunity to train directly under our very skilled coaches in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Kickboxing, Boxing and strength and conditioning, right here in Hawthorne. We will run this program out of our Hawthorne (South Bay) and Encino locations to start off with. Contact us today to set up an appointment with us! ....

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  •  in Hawthorne - Systems Training Center - Systems Training Center's team members win golds at the World Championships!

    Systems Training Center's team members win golds at the World Championships!

    This weekend saw IBJJF host the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu No Gi World Championships in Los Angeles and the Systems Training Center team saw not one but two black belts win gold in their division: Our Check Mat black belts "Juninho" Cravelari and Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira, who told Marcus Kowal 3 years ago that he was going t o become a black belt world champion within 3 years - talk about setting goals and meeting them! Have you set your goals for the new year yet?! Make sure you congratulate our BJJ world champions when you see them! ....

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  •  in Hawthorne - Systems Training Center - Women's Only Self Defense and Safety Workshop!

    Women's Only Self Defense and Safety Workshop!

    In honor of April's, Sexual Assualt month, Systems Training Center is hosting a Women Only Self Defense and Safety Seminar! Learn from one of America's leading self-defense experts, Jarrett Arthur. Featured on Ellen, Good Morning America, Shape Magazine, and more. You will learn: -Boundary setting techniques -Awareness techniques -Fun drills to learn muscle memory for effective striking PRICE: $30 - Members before 4/1/17 $40 - Non-members before 4/1/17 $50 for everyone after 4/1/17 Members who bring a friend will receive a $10 gift card to apply toward their dues or merchandise. Everyone who attends this workshop will get an additional THREE workshops with Jarrett ....

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  • New Olympic lifting classes for our CrossFit program!

    New Olympic lifting classes for our CrossFit program!

    Hawthorne, South Bay
    Struggling with your Snatches
    , cleans
    and/or jerks
    during your WODs
    ? Need focus on your timing, flexibility? Or perhaps breaking down the movement to be able to get to more weight? Or perhaps you want to do Olympic weight lifting for fitness
    purposes? Maybe you want to put on some muscle mass? Or lose some fat (yes, lifting weights and especially lifting heavy is a GREAT way to lose body fat
    !) or just get leaner? Whatever YOUR reason is, we now offer Olympic lifting classes on Wednesdays and Fridays at 5pm with coach LT Barahona! Not exactly sure what Olympic lifting
    is? Please click here . Here's a ....

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  • Kids summer camp is here!

    Kids summer camp is here!

    Hawthorne, CA
    South Bay's coolest kids' summer camp
    is back! Starting next week, there will be 3 weeks of fun, fitness
    and growth for these kids, who will be learning Krav Maga
    , kickboxing
    , boxing
    , MMA
    , BJJ
    , nutrition
    , anti-bullying
    , gymnastics
    , surfing
    and much, much more! We have a few spots left, so call 424-269-1337 to reserve your spot! To learn more about summer camp
    , please click here . ....

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  • RFA, KOTC and next up, U of MMA in Los Angeles

    RFA, KOTC and next up, U of MMA in Los Angeles!

    Hawthorne, CA
    It's been a busy couple of weeks of MMA
    again, seeing "Taco" Padilla fight a war in RFA
    , that he ultimately lost, after having rocked his tough opponent, who was also an Ultimate Fighter Veteran. CrossFit
    instructor and kickboxing
    coach Christos Giagos
    had a great fight, winning by KO in the first round in a highly anticipated match up against Karen Darabedyan . A great win but also very important for Christos, who made a statement in front of his old boss Dana White
    , who had nothing but great words afterwards. Here is his post fight interview: The following day, Thor Skancke stepped back into the KOTC ....

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  • The Goal book by Systems Training Center's team member Peter Jumrukovski

    The Goal book by Systems Training Center's team member Peter Jumroski

    Hawthorne, South Bay

    Peter Jumrukovski is a Karate
    black belt, who has competed at a very high level on the international Karate
    scene. Peter is an all around great guy and the following writing is his own words. We love sharing success stories, especially success stories that are motivating
    to other people! Congratulations Peter on an amazing job! My name is Peter Jumrosvski and I'm a regular guy that have used goal settings to accomplish great things such as winning a world medal in Karate
    , writing a book in 40 days and moving across the globe from Sweden all the way to Los Angeles
    . But let’s ....

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